Nuit blanche toronto 2012 meet stranger

Ai Weiwei hypnotizes Nuit Blanche |

nuit blanche toronto 2012 meet stranger

In photos: Nuit Blanche The Red Forest (Stranger Things3).jpg Near Osgoode Hall, Netflix hyped the second season of Stranger [email protected] com | @nowtoronto Meet the artist behind the anti-racism billboard on Spadina chevrolet-impala-production-at-oshawa-assembly Toronto's art lovers braved a night threatening rain to take in more than art exhibits, ranging from the traditional to a Halloween-themed. Nuit Blanche Toronto officially gets underway at pm this Saturday It's intended to provide a meeting place for interaction and discussion. With The Little People, Work Party aims to recreate a Russian protest of . screening In Sequence, Strange Science/City Symphonies - Silent Films.

nuit blanche toronto 2012 meet stranger

Some of the most memorable for me this year were: Several artists took advantage of the already-creepy, multi-level parking garage beneath City Hall. Throughout my visit, I kept wondering how I could convince my colleagues at the Pittsburgh Parking Authority to consider using one of our garages back home. Zone A was curated by Shauna McCabe as Drift, a series of projects that aimed to transform architecture and landscape. Matthew Moore, a farmer and an artist, drew applause with his video installation "Lifecycles.

nuit blanche toronto 2012 meet stranger

By the time I visited these projects, it was nearly 3: I ended the evening with two projects I am glad I did not miss. In bed by 4: I was back on my bike by If you are bored with designers and artists commissioned through percent for art programs being pushed to the periphery, along with the sometimes boring projects that come out of those conditions, this one may change your mind.

nuit blanche toronto 2012 meet stranger

It was hard not to love a project that helped me to meet two strangers. At first glance, it looks as if the seating area gives you the chance to be alone, but in public, since the seats do not face each other. But when you sit down, you realize that the ribbons connect seats together, broadcasting your movements to a stranger in the courtyard who is connected to you by a thread.

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A playground, skate park, and a nice last surprise on my visit. Two driverless cars will auto-cruise at the same speed in two separate, but overlapping loops. Their trajectories will combine in a figure-eight shape, providing nail-biting moments each time they come close to colliding.

Can't keep your eyes off an accident?

In photos: Nuit Blanche 2017

How about an accident almost about to happen, for 12 consecutive hours? The floats do not move forward and the people, who would normally be stationary, become the procession by actively participating in the parade. X Static Clown Factory You know what's a good idea at two in the morning?

At University and Gerrard, depending on when you stop by, you might meet a happy, sad, greedy, goofy or "slightly nasty" our favourite! According the the Nuit Blanche site, some passers by will even get "clownified". There will be balloons. This event is suitable for all ages, because you're never too old to develop new phobias.

Not too sure how, but the composition and rhythm of the projections are said to change depending on the way the audience socially engages with each other. So, for the sake of art, this is your chance to chat up some good-looking artist types at five in the morning.

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Comprised of two foot tall rings, their cyclical motion will create endless colour variation. It's just meant for the eyes, so don't try to hop on for a ride. As the viewer walks down the length of the float, the diameter of the tubes shift, creating the illusion of a glittering wall of light.

Up close it appears pixelated, but from a distance it becomes a cohesive image. Music Box - John Dickson Like a cuckoo clock, Music Box periodically pops in and out of hiding, making music when it appears.

Nuit Blanche 2012: Warm weather encourages crowds

Powered by one central motor, an array of real instruments will initiate their cycles of music. The instruments feed off each other in one noisy symphony, celebrating the carnival-like atmosphere of Nuit Blanche.

Human Sweat Generator - Warren Quigley While the name might be a little unappealing, the concept for this project is pretty neat. A bunch of people will be pumping away on bikes, generating electricity to power a whole whack of devices.

Signs will light up, sound will be broadcasted, and film will be projected all around this outdoor float.

  • Ai Weiwei hypnotizes Nuit Blanche

Don't worry though, this zone won't be all somber, buzz killing doomsaying — there's a lot of cool spacey stuff planned too.

The military outpost filmed over time seems abandoned, "and easily mistaken for an extraterrestrial frontier".

nuit blanche toronto 2012 meet stranger

Look for Agent Mulder looming in the shadows. Mariner 9 Another spacey exhibit: Kelly Richardson's Mariner 9 is a massive metre-long view of a Martian landscape created using scenery-generation software as well as technical data from NASA's missions to Mars. This video installation will hint at subtle signs of life amid the scattered remains of wrecked spacecrafts.

Howl Howl sounds like good fun: Robert Hengeveld's campy kinetic structure will also include dancing mechanical birds and deer. Burrman Another installation which could be straight out of an early X-Files episode, performance artist Simon Frank will cover himself in burs and walk around the Financial District.

He was inspired by an annual tradition from a small town near his birthplace in Scotland known as "Burryman. Roaming project, King Street West. From dusk 'til dawn, these performers will re-enact an ancient dance meant to call upon the sun. Throughout the night, dancers will be making piles of gold confetti. At the break of dawn they will throw it into the air, signifying the start of a new day. Take it as your signal to start looking for breakfast.