Arteba 2012 bases in a relationship

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arteba 2012 bases in a relationship

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The goal of Project Snowball is to strengthen artists autonomy in the field of visual arts.

The acceptance of the artists is defined by themselves. At the same time, Snowball aims to revive the network of relationships between artists, eroded by new social, urban, economic, conditions. Belleza y Felicidad, Photos are self portraits, dressed as a clown during the performances with Omar Chaban and others in Cemento, established rock venue in late nineties. With Jorge Di Paola. A four hands novel written in early through e-mails that mimics a Hollywood blockbuster.

He gets embroiled in bloody attacks, extreme sex and desperate escapes. The plot goes through the harassment of international mafias, global revolution and terrorist intrigue.

arteBA | arteBA . . EDITION 23

Bin Laden appears prophetically mentioned. Jorge Di Paola is a cult author with a brief but influential body of work. Alejandro Ros, design and many other contributors.

arteba 2012 bases in a relationship

The magazine was an arena for artists, shorn of the possibility of expression in traditional media. In order to emphasize the textual character of the magazine all kind of images were excluded and only the Helvetica typeface was accepted. The magazine had neither manager nor selection committee.

Its collaborators number in the hundreds, mostly artists, but also writers, critics, historians, philosophers and curators from Argentina, as well as notable international intellectuals. Thus the magazine was representative of the diverse art scene in Argentina at the time.

In their numbers ramona covered conversations, interviews, essays, reviews, gossip, artists texts and historical controversies. Today ramona is a common source of research and analysis. VP had its own currency, the Venus, which were available in banknotes of 1, 2 and 3 v.

Arteba 2012 bases of dating

The project was based on the notion of Charles Fourier that in a community of a certain size everyone could match his o her desire with some other. Through its webpage, each member could upload information about the products or services they were offering or demanding, profile and news.

In the Venus market a large list of merchandises were offered, from tomato jam or English lessons to legal or medical service. Artworks, books, coaching for different activities from gym or dance to parties organization or fighting depression.

arteba 2012 bases in a relationship

The project had several physical meeting points and its own headquarters, were fairs, concerts, plays, projections and so on took place. PV was a network of artists, non artists and collectives from poets to judges, from psychoanalysts to pop stars, from architects to curators. PV reached members and in this society collapsed. Project Venus headquarter Tatlin, first floor. By Gordin, Buenos Aires, Venus member at Tatlin. Trip to Tandil during Venus Last Biennale. ZAT, the neo situationist concept of Hakim Bey, was turned into real during five hours, each Saturday through A conversation based practice that debated over self organization, the argentine experiences sincenew social forms or the utopic theories.

Two books resulted from the proceedings recorded in each session: Bahrein, Buenos Aires, A put together of almost hundred young artists from every field in a single night. Malba, Buenos Aires, At the entrance of the performance space some hosts waited the visitors and trained them to use an infrared video camera before they led them to the darkroom 17 by 8 meters one at the time.

Each visitor was left alone for about five minutes, during wich he or she could see only through the lens of the camera and walk through an absolutely dark space occupied by geometric objects and twelve performers. All of them were wearing identical masks that prevented them to see, thus their movements were slow but strangely coordinated, like they were a different species performing the actions of life, from the most ordinary and seemingly irrelevant to the most dramatic and exciting.

The visitor was put in the place of a custodian holding the power of vision but also in the role of the video artist given that they were recording their experience. Video Chastity Micropolitical experiment and docu-fiction video, 16 minutes.

In August the authors 24 and 62 years respectively signed a contract under which they would share a year of life, study, pleasure and economic resources in a state of chastity, a master-disciple relationship according to the tradition of the Athenian culture. This life together resulted in readings, meetings and the video of the same name, in which this relationship is fictionalized in the manner of platonic dialogues. Nahuel Perez Biscayart and Harry Havilio.

Appetite Gallery, Buenos Aires, In the fiftieth aniversary of the crucial year of the press and institutions celebrated the countercultural movements and political rebellions by misappropiating them. As a comment on this operation the author selects 28 documents of its activities on that year by overprinting arbitrarily texts from different authors, periods and genres. Most of these writings are fragments of songs from the author. Villa Fiorito, Buenos Aires, These five pieces were installed as a new Museum of replicas in a cultural center near the stream of the Riachuelo, one of the most polluted areas in the world.

The agreement was signed during a ceremony on November 28 of and the Museum of Villa Fiorito Calcos opened in January Video The Elevator Workshop and video. At the Kiosko Juvenil, a venue for teens in risk situation, in the borough of Laferrere, Buenos Aires Province, a short video and photo workshop trains nine boys and girls that will be invited to a contemporary art space to make their own piece.

During the workshop it arises that they have never be in an elevator. So it is decided to make stories around the elevator of the art space.

Te wholo video is recorded by the students who never did that before. The soul never thinks without an image Operation. Biennial of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Fernandez Vega and other. The point of the piece was to explore the relationship between art and politics in real time. Twenty five Argentinean artists, who traveled specially, philosophers, poets, historians, sociologists and musicians, installed an electoral center in constant activity that turned the exhibition space into recreational and educational workshop for the Biennale public.

Sadly enough, the Brazilian electoral law forbade any advertising except for radio and TV. So the curators suspended the work until elections were over. An immaterial and heterogeneous body of work is shown through different types of archive, one of them cabinet of curiosities.

arteba 2012 bases in a relationship

By showing the material detritus, mixing fake and real documents, turning hard to view the images, carefully indexing irrelevant papers, the installation refers to the infinite possibilities o impossibility of recover the experience of certain works.

The red thread of history Donation.

arteba 2012 bases in a relationship

Different sizes black curtains, floor pad, audio loop, poster. In collaboration with Alejandro Ros. At the stand 3 x 1. Towards the end of arteBA edition, Sunday May, 22 works were auctioned in the audience.

arteba bases of dating

Los invitamos a todos a celebrar este aniversario From to From one venue in Centro Cultural Recoleta to another in La Rural de Palermo; from a simple art gallery fair to a contemporary art fair; from 20, tovisitors; from 20 to 80 participating art galleries; from locally-known to internationally-recognized; from an opening edition to an anniversary edition; from past to present, and future: They will present Oasis, a curatorial proposal reviewing the art works produced in Argentina in the last years and which will offer, for the first time, a space other than for exhibition purposes, that would serve as the platform of talks and activities connected to literature, cinema and theatre.

To this commemoration of Argentine art, we shall add a strong international presence, represented by 43 foreign art galleries arriving from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, the United States, and Uruguay.

These visitors, together with 42 Argentine art galleries shall have a prominent role in arteBA. The Main Section will comprise 50 art galleries, out of which 11 will be involved in the Special Project Patio Bullrich, whereas 15 will feature a distinguished artist in the Cabinet section. Argentine art in the sixties] new editionEnglish translation1st ed. The Power of Representation: Europe, the US, and Latin America] Working as an independent curator, Villa has developed several exhibitions in Argentina and abroad.

He has published two books: Villa is a professor at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella sinceand is currently teaching in the Artists Program.

arteBA . 2014 . EDITION 23

He was curator at Documenta 11 Kassel, and also at the 1st and 2nd Johannesburg Biennials and He has organized over twenty exhibitions at museums and institution worldwide, and has published more than twenty books on contemporary and emerging artists. He was curator of the Spanish Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennial Mari Spirito Speaker at Prime Time Open Forum Is the founding director of Protocinema, a nonprofit art organization presenting transnational, nomadic exhibitions in New York and Istanbul, mission-driven with a hands-on education program, since Prior to Protocinema, she was director of Gallery, New York —and is currently on the board of Participant Inc.

Between andshe served as the chief curator at the Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil, Mexico City, where she curated various exhibitions and projects with artists such as Mark Manders, Guy Ben-Ner, and Fernando Ortega, amongst others.

Inshe co-founded LIGA — Space for Architecture, the first space in Latin America devoted to the critical reflection and presentation of architecture. Investigator and theorist specialist in technological art, is a reference in the history and present of this field in Latin America.

He has published numerous essays and books on that subject, and writes regularly in newspapers, magazines and art catalogs. As an independent curator he has organized exhibitions at international institutions.

He also teaches undergraduate and graduate programs at universities in Argentina, Latin America and Europe, and he is jury and assessor of multiple awards and foundations. He lives and works in Buenos Aires. In he directed the 55th Venice Biennial. He has curated numerous international exhibitions including the 8th Gwangju Biennale, the 4th Berlin Biennale, Manifesta 4 and the first New Museum Triennial.

Graciela Sacco Guest artist at Art Conversations At the forefront of contemporary art, she develops an intensity work in Argentina and abroad.

arteba 2012 bases in a relationship

Her work is in public and private collections. She lives and works between Rosario and Madrid. InGuillermo Kuitca was the artist chosen to represent Argentina in the 52nd. Venice Biennale as well as being invited to participate in the International Pavilion of the Biennale itself. In he participated in two group exhibitions, Post Picasso. Contemporary Reactions in the Museu Picasso in Barcelona and alongside, a highlighted group of his paintings at the Beyeler Foundation in Zurich.

A solo at Pinacoteca de San Pablo is going to open in June Art critic and editor.