Bilsport action meet 2012 chevy

bilsport action meet 2012 chevy

He is also a resident of Vasteras, Sweden, home to Power Big Meet, one of the . 27 that the teaser presaged a full ad from Honda for its CR-V, reviewed in . racer, based on a Chevrolet S pickup truck, to challenge the land- speed record of the diesel truck class. In other recent actions. Tierp Drift Challenge - SPDS #4 - Team Raidopower Motorsport Bilsport Action Meet - Team Raidopower Motorsport - Drifting - raidopower. Norrlands Motorhistoriker had a car show/meeting at the local baseball field . Staffan - Chevy Monza Burkarcupen #5 - Skellefteå Vintage snowmobile dragracing Yepp, its the Yepp, its time to start the year with some vintage snowmobile action. The wind .. En dag på Strippen med Bilsport. Photos by.

You should all do yourself a favor and support this incredibly talented and unique guy on his march back to the top in Swedish racing, we are doing simple stuff for him at the moment and enjoying every minute of it- and as our standard saying goes… more is coming your way.

Backbone is the Asp family, along with friends of Thompa and Daniel. The days of flashy race trailers and set tables are a few years ahead, but everyone are chipping in and its always a pleasure to get started on raceday! Thanks to Micke Svensson for letting us his tire-machine.

While the guys were getting prepared, I went looking for cars to feature and throw an extra eye on. Frustrating enough, the logistics of this event is quite a challenge to pull of.

No proper and continuous training not only hurts the contenders, pretty sure the crowd at this point felt a bit cheated- but it was picking up later on. But at least Superior Media mainstay David Johansson had plenty of time to shoot material in the pits: From each drivers perspective, here is what they had to say together with a few quotes from other parts of the crew: Probably avoid the sand a bit too, although it was a quite effectful and even got a scoop of it in the car… Ooops! With bland results and practically futile amount of training, it was getting into the qualifiers with low expectations.

Daniel was first out with the Rocket Bunny styled S14, and struggled badly in his first run- straightening out several times and not having any speed. Could almost feel a lot of hesitation from behind the wheel up to the rafters. Actually the other half of drivers could have taken a lunch break when qualifiers started until the first one had run. Beautiful sunny sky without a cloud. In first round against Samu Kemppainen Tommy was first from the start line with a holeshot, 0,13 against 0,21, and the both drivers went up in smoke.

Tommy was on the throttle again and recovered enough to take the round win. In the pits we discovered a malfunction of one of the three bleeders we use to control the lock up clutch, which means that the clutch where engaged from the startline. In the semifinal against Greger Johansson we ran the lock up with two bleeders instead.

Big holeshot for Tommy again but then the tyre started to haze at about meters out. Tommy tried to save it but still blackstriping the track and the bike leaned over so he had to shut it off. Disappointing to not be in the final!

bilsport action meet 2012 chevy

Same result with a fully engaged clutch far too early on the run. We have some work to do before Alastaro. But the performance of the bike and driving skills from Tommy is very promising for the coming race in Finland. Two legends waiting in the pairing lanes He was competing with his turbo hemi Chevy Pick Up. Per Andersens Restauranger spoiled us as usual with excellent service and food during the weekend. The numbers were 6. In Q2 Tommy clicked it off early but still went over the finish line after 6.

bilsport action meet 2012 chevy

For Saturday we put on a new rear slick which turned out to be a problem since the tyre where not ok. Another new one went on for Q4 and Tommy launched very good but started to haze the tyre at metres. As number one qualifier we are up against the Nordic Pro Champion Samu Kemppainen in tomorrows eliminations. After going through some routines Tommy had a look on the track and shut down area before the first launch on the Beast.

First run both looked and felt good for the new driver. The crew turned around the bike for a second pass which Tommy was very satisfied with. Bike and equipment will now be loaded in the bus and tomorrow we hit the road for Tierp Arena.

This to get an additional braking force since the speed are improving over the finish line. We have also changed some oil pressure fittings and tubes for the turbo and serviced the air pressured braking system for additional safety along the highways. A chute from Stroud is mounted on the wheeliebar for additional breaking force when the top speeds are increasing. The race bus needs some attention as well. The brake system has got some adjustment and service by Mats.

We produced five runs over the weekend with a 60 ft time of 1,13 seconds and 2,89 seconds at ft on the last run Sunday afternoon.

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And the bike left the startline smooth as a Cadillac with no shake and most important no tyre smoke The testruns was made with Per on the bike and everything went according to plan. The feeling was just there as usual! Some changes have been made over the winter to improve the consistency and performance of the bike. New compression ratio, a new designed 3-disc Bentec clutch with a different geometry. A lock up management system controlled by three hydraulic bleeders which engage the clutch in different stages during the run.

We are very satisfied with the clutch as the bike tends to go a lot smoother out from the startline which make it easier to handle. A lot of work was done between the five rounds on the track. We hope the temperatures will be better so we can produce test runs during Saturday and Sunday.

We are pretty certain that a large number of the visitors will attend the Tierp Arena facility the coming season for a high quality drag racing experience. And hopefully there will be a lot of Red Line Oil webshop visitors as well. He even promised to promote the bike and the Swedish team during the Man Cup Finals in Valdosta, as he has a car-show in town the very same weekend. Good team work make good results.

The Speedgroup boot hosted a lot of visitor and both the Beast bike and the dragsters were very popular. Some a little younger than others The new operation manager at the Tierp Arena Facility Urban Axelsson paid us a visit and got an explanation of the Beast technical data by Per. The beauty and the Beast Speedgroup will launch their new Speedgroup Dragracing Magazine at the show and of course promote all the race dates for the coming season.

Visit us at booth number B We were around twenty people this Sunday that got together for a presentation of some of the history both of the racing as well as the company.

After seeing all the old stuff and the current equipment at the Bentec Race Shop we went down to the Flexoart facility where the company is doing business today.

During the coffee break the Beast Team plans for the season where presented. For more information you can find a complete press release at www. Per explains what the Flexoart business is all about and all the guests had an interesting tour around the facility.

bilsport action meet 2012 chevy

The whole gang gathered at the race department of Bentec Engineering. Our partners gets an introduction of the latest news in the clutch area for the Beast. The big news for the coming season is the new rider What was supposed to be the highlight of the season with Tommy Grimes handling the Beast down the Tierp track turned out to be a real nightmare.

After changing the bike to Tommys weight and size during Thursday so he would be comfortable on the bike we spend Friday morning going through routines with the crew and new rider.

We soon realized just how professional Tommy acts both as a person and in his attitude when it comes to racing. First round turned out to be a disaster when an inlet valve broke in the burnout and caused massive damage to the engine. The crew worked extremely hard all Friday to change piston, liner, cylinder head, split the blower and clean all areas of the engine from aluminium parts. The engine was back together in race condition late Friday evening which means we had to pass on the Q2.

Big frustration and disappointment in the camp! Since we moved the rider 3 inches forward and Tommys weight is less then Pers we may have had too little downforce on the rear slick. After calculating we estimated that we had about 78 lb ca 35 kg less downforce on the rear axle. But we must point out that the rider had nothing to do with the outcome of the weekend. Also a Big thank you to all our sponsors who helped us making this possible.

The Beast team will have a meeting in a couple of weeks to discuss what the future will hold. The handlebar was moved backwards about two inches after Tommys recommendations. Per and the new hired rider going through routines. Tommy got to meet a lot of European riders.

He will enter the Super Twin Bike class together with 13 other competitors from 6 different countries so it will be tough competition! Before Per called me I had almost given up the thought about racing at a top level again. But after this proposal my blood really starts to pump again. I will do my very best to make myself and the Beast team proud.

Tommy will arrive at Arlanda airport on Wednesday where Per and Christina will meet up. After a short Stockholm tour they will arrive at the track early Thursday morning. Then the crew will work through the routines together with the new rider and prepare the qualifications in the best possible way. The Scandinavian Internationals will hold no more than attending race teams from 13 different countries, a new record!

The bike classes is also available at Drag Racing Europe Blog where Remco Scheelings will publish daily reports from the track. The unique sawmill can handle timber up to a diameter of cm! A traditional sawmill will handle log of woods at a size of cm diameter and the rest will go as wood chips. At Bengtssons Sawmill you can use the whole log of wood with the largest sizes of wood at the market today.

All customers has special needs which the company will take care of in a flexible and cost effective way. The capacity is 25 cubic metre on a yearly basis. To find out more about this unique company please visit bengtssonssagverk. And I hope to be back in the saddle for next season. We needed a rider for the race and one that can give the Beast justice.

We came down to a few options and on top of the list was one name, Tommy Grimes. I gave him a call and explained the situation and he said I will come over! Grimes, a time NHRA Wally winner, four time season Champion in Nitro Harley and with twenty seasons under his belt he is one of the quickest dragbike riders of all time.

We hope to give all our race fans, sponsors and supporters a good show at the Tierp Arena track. Tommys experience together with the ordinary crewmembers knowledge and our longtime sponsors will guarantee an exciting weekend, says Per. The whole team looks forward to see you all at the track.

A big thank you to all our sponsors for helping us in doing this! He is doing well under the circumstances and is expecting to go home to Sweden in the end of next week. This was the reason The Beast did not participate in the race in Finland this weekend. Per sends his best regards Tierp update This was definitely not our weekend! After another massive burnout Per went in to stage against Olstad in the first round of eliminations. When the green light flashed the chain broke at the hit.

That has never happened before during all years of racing. Big frustration in the team of course but you have to put this race behind and look forward to the next one at Alastaro in Finland in three weeks time.

A big thank you goes to Gabbi and Kenneth Holmberg who lend their racebus to our team during the weekend as we have some problems with our own ride. The Speedgroup organization made a tech article about the Beast and the parts that is produced at the Flexoart facility.

Per performed a very much appreciated explanation about the history and technical side of the Beast for invited guests.

RACE REPORT: Superior Drift goes to Bilsport Action Meet : Superior Imports AB

Several of our partners visited the race and here Bert Jareblom from Red Line Oil and the dragracing icon and friend Leif Helander joins in storys from the past. The first run we lost traction on a tricky track surface, and next round out Per did a perfect burn out.

After the burnout the engine went silent. In the pits we later discovered a broken battery Today we finally have a blue and sunny sky. The event will attend more than raceteams from all over Europe. The Super Twin Bike category includes 15 bikes from five different countries and they qualifay for just eight spots in the elimination ladder!

So it will be very tough just to get in to the eliminations. Fridays second round of FIA qualifaying starts at The bike is ready for some serious competition and we have set the game plan for the weekend. We will have our own catering in cooperation with Per Andersens Restaurants in our pit area, so if you are at the track please stop by for a quick chat and maybe to grab a bite.

And the Tierp Internationals will be the first race where you can get our new Give Away Card with the story behind the Beast and our main sponsor Red line Oil. The Beast team will have a limited assortment of Red Line Oil products available to a special racers net at our pit area during the Nordic Pro Championship Series the coming season.

You will find the representative at The Beast Dragbike Team pit area. Don't hesitate to stop by with your questions. It's a High Performance Synthetic fluid designed to maintain viscosity, lubricity, and compressibility at extreme temperatures to help safeguard against brake fading and vapour lock in racing, performance and street applications.

All engines are hand built by experienced technicians. The facility includes two modern computerized dyno-testing laboratories and a third one is being added. MarineDiesel has an established distribution and service network in over 30 countries around the globe and MarineDiesel engines are the lightest, most powerful marine engines in their class.

They provide the highest amount of continuous torque over the longest RPM range of any marine engine on the market today. To find out more obout this hi-tech company just visit Marinedieseleurope. To find out more obout this service minded company just visit Persaker.

The framed photo was shot by Stefan Boman. Two new cylinder heads are manufactured at the Flexoart machine shop. A lot of service work is also in progress as the nitro environment is tough on the parts. We will keep you updated so stay tuned!

Per is doing some maintenance work on the belt transmission pulleys. Here you can see the original Beast engine block produced in and still in service with one of the old cylinder heads on top. From a solid aluminium block two new heads are coming together one step at a time.

Jan works on the first step of grinding and later on the heads will be flowtested and finished by Johannes Persson Motorsport in Helsingborg. If the performance are competitive at the time we may consider to race at Santa Pod Raceway in September as well. And as the FIA Championship expands with a race on Malta the first weekend of October it would be exciting to be a part of that event if the bikes will be included. The plan was to compete at the event during but due to a problem filled season we decided to move the US plans forward to the season.

Stay tuned for more news the coming weeks! More details will follow soon! We seem to have suffered by an ignition problem and now with the basic tune up the bike run as it should In Q4 we did one of the best launches ever with a 1. The rider is o k and we are no 2 qualifier with 6. So it will be a battle between the two paralelltwin bikes Thunderstruck and the Beast for the Runner Up position in the Championship.

The bike is ready for action and since the race in Norway we seems to have found a few gremlins that have been haunting us earlier in the season so the ambition for the coming weekend is to lower our pb in qualifaying and go for the final on Sunday. The weather forecast looks just brilliant and with the high quality race track that always waits for us at the Tierp Arena facility we hope to produce a good show for the fans.

The Scandinavian Internationals will be a record event in all aspects as there are no more then race teams entered from ten different countries, a new record for the facility. The opponent in the first round was no 8 qualifayer Trond J.

Hoiberget with a best of 8. Per left the startline with a decent 60 foot time 1. He managed to save the bike from crossing the line but despite going on the throttle one more time it was too late to catch up Trond before the finish line. Very frustrating situation as the combination we have been working on for quite some time, now seems to work as we want to. We produced some good runs in qualifaying but loosing in the first round is of course a disappointment.

We where hunted by several problems during the weekend so the crew have been working very hard between rounds solving different issues and we never missed any rounds in qualifaying. We are on the no 3 spot 95 points after Samu who leads the Championship and Hans Olav Olstad is no 2 just 1 point before the Beast. With just two and a half weeks to go before the next round at Tierp Arena of August you can say we will go to an intense period to be ready in time.

The Beast team in the staging lanes at Gardermoen Raceway Set working in the pits with the cylinder head fixing the valve seats. The team worked long hours over the weekend.

There are now a lot of work to be done at the workshop to get ready in time for the next race at Tierp Arena. In the next pair Per ran a 6. In the last qualifying round the Beast teeam set the pace with 6. Ronny Aasen is no. The bike is ready for tomorrow and so are the crew!

Samu Kemppainen is no. In the second round we burned the headgasket and damaged the head. No mechanical problems otherwise and we are ready for tomorrow. The bike classes and Top Doorslammer will get five qualification runs and the timeschedule for these are as follow.

The super Twin Tpo Fuel class has 11 bikes on the entry list so the competition will be tough. As the track and air usually holds very good quality this is a weekend the Beast team really looks forward to. The preperations of the bike and equipment has played out as planned and we hope to produce some good numbers in qualifying.

The ambition on Sunday is to race in the final. If you're not able to visit the track in Norway you can follow our progress on this site as we will publish reports from the racing action on a daily basis. And don't forget our Facebook team page called "The Beast Dragbike" where you'll find short notes over the weekend. High rpm caused by lost traction especially during Fridays qualifying when the track was in bad shape in the hot conditions, damaged the cylinderhead as the exhaust valves hit the pistons.

Besides these damages everything looks ok and the spare parts area is now complete again. Despite the tricky conditions at Alastaro we did get the answers we were looking for when it comes to the clutch management system as well as ignition timing system which now works according to plan.

With three weeks to go before the third round in the NMC Series at Gardermoen Raceway in Norway we try to be as well prepared as possible. Set and Per in one of many tuning discussions over the weekend because of the tricky track conditions in the heat. We will post mroe info during the coming week Last qualifying at Alastaro In the last session we finally made it down the track with a very soft tune up that produced a 6.

Our focus is clear and that is to win the race on Sunday! The track is surprisingly a dissapointment and very tricky. All higher classes have big problems to get down the track and Super Twin is no exception. The numbers says it all. We will try to back down the power even more for Saturdays sessions andd try to get in to the six second zone Stay tuned!

The whole team looks forward to come back to Alastaro in Finland as we have not raced there since the season.

bilsport action meet 2012 chevy

The track was resurfaced last year and we hear that it looks really good after that.