Mid america shelby meet 2012


mid america shelby meet 2012

Senior Member. Ford Fest's Avatar. Join Date: May Location: Missouri. Posts: 3, Garage. Re: Mid America Ford and Shelby Meet. "The Mid America Ford meet is a lifestyle event that showcases our president of Shelby American who was proud to point out that will. The Mid America Ford and Shelby Nationals celebrated 38 years along with Sunday car show, and the usual (or unusual) swap meet and manufacturer's.

Erma Crowder, Wilma Hale and Terry Wicks put on their lead shoes and got our Powder puff racing class off to a thunderous start. The Sunday car show was held in the parking lot adjacent to the hotel and was attended by a record number of cars.

Our first year in Tulsa was history and great success.

mid america shelby meet 2012

The word had gotten out: In keeping with our performance image, brought about the second major change in our format.

The event was extended to a three and half day meet after it was decided that we would add and open track road racing event on Friday at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit. After all, Shelbys and other performance Fords do more than go straight.

mid america shelby meet 2012

They can also turn corners at high rates of speed to the sheer delight of the drivers and spectators alike.

Dana Moudy became our Open Track Director. This year was also a milestone in that the Mid America meet was finally getting some well deserved attention from several major corporate sponsors, including involvement from the Ford Motor Company and the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.

mid america shelby meet 2012

This has undeniably helped our event to grow over the years and we still enjoy sponsorship from these and other companies today. Then came and our tenth anniversary.

We knew we had to really come up with something big to commemorate that moment in time.


It was time to put on a serious effort in extending an invitation to the man who started it all, Carroll Shelby. Having Carroll there was a very proud and memorable moment in the lives of those who met and had their picture taken with him. This truly stands out as one of the most cherished moments in the history of Mid America.

Mid-America Ford & Shelby Meet 2014 Hallett Motor Racing Circuit

The event continued to grow and flourish during the years through Austin Craig brought Rick Titus to the event by promising him our event was the best in the nation.

Having won the Escort Endurance Series Championship in the previous year, Rick was well received by the participants. Those who attended the banquet on Saturday night that year will never forget the extremely moving story that Rick told about his father, Jerry. From that point on Rick and his influence has been instrumental in helping us garner support for our event. Rick has worn many hats at Mid America; that of teacher and storyteller, but most of all, friend.

He continues to join us to celebrate this most notable of Shelby related events.

mid america shelby meet 2012

During the planning stages for the event, we were hit with the news that we would be losing our home base; the Sheraton Skyline East was closing the doors and we would have to go elsewhere. We landed at the Camelot Inn for the and events. Although the parking facilities were a little more crowded than before, we managed to have two very successful events and watched our attendance grow to even higher levels.

It was also in that we moved the meet from the often soggy May date to June. By the time rolled around, we were seeing more major sponsorship than ever before and were expecting another record crowd.

Mid America Ford Shelby Nationals - Good Times In Tulsa! - Mustang Monthly Magazine

We had already outgrown the Camelot and desperately needed to find another location for our headquarters. After much deliberation, we decided to move the event to the Sheraton Kensington Inn, known today as the Southern Hills Marriott. We felt, as we still do, that this location provided us with easy access and enough room to grow for years to come. With the new location came even more people and cars and this trend continues today. The awesome Mach III on display in the lobby of the hotel was a sight to behold and the enthusiasm level of our guests from Ford contagious.

The Concours class was our first attempt at any kind of points judging at the car show and it generated a lot of interest. This became very popular and prestigious as the interest in perfection and authentic restoration grew.

It was hard to believe that twenty years had passed since the first picnic in Fast forward into a new century, there have been many notable figures who have attended this event as our guests. Also speaking at the banquet was John Luft, president of Shelby American who was proud to point out that will be the 50th anniversary of Shelby American, Inc. We will be doing a 50th anniversary tour, bringing the cars, team and products to key events throughout the United States.

We're also developing 50th anniversary product which will be a combination of packages that you can add to your new Shelby GT, as well as a dedicated 50th anniversary product in which we may have just 50 built. It'll be a celebration of life, as well as a focus on the next 50 years.

Ford was in attendance again with its Performance Tour trailer, as well as a selection of high-performance Mustangs on display.

Ford Mustang Mid America Shelby Meet - StangNet

Various classes raced all day long with a few real treats showing up at the track, including David "Fastlane" Williams' Shelby Cobra. Capable of mid-9 second ETs, it's widely considered the world's quickest Cobra! Ford also had new red and yellow Boss s on track for some demonstration races, with the red car utilizing the highly anticipated Ford Racing "TracKey" for optimal performance.

Tulsa Raceway Park was also home to a massive swap meet to help folks get a hold of those hard-to-find parts for their classic Mustang or Ford. Wrapping up the Mid America meet on Sunday was a fantastic car show, held in the massive parking lot of the host hotel. Open to the public and free of charge, the show drew spectators in droves to view the eclectic mix of incredible performance Fords.

38th Annual Mid America Ford Performance and Team Shelby Meet

Several hundred cars were on display for the judged show, with awards being given in more than 40 classes. One visit will show you why most collectors believe this is one of the country's great Ford shows, and after speaking with many attendees, the general consensus seems to be that if you can make it to only one show a year, the annual Mid America Ford and Team Shelby Nationals in Tulsa should be it!

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And having experienced it first-hand, we whole-heartedly agree!