48th inter iit sports meet 2012 calendar

48th INTER IIT SPORTS MEET , Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

48th inter iit sports meet 2012 calendar

The 48th Inter IIT Sports Meet Following is link to this event http://www. schizofrenia.info JOIN if you are coming, but if you. The Inter IIT Sports' Meet is an annual 8 day long affair. One of the biggest inter collegiate tournaments in the country, it is hosted by the seven old IITs of the. Nov 25, are on in full swing for the 48th Inter IIT Sports Meet to be held in Roorkee. when one of the teams crashed in the group stage in Shaurya . Although a skewed up academic calendar has disrupted the rhythm to.

Whether this proves to be a blessing in disguise remains to be seen, although captain Kamal Singh remains confident.

Another Inter-IIT to forget

Bhavnish Kohli, who played a vital role in Shaurya, will again have to shoulder a major chunk of responsibility along with Anirudh. The presence of several all-rounders also adds to the balance of the team. Kharagpur is in the same group as Rajasthan, Hyderabad and Gandhinagar where only Gandhinagar should prove to be of any significant challenge. From then on, however, the going gets really tough with Delhi and Madras looming in the quarter-finals.

The scenario this time seems to be very different. The whole squad is new, and what they lack in experience is more than made up by their level of motivation and commitment to the sport.

Inter IIT Sports Meet

Unlike last year where the team had zero match practice, the players have been playing a lot of matches. Open-IIT Squash was conducted for the first time and the competition level was good. Also, they have been playing mock games regularly and their cumulative performance will be the basis for selection. A friendly tournament in December is also on the list to ensure quality pre-event match practice. Hurdles notwithstanding, the team has the potential to be the runners-up in the sports meet, being second only to IIT Roorkee and take the sport to a whole new level on campus, believes Anant Agarwal, a senior member of the team.

The football team has promised a lot for several years now, and failed to deliver. He also points in the direction of dedicated efforts by sports councils of other IITs who maintain performance record of each and every Inter-IIT player and regularly publicize them. There is much prestige involved when it comes to Inter-IIT.

It is hence only natural that the host IIT tries to maximize its chances of securing as high a position as possible in the General Championship. However some of the practices adopted by Roorkee were unethical at best, and downright ugly at worst.

For starters, Kharagpur was given practice slots at ungodly hours in sports where it was in the same group as Roorkee. Case in point would be table-tennis, where our players were supposed to practice at 6 am at 5 degrees Celsius.

In badminton, the Roorkee players in their quarter-final match against Kharagpur girls could choose just about whenever to stop-start the match. But our football players probably had the worst deal of them all. Not only did they have to fight the cold and clammy conditions but also had to face some absurd refereeing decisions.

48th inter iit sports meet 2012 calendar

It peaked in their last match, the quarter final match against Hyderabad, where they had two goals disallowed for off-side. A few bright spots Amongst the generally disappointing results were some scattered moments of brilliance by some athletes. The continuous excellence of our girls in tennis, and resurgence by our boys in the same sport is very heartening. The officials and coaches who travelled with the contingent to Roorkee were very helpful according to all captains we interviewed, and most teams had a family like bonding.

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The football team is taking part in the competitive Kharagpur Premier League beginning on January 19, and the basketball team is also looking to compete in several state-level competitions. Apart from more practice, some systemic changes with respect to budget allocation, coaching staff and an exclusive Inter-IIT camp are also in order.

48th inter iit sports meet 2012 calendar

The players, on their part, must associate with Inter-IIT as an avenue to showcase their skills and seek to work harder than ever on their flaws, if Guwahati is to yield any better results than Roorkee Leave a Comment You must be logged in to post a comment. Click here to download our Chrome extension.

48th inter iit sports meet 2012 calendar