Csra swap meet 2012 calendar

csra swap meet 2012 calendar

As filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on December 9, .. meet future civilian and military requirements. December and of substantially all of the Government Services business from day of calendar years or , or the last day of CSRA's , or Statements are presented in “thousands,” except for exchange rates, failure to comply with complex laws and regulations, including, but not Systems, Support Solutions Sector (January January ), Vice any remaining unpaid Contingent Payment if on the last day of calendar years The annual CNN Slide Show will be held at the CSRA clubhouse, CSRA clubhouse at the bottom of the ramp. 50th Annual CSRA Spring Swap Meet.

This approach is designed to yield lower implementation and operational costs as well as a higher standard of delivery excellence.

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Demand for our U. We are a Nevada corporation. Our telephone number is Following the Distribution, our website address will be www. These agreements will govern the relationship between CSC and us up to and after completion of the Spin-Off and allocate between CSC and us various assets, liabilities and obligations, including employee benefits, intellectual property and tax-related assets and liabilities and contingencies.

Completion of the Spin-Off is subject to the satisfaction or waiver of a number of conditions. The amount of indebtedness to be incurred by us prior to the completion of the Spin-Off and the Mergers has been determined by CSC based on its view regarding an appropriate capital structure and amount of leverage for us as a standalone entity.

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We expect the net proceeds of the indebtedness we incur at or prior to the Distribution will be used to fund the Special Dividend including the portion of the Special Dividend to be paid by CSC to its stockholders as well as to pay the cash portion of the Merger Consideration and to refinance substantially all existing debt of SRA.

What is the Spin-Off? In the Spin-Off, CSC will distribute to its stockholders all the outstanding shares of our common stock. Following the Spin-Off, we will be an independent, publicly-traded company, and CSC will not retain any ownership interest in us.

What are the Mergers? Shares issued to CSC stockholders in the Distribution will constitute approximately What are the reasons for the Spin-Off?

We now have a cause to make the tournament mean something! Collin has had his 3rd and hopefully last surgery inand again RMDH was there for us.

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He is doing great and is trying his best to big a little brother to Mallory. My family is just trying to take a couple bad hands we were dealt and trying to make a better one… Forthe PBC switched the benefiting charity to Sisters by Heart.

We sincerely appreciate you considering Sisters by Heart as a beneficiary of your upcoming golf tournament. In this rare, complex congenital heart defect, the left side of the heart is severely underdeveloped and therefore the heart cannot function without surgical intervention.

The first of these surgeries, called the Norwood, must be performed within the first few days of life. While survival rates have improved significantly over the past twenty years when a diagnosis of HLHS was largely considered to be a death sentenceHLHS remains a devastating diagnosis with a great many struggles for those who do survive and far too many deaths.

SBH currently has a database of approximately families of HLHS infants, enabling families to search for — and be connected with — other HLHS families that meet specific criteria, such as geographic proximity, similar surgical complications, and additional structural defects of the heart. SBH is very active on social media, with nearly 7, Facebook followers and more than on Twitter and is continually engaging other HLHS families to support and empower one another.

It should be emphasized, however, that no member of SBH provides medical advice to families under any circumstances. SBH has a formal collaboration with the National Pediatric Cardiology Quality Improvement Collaborative, comprised of pediatric cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, nurse practitioners, and others involved in the direct care of HLHS children.

csra swap meet 2012 calendar

In the past year, SBH has partnered with the Collaborative to focus on the issue of transparency and advocate for public reporting of surgical outcomes for HLHS infants and children. SBH works to ensure that as HLHS children grow older, families will continue to be supported and empowered around the academic, social, medical, and psychological issues that typically impact these special needs children.

Due to shipping costs, care packages are currently only provided to families living in the United States.

csra swap meet 2012 calendar

Should you select Sisters by Heart as a beneficiary of your golf tournament, it would enable us to send packages of hope to newly diagnosed families as well as HLHS children approaching their third surgery and empower families with information and resources families in order to make appropriate care decisions for their fragile children.