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meet science 2012

The ESOF conference was hosted in Dublin from 11 to 15 July. Scientists had the chance to meet with personalities of the scientific world such as Nobel. , Poland 24th EGF General Meeting on “Grassland - a European Resource? ” Grassland Science in Europe, volume 17, pages. EUR 70 Book available. According to senior Brittany Wenger, programming computers to think for themselves in the name of science may change the face of cancer.

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meet science 2012

Those who submit abstracts online must be prepared to register and submit at the same time. Real-world Science Affecting 1 in every 8 women, breast cancer is a health problem that touches women of all ages. Many students have a family member or know someone who has had breast cancer. Brittany is no exception. As she began her project, a family member had just been diagnosed with breast cancer, a reality that gave her project added personal significance.

Improving biopsy readings and helping ensure earlier and more accurate diagnosis has the power to change the grim statistics. It is on this premise and possibility that Brittany set to work building a system capable, she hopes, of making a difference in testing and diagnosis. Such a tool will decrease the invasiveness of diagnostic procedures, decrease costs, and lead to earlier detection.

These off-the-shelf products allow users to customize artificial neural networks to analyze and act upon specific kinds of data, but they don't offer the specificity Brittany hoped to achieve with her own tool.

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As Brittany explains, using solutions like NeuroSolutions, NeuroIntelligence, and EasyNN, users can configure ANNs "to a degree," and without having to do any coding, similar to the way a user can use an office program like Excel to create and customize a graph. As part of her benchmarking, Brittany configured each tool for "success with breast cancer diagnostics to their fullest potential.

The Quest for Original Research Many students struggle to find a "novel" project for top science competitiona project direction that is new and untested. Brittany, whose work straddles the lines between multiple science, technology, engineering, and math fields, believes that taking an interdisciplinary approach can help students think outside the box. For me, I find intertwining medicine and computer science enthralling.

meet science 2012

But Brittany, like other top science winners, knows, too, that a key ingredient to success is individual passion. You have to love the project you choose.

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You have to commit to the research. You have to be willing to spend the time, live with it, work through the highs and lows, and see it to the end. I improved the malignant sensitivity on my custom-crafted neural network to Brittany's breast cancer ANN was no exception.

Of course I wanted to create a viable diagnostic tool, but I also knew that with each flopped network, I was gaining valuable knowledge about what would—or more specifically what wouldn't—work with computer-aided diagnosis such as mine. Brittany attributes the high accuracy of her ANN to three innovative factors: The service also has heavy malignant weighting, meaning it's going to err on the side of cancer because a false negative can be detrimental.

A sample is deemed inconclusive if these networks produce different diagnoses.

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Brittany's system weights these assessments differently, setting her ANN up to learn from the existing data, and continue learning with the input of new data. The network learns via back-propagation, so these weights are updated and changed during training based on the network's experiences and mistakes. But she didn't stop with the creation of the tool as a standalone application.

Instead, she turned to cloud computing to make the ANN accessible to medical and research professionals around the world. The Google Science Fair Experience As a computer scientist, Brittany admits that when she first read about the Google Science Fair, she was intrigued by the new competition but also very excited about the possibility of visiting Google.

She worked on her winning Google Science Fair project for two years, first entering an early iteration of her winning project in Though she was not a finalist that year, her experience with the virtual science fair was encouraging, and so she returned again with a more robust version of her ANN project in All entries are submitted as online websites, which allows for participants around the world to submit entries," says Brittany.

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As a finalist, Brittany joined other finalists for four days at Google. As the winner of the Google Science Fair, Brittany has found herself in an enviable position—everyone wants to help. All the publicity has led to doctors contacting me, interested in collaborating so I can get more data. I get to speak at breastcancer.

As a scientist, these are experiences that are beyond my wildest dreams. Without a doubt, Brittany's success is a shining example for young women who are drawn to computers at an early age.