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anime dub tmnt 2012 meet

April O'Neil is a fictional character from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics. She is the In the animated series, April is voiced by Mae Whitman. .. April and the Turtles meets the counterparts of the Ninja Turtles, who . In the two-part anime Mutant Turtles: Superman Legend, April was voiced by Emi. A page for describing Funny: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (). 1x01 & 02; Rise of the Turtles Raph and Donnie sparring: Splinter repeatedly stopping . A description of tropes appearing in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (). The Turtles are back Again! This time on Nickelodeon! And the official 32nd .

Leo's favorite show, Space Heroes, is done in the style of old Filmation cartoons, particularly Star Trek: Every episode ends with the final frame shifting to a black and white comic panel. In terms of the 3D itself, the rendering in the episodes handled by CGCG during Seasons 3 and 4 are a little more saturated than the other episodes. In all honesty, almost every character in the show has been hit with this at one point or another. It's a show about animals mutated by alien wart pus.

Scientists need not apply. Casey Jones gets his bike outfitted with a flamethrower in the front. There's an inherent problem with spewing flames from the front of a small vehicle with good pickup speed and no real protection for the rider. Ciro Nieli mentions that a lot of the writing staff apparently have a Mutagen Man toy on their desk and want to utilize Mutagen Man in some shape or form as an important character.

A lot of the series is clearly the production crew just having fun with various send-ups and celebrity guests; the Dream Beavers are as noted below, Expy's of Freddy Krueger two of them even voiced by the man himselfTigerclaw is an Expy of Boba Fett, Sir Malachi is voiced by Pee Wee Herman, etc. Much of the aesthetic along with the shows the Turtles watch have a distinct, 50ss Retro look to it. When the Triceratons prove so powerful that they immediately wipe out the Kraang, Leo summons as many of their allies as they can gather to fight off the invasion.

When even that fails to put a dent in the Triceratons, Splinter then forms an Enemy Mine with the entire Foot Clan except Baxter Stockman to bring them in as reinforcements. He loudly discusses a fake plan with Raph knowing that Snake will overhear and tell the Kraang. We let him get away! You're the leader, so that means you let him get away. I'm not trying to help. April does this in " The Gauntlet ," Donnie tells her it's ridiculous. And yet it works.

The Shredder is not above threatening to mutilate his Co-Dragons and even his own daughter. Still, compared to the Shredder from the cartoon, he's a Benevolent Bosssince he hasn't actually killed off any of his flunkies even though they're failed him quite a few times already.

His lieutenant Tiger Claw is also one of these, happy to mutilate lower-ranking members of the Foot if they fail. The closest he's come to killing off a henchman is Stockman after his mutation.

As of the end of season 3 all of his minions are expendable as long as Hamato is taken out. All of the Turtles are this, especially Michelangelo.

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April is this as well. Leo borderlines on this due to his new actor in Season 3. Mikey in " New Friend, Old Enemy. In "Casey Jones vs the Underworld" Casey confronts Shredder and his posse at a chemical plant, intending to fight them all on his own. The turtles show up and fight, eventually causing an explosion and escaping, but since none of the equipment was actually damaged, they're free to continue their latest Evil Plan as soon as a few cleaning crews are called in. Unfortunatley, in some way, Shredder did win.

Even though he was killed by Leo at the end of " S4E26 Owari Owari ", he succeeded in what he had been trying to do his entire life since he started his vendetta in the end of their fight in Japan, and that is, killing Master Splinter in the previous episode " S4E25 Requiem Reqiuem.

Both April and Mikey have found themselves in this role when the team needs to draw out less intelligent mutants. The opening of "Panic in the Sewers" initially looks like it's Leonardo's nightmare. Metalhead doesn't respond at all to getting kicked in the groin by Mikey. Justified, since he's a robot and thus not anatomically correct. Donnie makes smoke bombs out of egg shells. Which may have been how they were historically made. Battle of the Still Frames: A number of times.

Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Female mutants tend to get off easy compared to the male mutants. April is part-Kraang, but looks completely human. Karai's snake creature form is still pretty cute and she can change back to human form at will, though still retaining the eyes, tongue and teeth.

Justified, as there are only two female mutants, both of which are pretty central to the plot. Pulverizer wanted to be a mutant so badly, and he got it in the form of Mutagen Man.

How the Turtles manage to beat the powered-up Baxter Stockman. Being Tortured Makes You Evil: Leatherhead's got a few screws loose in his first appearance.

The Kraang for Leatherhead, very literally so; the mere mention of their name causes him to go for an Unstoppable Rage: The post-mutation Anton Zeck hates being called "Bebop. The turtles to each other, although Leo does this most often, being the leader. Raph has his moments as well, especially towards Mikey. Currently Shredder has to share the spotlight with The Kraang, who are much more The Heavy at this point in the series, though the Kraang receive much more focus in the first season and are much more dangerous than the Shredder, Foot Clan or any other villain, not to mention that they are directly or indirectly responsible for almost everything that happens in the series, making them primary antagonists of the first season, perhaps the entire series, while the Shredder is secondary Big Bad.

In the first half of the fourth season, after the destruction of Earth and the massacre of the entire cast including Shredder and the Kraang, Captain Mozar and Lord Dregg occupy this role, while the second half puts all focuses back on the Shredder's feud with the turtles. The Turtles face quite a few of them, like the cockroach in "Cockroach Terminator" and the wasp in "Parasitica".

Raphael wins the first sparring match featuring the turtles, enjoys his work a little too much, and is considered the team's heavy hitter. Hilariously, he's also close to being The Napoleonsince only Mikey is as short as him, and his stocky build makes him look shorter.

She has the looks of a ninja and a crew of Foot to boot. While The Kraang were defeated in "Enemy of My Enemy", this victory is negated by the fact that the Turtles now have a Karai who likely isn't going to be willing to even be playful toward them anymore, fully hating them for betraying her.

The Shredder also has one of the Kraang after their UFO crashed into the water, thereby having even more access to the technology. The end of season one has the Turtles defeat the Kraang, but Splinter learns that his daughter, Miwa, was raised as Karai by The Shredder, and was misinformed about the whole ordeal. The Kraang are also down, but not out, as the Technodrome reactivates in the ocean, to begin their plans anew.

Season 4 has one too: Blade on a Stick: Donnie's bo staff possesses a retractable naginata blade. Splinter does this at the beginning of "Of Rats and Men" when he easily defeats Leo while blindfolded for training. Shredder is violently mauled in Leatherhead's jaws in "The Invasion" without any blood shown. Shredder runs through Splinter with his blades, killing him without a drop of blood on his blades or on Splinter's body.

anime dub tmnt 2012 meet

Tiger Claw has his arm cut off. It's a Gory Discretion Shotbut not a single drop of blood is shown afterwards, even on his stub. This series likes to go above and beyond whenever this happens with added, multiple doses of Nightmare Fuel for good measurewhich somehow fits with the channel it airs on. Snake's mutation into Snakeweed design includes a pumping heart outside of his chest, and visible meat and bones in his legs. Xever Montes's transformation into Fishface leaves him unable to breathe and desperately begging Shredder for help.

Baxter Stockman's AI-enhanced power suit, specifically when Mikey has thrown a chain around Baxter and the torso on Stockman's suit starts spinning, sending Mikey flying. Either his body is curled up in the torso of the suit, or Stockman should have twisted his body several times causing irreparable internal, external, and skeletal damage.

Pulverizer's transformation into Mutagen Man. His organs are very visible inside of the goo and his eyes and lips are connected through stalks. Then there's the Spy-Roach. The exposure to mutagen caused the spy equipment Donnie attached to him including a camera to fuse with itand its saw and Super Sight clearly have visible veins.

And then it molts, with its new form looking like a giant maggot with arms, legs, and robotic wings. Raphael is right to be terrified. Steranko's brass knuckles are melded into his flesh, and Zeck's tech suit is also melded into his body.

April O'Neil

The Turtles were indirectly responsible for April's dad being mutated and she angrily leaves the group after Mikey tells her. Fungus Humungous from the episode of the same name and not the trope of the same name was a giant mutant mushroom lurking within New York City's sewers, thriving and spreading itself and its army of Mushroom Men within its dank, dark corridors. It was able to grow stringer and larger by feeding on the fear of others, doing so by using its hallucinogenic spores to cause those exposed to it to experience their greatest fears Casey with rats, April with bats, Raphael and cockroaches, etc.

It is a massive entity with the same healing-factor as its components, emitting a strong sleeping-gas and trapping human beings with the intent of eating them. Brains Evil, Brawn Good: The Kraang and Triceratons respectively, although the Triceratons aren't exactly good.

anime dub tmnt 2012 meet

At worst, they're the lesser of two evils simply wanting to keep the rest of the universe safe from being invaded and mutated by the Kraang. Notably, the first chunk of season three basically ignores the conquering of New York and soon the world by the Kraang and the Foot in favor of mostly light-hearted Monster of the Week adventures with a subplot regarding Leo healing from the second season finale which still takes a backseat to the various mutant adventures.

This comes up again in the first arc of season four which features the Turtles having more-often-than-not zany adventures in space following the destruction of Earth in the third season finale, albeit this time there is a slightly stronger focus on the story aspect. Bunny Ears Picture Prank: Michelangelo does this to Raphael in the opening.

The Kraang Biotroids in Season Two. They are large, ape-like, bio-mechanical heavy infantry units with nipple saws and butt cannons, as seen 20 seconds into this preview. Donatello gets generally little respect from his brothers mostly Raphaelhas a particular penchant for embarrassing himself, and twice now, his Bo Staff has broken. This is all Played for Laughsdespite the fact that he is clearly terrified by the last part.

Baxter Stockman, who was insulted by his coworkers, accidentally broke their photo-copier, which resulted in him getting firedand equally gets little respect from the Turtles. Mikey would also count; he's easily kicked around by his brothers, especially Raphael.

And Metalhead seems to be magnetically attracted to HIS head! They love chasing Mikey! Canon Character All Along: Most of the major mutants have had their origin stories totally revamped.

Seemingly original humans will get slimed by mutagen and the turtles particularly Mikey will give them a nickname that matches an established mutant from another continuity. Raph's pet tortoise Spike mutates into Slash, who becomes a protagonist here.

Arms dealer Ivan Steranko and master thief Anton Zeck get mutated into a rhino and warthog, and take on the names Bebop and Rocksteady from the '87 show. Hamato Miwa, Splinter's daughter, is revealed to be Karai at the end of the first season.

At least one of the series' writers admitted that not all of Season 5's episodes were built with series continuity in mind. The only one explicitly said to be non-canon is the "Mutant Apocalypse" three-parter, by Nickelodeon.

From the series: The Earth Protection Force makes their debut in the second season finale fighting the Kraang invasion. Hun debuts in "Casey Jones Vs. Alopex, a character from the IDW comics, debuts in late Season 4.

Happens with Mikey when he tells his brothers about robots with brains in their chests. When they see it with their own eyes, Mikey is quick to go on an "I told you so" rant.

Which also acts as a Shout-Out to the first cartoon as none of the turtles believed Mikey's rant about seeing a giant brain even back then. Both Leonardo and Splinter reveal the truth of Karai's parentage Splinter is her true fatherwhich she refuses to believe. It's not until the end of The Manhattan Project that she begins to wonder if they are telling the truth, when she eavesdrops on the Turtles and Splinter discussing her.

Catch a Falling Star: How Donnie saves April when she falls out of the helicopter. Sounds weird when he says it. It sounds weird when you say it! Casey Jones's "Goongala" makes a return in this show as well.

Mikey freaks out when he tries to fight without thinking — being The Ditzhe normally does this anyway — and winds up "thinking about not thinking". First off, there's the recurring theme across the franchise about how family is the most important thing. Then there's they key theme of the war between Splinter and Shredder - letting insults go and being willing to work things out peacefully. Shredder refused and ultimately embarked on a destructive path that destroyed everything he and Splinter loved.

This also comes up early in season two when Casey unknowingly encourages April to make amends with the Turtles after they accidentally got Kirby mutated. Splinter replies with a quote that easily sums up the entire series and its' arcs regarding revenge, betrayal, and the past: We choose what holds us back, and what moves us forward. Leo has to learn to be able to make hard decisions as a leader for the sake of his brothers. The show still has a lot of humorous episodes in-between the darker ones.

Pretty much inevitable in this franchise. Pretty much everyone can easily scale buildings and leap across entire streets, sometimes while keeping up with speeding vehicles. The giant vat of mutagen Stockman put in his lab keeps coming up, and people just keep falling in it. Donnie is trying to figure out where he's seen the Kraang's insignia before and Mikey repeatedly speculates it's the Olympics.

Frustrated, Donnie yells at the others to leave him alone so he can solve it, which was enough to scare even Raph and they back away.

Splinter then walks up and also thinks it might be the Olympics. And when Donnie yells at them, Mikey leaps into Raph's arms in the background. The retinal scanner in the elevator: This just doesn't make sense. If the Kraang want to transform the Earth, why do they need my dad? Well, he is a scientist.

April O'Neil - Wikipedia

Yeah, but he's a psychologist. He studies rats going through mazes. To Splinter No offense. Kraang has already lost 13 Kraang units of weight. Which do we save first: Well, Raph's fear of cockroaches and the Turtles teasing him for it.

Well Raph, you saved the city and faced your fear. Not bad for a Wednesday. I conquered my fear! I looked my fear straight in the eye and obliterated it! So you're not afraid of cockroaches anymore.

Then you won't mind the one I just slipped into your shell. XD Raph's plea scene. I'm sorry I tried to smash you, okay? I've learned a very important lesson. I'll never be cruel again, just leave me alone. Be good to Michelangelo. Let him read your comics once in a while. Also, when Stockman describes himself as a sensitive, misunderstood child, Dogpound replies with a deadpan 'Well, there's a surprise.

You already possess the Kunoichi's greatest weapon: When was the last time you saw someone hit a guy over the head with their mind? Let's find you a weapon. The baffled reactions of The Foot Clan sell it as well as Raphael being told to be pinched to see if he's dreaming.

Mikey obliges, and gets hit for it. The end of the episode. Wiped out from beating Stockman and his labyrinth, the turtles and Dogpound and Fishface try to start fighting again. Only to say screw it and go home. Particularly funny when Baxter is called on it which is several times in the episode.

He struggles to come up with a different name before just throwing the characters into another trap. Raph berates Leo for bringing Karai into the Shellraiser since she'll see all their technology.

Karai sarcastically responds that they're doomed when Shredder finds out they have an ice cream cone-shaped lamp. Mikey acts like the punching dummy is sentient. Donnie finally getting to tease someone else for their crush.

If Karai can pull it off. Are you worried about your girlfriend? I see why you guys do that now, it's kinda fun! When the Kraang craft is shot down, it flies a crash course straight at Shredder. Shredder just glares and unsheathes his blades the next shot is of him knocked into the water and sinking because of his heavy armor.

Karai asks Mikey what "Booyakasha" means and he doesn't know despite it being his catchphrase and says he just likes saying it.