Nithyananda latest press meet 2012 calendar

nithyananda latest press meet 2012 calendar

[icon_timeline_item time_title=”Anti-Hindu Cult member tortures wife to press fake rape .. [icon_timeline_item time_title=”The Administrators reach Chennai to meet .. last rites of Swami-ji in protest as they felt it was a disgrace what happened. dated Oct 08, false rapie victim said she had not filed a complaint with. We know that it's been almost three months since you last held one of your . every going to prison, other than the 53 days in and a couple of nights in .. But, for now, this appeal s on the Court's calendar for this Monday, 10 September . The trial court will meet this Friday, 14 September Pro-Kannada outfits, NGOs besides a mutt seer and IT professionals today staged a protest Please fill the details to complete Sign In. Email: Birthday: Calendar. Gender: Jun 16 , pm ist; updated: Jun 16 , pm ist The press meet was held against the backdrop of a US-based woman alleging that.

Perhaps they were binge watching reruns of 'Dallas'? What do you have to say for yourself, MNr. What does that mean? The CID will be able to trace my hiding spot like they did last time, thanks to Bhaktananda and his 'Calling Mother India' calling card. Yeah, everyone calls me a mother these days, but I don't want to be called.

I just want to be left alone with a few comfy amenities. I can't talk now. What could it mean? We guess that there's a fine line between enlightened genius and downright weird and insane.

We imagine that line is so thin that it doesn't exist at all. We see some buff guy showing off his tummy muscles and a stinky rodent wearing a crown on its head. Hey, Sri Nithyananda, that couldn't be you, is it? The guy showing off his abdomen muscles. Yeah, it couldn't be you, oh Porkananda.

nithyananda latest press meet 2012 calendar

Quite frankly, you've gotten quite chubby lately with all those room service ladies eager to please with late night snacks to go along with the midnight show. Sorry that we asked. What could this picture mean? Hey, we think that we figured it out.

It was like a puzzle. But, it obviously means that you, Pornomahamsa Nithyananda, want to drink a six pack of royal skunk beer. Did we get it right? Or is it because you are the king of smelly bellies? A simple 'no' would be suffice. So, what could it possible mean, Oh Mr. Holy Molly with the Dolly? How long have you 'downloaded' English for? Yup, we remember that when you first came to the United States back inyou said that you Salami Nithyananda, downloaded English.

Just like you downloaded Sanskrit. Or did you swipe it? And, then you that Hindi was like Sanskrit, so you downloaded the whole language. We know that you're most comfortable with Tamil. And, since almost all of your Indian followers are from Tamil, it's like forming a colony in Karnataka. But, really, Sri Nithyananda.

The Nithyananda Dog and Pony Show

You had that ashram in Karnataka for over 16 years now. You, Oh de Grating one, get pulled to Court almost daily now. So, when are you going to download Kannada? Soon, you might have all the time in the world to download anything you choose including "I Love Lucy" reruns. So, you say that the meaning to this picture that you presented to us is that you are Abs Skunk King? Don't you mean absconding? What could a 'D' possibly be associated with you, Creepyji Nithyananda?

Oh, dear, Sri Nithyananda. You better put a spin on this right now. Or you will lose every one of your followers who are still with you. All fifty of them. You better come up with something quick! Hey, we know, just say that you are perfecting your disappearing siddhis.

Just think of all the criminals on the run that will flood your ashram?

Well, shucks, your ashram is already full of criminals. Your new marketing segment will feel right at home. We hear that cash register ringing already.

On the downside, Sri Nithyananda, is that if you show up then that nasty little non-bailable arrest warrant is going to snag you right into the slammer again. We had the wrong sound effects earlier.

Oh, we get it! You, Sri Nithyananda, will just use more siddhis to get out of every going to prison, other than the 53 days in and a couple of nights in And, you will be able to teach those siddhis along with your now proven disappearing siddhis to anyone who needs to disappear and reappear but not go to jail.

You, oh great one, will not only get criminals on the lam, but you will get tax cheats, politicians, PR professionals, shady real estate agents like Bhakta, and even some professional sports figures when they miss a big game due to some hangover or failed drug test. It goes a little like this.

Bengaluru Aadheenam

Anyone, we repeat, anyone can slip out of a pair of handcuff. Why even Paris Hilton can do that. And, look, Sri Nithyananda, here's a shot from the latest hidden camera right in your bedroom. Sri Nithyananda teaches the art of escape with one-on-one sessions in his bedroom.

We get it now, Salami Nithyananda. You're a marketing genius. To be able to attract a large crowd that is willing to shell out the big bucks, you need to make quite a sensation. Just like Harry Houdini! Sex Swami Nithyananda tied by his own chain of fools.

All dressed up and nowhere to go, except to the big house for one very long dinner date. To be seen or not to be seen? That is the question Most likely to be mean up the river for the rest of his life.

nithyananda latest press meet 2012 calendar

Even so this is the place where deities and temple items are crafted and distributed to temples worldwide. It is physically demonstrable through various spiritual power manifestations such as Third Eye Awakening, Play of Consciousness over Matter, etc.

Human beings are experiencing SuperConscious breakthrough after a long gap of 10, years, because of which they are not able to conceive it or understand it completely. The Meteoric Growth In a meteoric rise from toParamahamsa Nithyananda grew from a fledgling organisation to an international presence in 33 countries.

In the landmark year toHis Divine Holiness, launched a tour across South India from city to city, conducting MahaSatsangs spiritual talks given to mega crowd gatherings of tens of thousands of peoplepowerful maha-homas ritualistic fire worship by a large assemblyand healing millions of people of various ailments, with just a mere touch. Such rapid organic growth posed a direct threat to the anti-Hindu nexus, and led to what came to be the largest religious persecution in history.

Bidadi Events - 07June2012

The core agenda was clear: The magnitude of coverage just after release of false atrocity news was used to incite mob hatred against His Divine Holiness and subsequently provoke mobs all over India to hunt him down. The Conspirators employed ugly blackmail, extortion and physical life-attack on the administrators of His Divine Holiness and grabbed huge amounts of money in the process.

The Sanyasis and followers sustained traumatic injuries and underwent immediate surgeries in the aftermath. Several female Sanyasis were sexually assaulted, and their sacred vows of chastity shockingly violated. In addition, false cases were slapped and malicious prosecution conducted against Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

False allegations were made claiming that wildlife products were being collected and sold from the aadheenam.