Derventio excel open meet 2012 calendar

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derventio excel open meet 2012 calendar

Read all of the posts by DX Swim Squad on DX Blog. Blog posts calendar A big thank you to parents, Chesterfield SC, Derventio eXcel and most of all Upon arrival we were met by several of the rangers who run the Cameron van der Burgh, the London Olympic m Breaststroke champion. Contact Us · Club Calendar · Club Documents · Latest News · Registration Form Swim England National Summer Meet - August East Midland Inclusive Disability Meet - 15 May Midlands BAGCATS June medals from a high quality Derventio Excel Level 2 open meet in Matlock at the weekend. Calendar · List · Search · Splash Software · Meet Manager · Team Manager · Order 5 - 7 Apr , 50m, Gzira · Guess Easter International Swim Meet . 2 - 3 Jun , 50m, Andorra (AND) · 3rd Swimming Championship Small States of Europe 2 - 3 Apr , 50m, Sheffield (GBR) · Derventio Excel Open Meet.

Max and JT completed a 10k timed swim both finishing with some really good times a remarkable effort from them both. An early lunch due to the trip to the Ukutula Walking with Lions. Although a coach ride just over an hour I have to say that this was a trip that just kept giving. Upon arrival we were met by several of the rangers who run the reserve and the conservation programme for not just lions but many other species that are potentially at risk, from cheetahs to hyenas, with a temperature of just under 40 degrees due to there being no wind or very little shade the group spent several hours learning about the impacts that the climate is having upon the animals.

The tour whilst educational was also interactive and you were close to the animals throughout the afternoon. Some for obvious reason were in large enclosures. Whilst some may think that the animals should be free in the wild the rangers explained that the only reason they were in enclosures was to assist with breeding programs and future developments in ensuring that there would be lions and other species for others to see in years to come.

The tour then moved onto a walk with the lions, the walk was in their natural habitat with a guide who had been with the lions since they were born.

City of Derby Swimming Club

He is currently studying on the senior coaching course and has a level 3 extended diploma in sports coaching. This includes promoting qualities such as respect, honesty and hard work. Keith Kelly Assistant Coach Keith has been coaching for many years within the county.

He started at Trident where he assisted the head coaches in moving the club forward to become a force, not only within the local area but regionally — and then nationally as the programme developed. His input with the squad members was instrumental in the success of a generation of swimmers from Long Eaton who moved on to National honours.

He then moved in early to Derventio and has had similar impact whilst coaching at the Derby based squad. His vision along with his work ethic has helped to empower swimmers within the team to keep making forward strides. Rachel Grainger fourteen won a hat trick of Gold medals in the open section, which was the Freestyle,IM and Freestyle.

Eight Year-old Abigail Kennett was in outstanding form considering it was the first time she had ever swum in a long course pool taking Bronze medals in the Freestyle and Breaststroke.

Connor Neal 11 continued his fine form by taking a hat trick of Gold medals in the Breaststroke, Freestyle and 50 Fly. Also scoring a hat trick of Gold medals was Thomas Nelson 19 who led from start to finish in extremely measured swims in the Freestyle, Backstroke and Freestyle.

derventio excel open meet 2012 calendar

Sixteen year-old Adam Parkes came away with gold medals in the and open freestyle events, also gaining a magnificent seven medals was fourteen year-old James Newton who gained a Gold in the 50 Breaststroke with Silvers in the 50 Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke and finally Bronze medals in the Freestyle and Breaststroke and 50 Fly. Devin Kellett 12 gained Gold in the 50 Backstroke and Silvers in the 50 and Breaststroke, also twelve Josh Hillman gained Gold in the Backstroke and Bronze medals in the open section for the Backstroke and Fly.

Connor Wood 11 won Silver in the50 Free and Bronze in the 50 Breaststroke also eleven Ehren Beresford claimed Silver in the Fly despite his goggles coming down which was another outstanding feat. Luke Hamstead 12 won Bronzes in the Breaststroke and 50 Backstroke also taking two Bronze medals was Adam Blackwell in the 50 Backstroke and the long plunge event.

The battle royal on the day was between eight year-old twins Oliver and Alex Naughton with Oliver taking Silver in the Breaststroke and Alex Bronze, this result was then reversed in the Freestyle with Alex taking Silver and Oliver Bronze and to round the day off Oliver gained a Bronze in the 50 Fly. Stocksbridge Sprints — A Tonne of Medals!

The event is split into age groups with some competing in the morning and the others in the afternoon; all events are over 50 metres with the top six in each age group contesting the final. Rotherham swimmers came away with a magnificent haul of medals of varying colours and also taking the top boy and girl awards in all sessions.

One of the outstanding performances of the morning session involved Ellisha Dawson who was the slowest qualifier going into the final of the ten year-old girls Breaststroke, she almost managed to snatch the Gold medal however was just piped and came away with the Silver in a tremendous race. Charlotte Pearson sixteen claimed Gold medals in the Fly, Backstroke and Freestyle as well as Silver in the Breaststroke thus gaining the top girl award for the afternoon session.

This gala attracted over sixty clubs from all over the UK as well as Dubai. Thirteen year-old George Russell was in outstanding form gaining a Silver medal in the 50 Fly and a Bronze Medal in the Fly with top ten finishes in theFreestyle and IM.

derventio excel open meet 2012 calendar

Matthew Sotheran 14 claimed a Silver medal in the Fly with top ten finishes in theand Freestyle and IM. Holly Sotheran 12 had top ten finishes in theIM and also the 50 and Fly, Emily Shone 14 gained top ten finishes in the Back and Breaststroke. In the open section Dale Waterhouse gained top ten finishes in the freestyle and IM with younger brother Aaron finishing in the top ten for the Freestyle. Sixteen year-old Charlotte Pearson claimed a top ten finish in the 50 Fly, also claiming a top ten finish was Nicole Clarke 14 in the Freestyle and Josh Hillman 12 in the 50 Backstroke.

Eighteen year-old Simon Worne managed seven speeding tickets and a grade A bronze in the 50 Fly, Robert Pearson 12 gained a magnificent five speeding tickets and Gold in the A grade 50 breaststroke. Seventeen year-old Adam Parkes claimed four speeding tickets followed by three A grade bronze medals in the 50 Freestyle and breaststroke and Breaststroke. Jack Mcgann was in outstanding form claiming 1 speeding ticket and 6 Gold A grade medals in the and IM, freestyle, breaststroke and 50 freestyle and fly and followed this up with a bronze A grade in the 50 backstroke.

James Shiel 15 was in scintillating form claiming gold in the A grade fly and IM with A grade silver in the breaststroke and a bronze in the freestyle.

Doncaster Dartes SwimalongaSanta 2008

William Bailey 15 put in a tremendous swim to claim the B grade gold in the freestyle, also in outstanding form was Devin Kellet 12 who claimed B grade silver medals in the IM and 50 freestyle. Sam Pearson 15 once again put in solid performances claiming the B grade silver in the 50 backstroke and B grade bronzes in the backstroke and IM. Jessica Bushby 14 continued in her fine form by claiming an hat -trick of speeding tickets and gold in the A grade fly followed by bronze medals in the A grade Im and freestyle.

Holly Sotheran 12 claimed a speeding ticket in the IM and 50 fly, Rebecca Bamber 11 yet another future Metro star claimed a speeding ticket in the IM with A grade gold in the breaststroke and a hat-trick of A grade bronze medals in the backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle.

Bethany Woodcock 14 won gold in the A grade freestyle, silver in the A grade IM, bronze in the A Grade freestyle and finally silver B grade in the breaststroke. Chloe Rooker 13 claimed A grade gold in the 50 freestyle with a bronze in the A grade 50 fly and 2 bronze medals in the B grade breaststroke and freestyle.

Alicia Hartley managed a Grade A gold, silver and bronze in the 50 breaststroke, 50 backstroke and Freestyle, also 12 Alice Aucott claimed A grade gold in the 50 fly and silver in the fly. Eleven year-old Abbie Ackroyd claimed the A grade gold in the breaststroke in a very tightly contested race. Ten year-old Kayley Britten was in splendid form claiming a hat-trick of medals which consisted of A grade bronze in the 50 fly followed by a B grade silver in the fly and a bronze in the B grade 50 freestyle.

In the 15 and over section Frances McGrother a bronze in the A grade IM, also in the 15 and over section Kelsey Longden claimed B grade gold in the breaststroke. Staying in the 15 and over section Kimberly Bush claimed double gold in the B grade freestyle and 50 breaststroke and also taking a B grade silver in the 50 fyl. Lyn Shackshaft 14 claimed B grade gold in the breaststroke and B grade bronze in the 50 freestyle, also 14 Fiona Connell claimed gold in the B grade IM.

Kenyon Kellett took double B grade silver medals in the 50 breaststroke and freestyle with Heather Wellings 13 taking a B grade bronze in the 50 freestyle and 14 year-old Nicole Clarke taking a B grade bronze medal in the IM. Robert Pearson 12 defied all the odds to gatecrash the Backstroke final where yet again he produced another PB to finish in 9th position, Robert also competed in the Backstroke just missing out on a final spot.

Pictured with head coach Alan Kirton are: George also put in tremendous performances in the IM, IM and fly. Matthew Sotheran 15 was a very busy young man in fine form claiming a final spot in the 50 freestyle were he finished a credible seventh in a very tight final, Matthew also put in solid performances in the freestyle, fly,backstroke, IM and breaststroke.

Aaron Waterhouse 18 was in fine form putting in a solid performance in the and freestyle races, also producing a fine performance wash Josh Whitehurst 17 in the breaststroke.

derventio excel open meet 2012 calendar

Robert Pearson in the and backstroke and Josh Hillman in the fly both thirteen put in excellent performances to acquit themselves very well at their first Zonal meet. In the youth relay events metro managed a very good seventh position in both the freestyle and individual medley event, the teams consisted of: Girls Competition Charlotte Pearson 18 once again reached the final of the fly in a highly competitive race finishing in tenth position.

Emily Shone 15 had a hat-triick of events and she put in fine displays in all of them which consisted of the backstroke, backstroke and breaststroke. Another girl who had a very busy schedule was Holly Sotheran 13 who produced a trio of stunnibg performances in thefly fly and freestyle. Yorkshire Championships Weekend 1 On the first weekend of the Yorkshire championships held at the Leeds aquatic centre Rotherham Metro swimmers acquitted themselves very well.

The first medal winner of the meet was Josh Hillman 13 who despite being ranked 16th managed to claim the bronze medal in the breaststroke. The next medal winner was George Russell who had only just returned from the training camp the previous night however this did not deter him and he claimed the gold in the fly with a dominant performance. The final medal winner of the first weekend was Rebecca Finnie 12 who in an extremely fast freestyle managed to grab the bonze medal with an outstanding performance.

Two swimmers in outstanding form were Matthew Sotheran 15 and Dale Waterhouse 20 who both attained their respective national times in the 50 metre freestyle competition, and Matthew also finished 7th in the backstroke.

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George Russell 14 was once again in scantling form claiming the gold medal in the fly with an outstanding last 50 metres and also claiming the bronze medal in the fly. Simone worne 19 put in a fantastic performance to finish 5th in the 50 breaststroke. The event is contested in heats and the top 10 in each age group go through to the finals.

George Russell 14 was once again the star of the show gaining an impressive hat-trick of gold medals in the IM, Freestyle and fly and followed this up with a silver medal in the freestyle. Jack McGann 12 claimed gold in the breaststroke and followed this up finishing 6th in the freestyle and 9th in the freestyle. Robert Pearson 13 was in outstanding form winning a brace of silvers in the breaststroke and IM and followed this up with a bronze medal in the backstroke. Josh Hillman 13 claimed bronze medals in the and breaststroke and finished 4th in the IM, 6th in the IM and 6th in the freestyle.

Eleven year-old Kayley Britten reached a very impressive five finals finishing 7th in the freestyle and backstroke, 8th in the backstroke and 9th in the and freestyle and all this considering she had only just returned from her holiday the day before. Also reaching five finals was Abbie Hull 14 who finished 4th in the backstroke, 5th in the IM and backstroke, 6th in the freestyle and finally 9th in the freestyle.

Another young girl being kept very busy at the weekend was Alice Aucott 13 who reached 4 finals finishing 5th in the freestyle and breaststroke and 8th in the and freestyle.

derventio excel open meet 2012 calendar

Rebecca Britten 14 who like her younger sister had only just returned from holiday put in some fine performances reaching 4 finals and finishing 5th in the backstroke, 8th in the freestyle, 9th in the freestyle and 10th in the backstroke.

Alicia Hartley 13 was yet another youngster who reached 4 finals in an extremely competitive age group where she finished 6th in the backstroke, 7th in the breaststroke, 9th in the backstroke and 10th in the IM. Connor Neal 13 put in an exceptional performance to finish 8th in the freestyle considering he had only just become 13 a few weeks earlier.

derventio excel open meet 2012 calendar