Bacoor meet 2012 presidential candidates

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bacoor meet 2012 presidential candidates

First District: OFFICE OF THE SANGGUNIANG PANLUNGSOD. HON. AVELINO B. . meet at the Session Hall of the City Hall of Bacoor and proceed to .. SECTION THE PRESIDENT PROTEMPORE. Election. - There shall be a. The Republican presidential primaries were the selection processes in which voters of the Republican Party elected state delegations to the Republican National Convention. The national convention then selected its nominee to run for President of the .. But Santorum suspended his campaign before the meeting in the Ohio GOP. This article contains lists of notable candidates for the United States Republican Party's presidential nomination. Contents. 1 Candidates.

They made this little change. And now they've got a social problem that they don't know what to do with hardly. Trump said the United States was suffering in the global economy because of poor trade deals, saying "I think the biggest threat is that our jobs are being stolen by other countries. On April 28, Obama released his long form birth certificate. Draft movements[ edit ] Michele Bachmann speaks at a rally. She was propelled in the race with support from the Tea Party movement.

Two candidates from the presidential primaries, Mitt Romney and Ron Paulran again in the primary campaign. Mitt Romney was an early frontrunner, and he maintained a careful, strategic campaign that centered on being an establishment candidate. Time magazine predicted his approach would fail, saying the Republican Party had changed from "country-club aristocracy" to "pitchfork populism" in He enjoyed a significant money advantage and had the highest name recognition in the field, and many voters found him to be the most "electable" in the general election.

He was a strong fundraiser, [94] raising millions over the Internet through "money bombs", [95] [96] [97] one-day fundraising events launched by his grassroot supporters. When, on August 14, she won the Ames Straw Poll by a close margin over Ron Paul, she effectively ended Pawlenty's viability as a candidate and he withdrew from the race the next day. Rick Perry speaking to voters in Iowa Over the summer ofseveral Republican groups began a nationwide campaign to draft Texas governor Rick Perry to compete for the nomination.

Perry began an aggressive networking and fundraising strategy to launch a viable campaign.

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He depended largely on evangelical Christians as his base, and held a prayer meeting with supporters one week before announcing his campaign. The prayer was held to save "a nation in crisis".

2012 Democratic Party presidential candidates

He polled as the Republican frontrunner within days of his entrance into the race, posing a serious threat to other Christian conservatives, such as Michele Bachmann. Touting his record as governor of Texas, he pointed to the 1 million jobs that were created during his year tenure. The Associated Press found Perry to be a confident, personable campaigner.

His connection to Texan cowboy culture and his Southern drawl sounded similar to George W. Bushfor whom he had served as lieutenant governor.

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Critics drew many parallels between him and the unpopular former president. Perry drew wide criticism when he said that it would be "almost treacherous — or treasonous in my opinion" for the Federal Reserve to be "printing money to play politics". Perry back-tracked from views he had on repealing the income tax and his criticism of Medicare.

His disagreement with scientific consensus turned off socially moderate Republicans and prompted a search for fresh, more-centrist candidates. Debate season[ edit ] Main article: Against the foregoing antecedents, Hebron filed the administrative complaint with the OCA, claiming that: Hebron had previously asked the RTC to reconsider the Order dated September 18,but as stated in his complaint charging Judge Garcia: On November 25,accused thru counsel filed his comment on the motion for reconsideration which is the last pleading and the motion was submitted for resolution.

On April 20,we filed a motion to resolve our motion for reconsideration and set the same for hearing on April 29, Up to the present, after the lapse of one 1 year, nine 9 months and fourteen 14 days, no notice of resolution on our Motion for Reconsideration was sent to our counsel or to the undersigned.

bacoor meet 2012 presidential candidates

Any motion, regardless of whether the motions were frivolous or dilatory, and not germane to the pending case x x x respondent judge should have resolved the same citing the facts and the law on which the order was based within the time prescribed by the rules Aries vs.

Beldia, SCRA Particularly on the matter of his failure to immediately resolve Hebrons motion to reconsider the Order dated September 18,Judge Garcia, explained: The Court noticed only of the pending Motion for Reconsideration when it conducted its inventory of cases in July which was further extended to September due to the program of this Honorable Office entitled "Case Delay and Docket Reduction Project CDDRP " wherein this Court was one of the designated pilot courts for its implementation.

For about five 5 months, the Court almost literally stopped all its proceedings to give way to the said program. The Court would not be washing its hand for the delay, and admits the lapse but would rather ask the indulgence and understanding of this Honorable Office on its predicament. The delay was not deliberately and maliciously motivated.

bacoor meet 2012 presidential candidates

The Court is swamped with thousands of cases and undersigned is just overwhelmed thereof. As of Julythe Court has about 3, pending cases. From January to Octoberabout cases were raffled to the Court. The Court is trying its best to comply with the mandate of the law on resolving pending incidents. But with such workload, the Court could not simply comply.

It was explained to us that the said program was to find ways and means on how to unclog the docket of the Court.

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Statistics would not help the Courts of Bacoor. What we need is the creation of new salas. For the meantime, we are doing our best and undersigned promised that the same incident would not happen again and if it could not be avoided, promised to file an extension of time to resolve.

If Hebron truly believed that the rulings of Judge Garcia were erroneously made, the same could not be corrected through the filing of an administrative complaint.

bacoor meet 2012 presidential candidates

However, respondent Judge claimed that the motion was inadvertently not acted upon for an unreasonable length of time because the court only noticed the same when it conducted its inventory of cases in July Evidently, respondent Judge failed to resolve the motion within the day reglementary period provided in the Constitution.

He claimed to have filed the administrative complaint only upon the prodding of his former lawyer, Atty. Remoquillo, and that he signed it without even fully understanding the contents thereof. Furthermore, he reasoned that he was already ailing at 69 years of age, and he already yearned to rectify the mistakes that he had committed, including his loss of trust in the justice system. The Court re-docketed the administrative complaint as A.

This Courts Ruling At the outset, we emphasize that Hebrons withdrawal of his complaint against Judge Garcia does not necessarily warrant its dismissal. The withdrawal of complaints cannot divest the Court of its jurisdiction nor strip it of its power to determine the veracity of the charges made and to discipline, such as the results of its investigation may warrant, an erring respondent.

Administrative actions cannot depend on the will or pleasure of the complainant who may, for reasons of his own, condone what may be detestable. Neither can the Court be bound by the unilateral act of the complainant in a matter relating to its disciplinary power.

The Courts interest in the affairs of the judiciary is of paramount concern. Time and again, we have ruled that the errors attributed to judges pertaining to the exercise of their adjudicative functions should be assailed in judicial proceedings instead of in an administrative case.