Nato tiger meet airshow 2012

NATO Tiger Meet

nato tiger meet airshow 2012

NTM 18, involving 70 jets, 10 helicopters and the AWACS [ ] Airshows NATO Tiger Meet is an annual exercise that gathers squadrons sporting Tiger (or. Since that date, the Tiger Meet became each year a bigger military event. At the beginning, it was an informal meeting between Tiger squadrons. . it at the Cambrai-Niergnies airshow and at the Tiger Associaton stand during the spottersdays as well. Next Tiger Meet: Monté Real (Portugal) Araxos (Greece). NATO Tiger Meet: NTM Airfield: MAS Ørland. NTM country: Norway. NTM Host: Skv. NTM Date: Tue 29 May to Fri 08 Jun. PDF icon Arctic Tigers In.

A practice by four Belgian Fs of 31 Smaldeel filled the time before the main Tiger formations returned from doing their photo shoots. This included an airfield attack and some formation aerobatics. The Turks of Filo had marked up a pair of Fs - a "C" with a blue tail and a two-seater "D" with a predominately red tail complete with very professionally created cartoon tigers.

The Dutch also made a good effort with their tiger tail in red white and blue.

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The Belgians of 31 Smaldeel had modified their scheme from last year by replacing the "50 years" script on the tail with "31 Tigers". Not to be outdone the Norwegians of Squadron decorated the tail of yet another F with a tiger scheme.

The Squadron Pumas of the RAF managed to hide successfully from the gathered enthusiasts on the day - I can't imagine it's just because they're embarrassed by their equipment. Numbering well over ten thousand strong the ferries and roads had probably not seen the like before. A theme of the show was Norway celebrating years of air power. Among the additions to the assembled NTM aircraft was a pair of Vampires of the Norwegian Historic flight who were seen practising the previous evening up to around Unfortunately one burst a tyre on landing meaning a spare had to be located to enable it to display in the afternoon.

The Sea King was involved in a rescue late into the night which meant unfortunately it couldn't display but there was an immaculate, clean example in the static park.

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A pairing of the Rafale and Czech Gripen was an unusual but welcome display item as was the appearance by the Duxford based Plane Sailing Catalina. A nice formation of one of the Norwegian Vampires flanked by two twin seat Fs celebrated years of flight training was a welcome "heritage" style display item.

Now it is actually an important military date.

nato tiger meet airshow 2012

The exercises include many missions, typically one in the morning and another one in the afternoon. Each raid is flown by around twenty combat aircraft with a variety of tasks like air superiority, reconnaissance or bombing.

The air operation was planned in a specific airspace area around Cambrai, above the north-east quarter of France, and some Belgian and German airspace.

NATO Tiger Meet 2012, Ørland, Norway Report

Click on map to get the link During this Tiger Meet, the base Cambrai welcomed people coming from 17 different countries.

Food and drink for all this crowd was provided by the French Army from installations similar to those deployed in external operation theatres. May 11, 16 and 17 were three days planned for spotters persons a day to give the best opportunities to take pictures of the beautiful tiger painted planes.

On May 17th, the weather was cloudy in the morning but eventually the sun broke through by noon. The morning mission was planned around 10hh00 local time and the second mission around 14hh The first jet engine started around 9h00 and the first take-off took place at 9h The last combat aircraft being airborne was a pair of Slovak MiG at 10h The planes took off for the second mission in more spaced boxes, each patrol alone.

nato tiger meet airshow 2012