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By Leah Bush, Patch Staff | Feb 14, pm ET | Updated Feb 14, 7 group at the 25th Annual Pinky Stone Invitational Gymnastics Meet in Syracuse, NY. Bunty was a British comic for girls published by D. C. Thomson & Co. from to . Centuries later, the curse is set in motion once more when the stone Linyi sets off with the Sacred Dog to meet with her Great Uncle (an abbot of . The Pink Piano – Dan McCabe's family are travelling across America to start a new. While the Pinky Stone Memorial meet is named after the late Frederick “Pinky” Stone, former owner of Central New York Gymnastics Center, the.

Beth is always complaining about her brother Ben. So when Jenny falls for Ben, she keeps it a secret from Beth. When Caz frightens off a burglar, everyone thinks she is really brave. But the incident has traumatised Caz. She is becoming a bag of nerves and is too ashamed to tell anyone.

The Secret of the Red Balloons: Children are mysteriously going missing. Jo Baker and her friend Jean Simpson discover that a man at a fair is selling red balloons that children can inflate to such sizes that they are literally flying away on them.

Jo is shocked to see that one of the latest children to fly away is her sister Lucy. In the early days of pop music, Rusty Larkin is discovered.

However, although Rusty has the voice, she does not have the looks to become a pop star. So Rusty's friend Cherry Moore mimes while Rusty sings backstage. But two toughs, Al and Syd, are causing trouble. Sarah Armstrong's cruel uncle took over her old home after her father died and his current will left everything to the uncle.

There is a new will, which leaves everything to Sarah and her mother, but it is in the house somewhere and there are only three months to find it. Sarah disguises herself by dyeing her hair and takes a job as a servant in the house to find the will.

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In the meantime, Sarah is finding how hard the life of a servant is. Katie Simpson meets Clive on a holiday in Spain and wants to keep up with the romance after the holiday. But she is encountering difficulties in doing so, and things get even more complicated when a new boy next door asks Katie out. Leave It To Lindy! Little Lulu — A humour strip with jungle girl Lulu. Lisa The Lonely Princess — Princess Lisa runs away from home in search for her ballerina mother, who had chosen a life of ballet over royalty.

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Lisa later follows in her mother's footsteps and becomes a ballerina. Little Miss Dynamite — Di Thomas wants to become a table tennis champion in order to earn money for a costly operation for her aunt Edith. Little Miss Moffat — A short wordless humour strip, featuring a young girl. Unfortunately the girls hate each other and each starts playing tricks to get rid of the other.

The inevitable result is that both girls are sent back to the Children's Home in disgrace. Gabby and Gina now realise their folly, but need to come up with a way to convince the Woods of this. The School bullies, Laura and Tina think Claire is the Head's daughter and say they will leave Claire and her friends alone.

The story spreads, but the lie is causing problems for Claire. Nobody knows where she is from or why she was abandoned. Later at boarding school, Lobelia amazes everyone by winning the most awards on prize day and being selected school captain. However some of the girls believe Lobelia is an infant at heart and hope to get rid of her. Maid Of Snow — After a rare snowfall near the home of the Duval family in the Mediterranean, a sculptor makes an ice figure based on one of the maids, Tina, for the spoilt daughter of the house.

When the snow melts Suzette wants to keep her sculpture, so Tina has to play the part when demanded. Everyone thinks the Mount Comp school magazine is boring.

Its venom is particularly aimed at one pupil named Ali. Nobody knows who is producing it, and it keeps appearing despite the head's warnings. Ali's brother and friends start detective work to track down the culprit. She is the result of a previous secret marriage of Marvons. Soon Mandy feels under pressure to do as well as her mum and win everything.

Miss Merlin — A comic strip about Merlin's daughter. Brown isn't happy with her sister's arrival, but Margie is delighted — especially when she discovers Aunt Carla is a witch! Marinda, Mystery Girl Of The Sea — Marinda is a mysterious girl that lives in the sea and comes to the surface to help people at times.

Along with Mary's close friend Hilda they have plenty of fun together. Amrita claims to be Erica's "slave" and has an awkward habit of making her "wishes" come true. Determined to get it back Merlin follows Meggie everywhere — but to his horror she keeps trying out spells! Jilly, Sue and Natalie decide to go ghost hunting, and their hunt takes an unexpected turn. Melody Lee- A Dancer She'll Be — Melody Lee was abandoned as a baby and has two goals in life, to become a ballet dancer and to find her mother.

Mirror, Mirror — Emma Lonsdale is extremely shy and timid. Because of this, the only friend she has is an old mirror, which somehow manages to talk back to her!

She earns the nickname "Miss Fix-It" through her ability of overcoming tricky production problems. She takes a great interest in all her pupils and does everything she can to help them. Molly in Lonely Wood — Molly is confined to a wheelchair, but helps a naturalist who is writing a book about the animals that live in a wood near her home.

The Ghost of Starr Stables: Zoe Starr and her parents move to a stables in the country. They bought it cheaply because it is run-down, but Zoe and her mother love their new life all the same. Then they are visited by a mysterious ghost horse.

Marsha the Perfect Schoolgirl: Marsha Zenon is an alien from outer space who has been sent to Plunkett Academy to study humanity. She is unpopular at first because her knowledge is encyclopaedic, but the girls like her better as she learns to be more human. Molly the Matron — Molly Mason has just left school but she soon finds herself a very responsible job as "mother" to fifty unruly lads at Burleigh School for Boys.

Despite her slight build she manages the boys better than any of the teachers. The King has promised that Mona's "magic" will make them tall. Mona's Moonstone — Mona Lockhart's father is an astronaut and he brings her back a stone that he got from the moon. Mona discovers the stone has unusual powers.

pinky stone gymnastics meet 2012

My Sister Mitzy — The adventures of a girl and her troublesome little sister. Gilly of the Flower Garden — The adventures of a girl who works at a garden centre. Wendy's Wishing Well — A young girl lives at a cafe with a wishing well. She devotes herself to making people's wishes come true. She tries to get back home, but then she also becomes small. On a school trip to a ruined Victorian mansion, Susie Waters wanders into a maze. When she comes out, she finds herself in Victorian times, when the mansion was a school run by the cruel Miss Grimstaff.

Susie needs the key to the maze to get back, but Miss Grimstaff has it. So Susie is forced to stay at the school, where she starts as one of the abused pupils and is then promoted to substitute teacher but is still ill-treated until she can get the key. In the meantime, Susie does what she can to help the abused pupils.

When Nikki Turner and her parents move into a converted railway station, a ghost train starts haunting them.

When Nikki investigates, she finds herself travelling back in time as various passengers on the train. One day she finds her grandmother's old tennis racket and discovers her love of tennis. She convinces her grandparents to let her go to boarding school, where she will get the chance to play with other girls.

The pupils of Ratcliffe Park Boarding School are temporarily relocated to Ratcliffe Manor when their school needs repairs because of structural damage from flooding. There are rumors that the manor is haunted. Then the headmistress, Mrs Jonson, starts acting very strangely. At times she acts normally, but at other times she turns into a dragon, treating everyone in a manner that is not only extremely harsh but also Victorian in its thinking.

Wendy's Wonder Horse — After a bad riding accident, Wendy Barne's father, a scientist, makes her an electronic horse she names Miracle. The horse has extra abilities such as extendible legs and eye beams.

But this is a front for her secret identity as The Seeker, a mysterious masked woman who helps runaway girls. Her goal is to find her own daughter, who was rendered homeless and turned out on the streets while Nellie was looking for work.

When she finally traces her daughter, she discovers she has fallen foul of a racket that sells homeless children into slavery. Punch and Jenny — The adventures of Jenny and her horse Punch.

Meg in the Middle: When Meg Walker moves to a new town, she is pleased to make friends with Vicky and Joanne, who live on either side of her. But Vicky and Joanne hate each other, and Meg is caught in the middle. Merry at St Mead's: Sheryl Barnes and Kirsty Connor at St Mead's Boarding School unknowingly release Merry, a mischievous fairy from medieval times who had been imprisoned in a bottle for over years. In addition to her mischievous nature, Merry's lack of understanding about modern life is causing problems, such as interfering with school equipment.

Wendy Watson's new neighbour, Mina, comes from the planet Septimo. As a Septimon, she has the power to read minds. But she always has to tell the truth, which sometimes gets her in trouble. Down with St Desmond's! Donna Edwards is given a dummy for her ventriloquist act. But it has been cursed by a witch doctor and causes trouble wherever it goes. When Chris dumps Tricia in a rather badly handled manner, she expects her friend Kirsty to dump Damon in sympathy as he is a friend of Chris.

But Kirsty cannot bring herself to do it, so she is trying to date Damon in secret from Tricia. Dopey Dora — the Hope of the School: Dora Spoone is the dimmest pupil at Eversford School, and is also the school klutz — everything she does goes wrong. Yet the school computer picks her as the most brilliant scholar, so she is entered along with five other clever pupils in the School of the Year Contest.

Ironically, it is Dora's blundering that is pulling the team through to success. All the same, her team mates want to get rid of her. Margie the Swimming Marvel — Margie Newfield is a ten-year-old orphan who lives with her brother Fred and his wife Lily. Margie wants to be a champion swimmer, even though she has never swum a stroke in her life. Trilby will be Tops! The Phantom Ballerina — A mysterious girl arrives at Madame Petrova's ballet school, but she can't dance.

But being friends with Michelle keeps causing problems for Carly. Along the way they make friends with two cowboys, not knowing they are actually bank-robbers. They hide the stolen money in Jill McCabe's piano, and plan to pick up the money again when the family reach the next town.

Dorinda from the Deep: Kelly Mann, a sculptor, takes on a commission of the ballerina, Dorinda, for the new ballet theatre. She is unsure of her ability, is having trouble finding the purest white stone required, and there is a strange storm.

She finds on a beach a stone, starts work, and finds that the statue is beginning to take shape on its own. Wildcat of the Court — Princess Pandora is rescued from a tower where she has been imprisoned all her life. Such an upbringing has left her rough and tough, which is not suitable princess material. Her relatives try to get rid of her, but they have reckoned without her popularity with the populace. An Athlete She Must Be!

The Children's Champion — Dissatisfied with the Victorian lifestyle, Hester Langley renounces her wealthy life to help the poor of London. Her father has been imprisoned by the Germans, leaving Willi in charge of the precious blue tulips he took years to develop. When old Mrs Perkins wrongly accuses Julie Bates of breaking a street light, she puts a curse on her. The curse causes an evil double, Shadow, to appear whenever Julie is in the dark or dim light, and Julie keeps getting the blame for the trouble Shadow causes.

The Bubble Ballerinas — Jenna Jones and her friend Lyn Marshall are attending ballet class at the well known Demar School of Ballet, which is run by famous ballerina Madame Alice Demar — when the entire school is abducted by mysterious giant bubbles.

The City Under The Sea — Sally Walker is searching for her father, who disappeared while looking for an ancient city that had been swallowed by the sea.

They have to get special dispensation from their sect to pursue ice-skating careers. Then disaster strikes when Joe's sight begins to fail, and the beliefs of their sect forbid him from seeking treatment. Their trainer, Myra Calvert, investigates the sect, and discovers it is being run by racketeers — who are now out to kill the Donnellys.

Mary is a great help to Mrs Gall, an invalid widow with five children, but the rest of the settlers distrust Mary and Benny, because of their friendliness with the Apache Indians. Her aunt Rachel and cousin Charlie want to use her talent to con rich people out of their money. Maxine and Deanne have been school rebels. Then Deanne moves away and Maxine calms down. But then Deanne returns, as rebellious as ever. She expects Maxine to be the same, which is causing problems for Maxine. The Bennetts of Ballet: Margot Bennett and her family run Bennetts' Travelling Ballet, a ballet company that tours the country and performs in places where ballet is rarely seen.

The Emperor's Eagle — Young Emperor John of Maltavia has a giant black eagle which obeys his commands — only his sister, Iris, knows it is one of his own mechanical inventions. When ex-Prime Minister Zarkos plots to kill the royal pair and take over the country, they are saved by old Hanna of the woods. They hide in the woods and are joined by loyal people who want to help them. Chloe Morris likes her new stepfather, but finds she has to choose between him and Mum all the time.

Clara Jones acquires an instant camera that can take photographs that show a prediction about the subject being photographed. Clara finds she can change the future, but doing so either works out well or it doesn't. When Melanie's cousin Carrie comes to stay, she upsets Melanie's friends with her arrogance and rudeness. When she recovers, she discovers that Emily is posing as her to be adopted in her place.

Kate goes into the household as a scullery maid to expose Emily, but is impeded by the loss of her voice from the fire and being illiterate. She is overcoming the latter by learning to write, but Emily keeps sabotaging her efforts to prove her identity, and eventually gets her thrown into prison. Her mother has died and her father has gambled away the family fortune.

But sports and staff start causing divisions between the twins. The Fate of the Fairleys — In the early s, after their mother dies, Angie and her younger siblings May and Jimmy, run away from an orphanage so they won't be separated. The Flights of Flopear — Tessa Worth finds a time-travel machine in the shape of a giant rabbit, named Flopear.

When she presses a button she doesn't realise that she will be taken to the Planet Xargo, where Flopear was originally built as a birthday present for the mean tempered Princess Meana. Eventually she is able to get back to Earth,but continues to spend time travelling the universe with Flopear, as part of her job as Deputy to a Universal Dictator.

But another Susan Latimer appeared, also claiming to be Lady Windmarch's granddaughter. Neither girl really cares for the old woman and actually cause her more distress with their squabbling and rivalry. Fern has left her island and is being hunted like an animal, but she had also made two friends — Tom and his cousin Rachel. The Girl Of The Islands — A girl is raised by a tribal queen after she washes up on the island as a baby. Her father is opposed to her decision and uses his influence to try to get her to give up and come home, such as getting her fired.

She carries with her her mother's yellow ballet shoes and earns her place at Tall Trees ballet school. Her guardian Aunt Rita wants to stop Ann's ambition, and refuses her money for her keep. The Good Fairy — Grace James is the "Good Fairy" of an advertising project and has to decide whether or not to grant the wishes of children who write to her. Everyone loves happy, cuddly Aunt Jemima who acts as good fairy and made all the children's wishes come true.

But it is really her assistant Lynn who does all the work and made the wishes come true, with the help of her colleague Lee. Any time Myra needs help her problems are always solved, and she hears a mysterious voice, which she believes is her dead mother's. Nellie Nightingale — Nellie Nightingale is a poor orphan who singa for pennies on street corners. She falls into the clutches of Ma Bigsen, who makes her believe she had killed someone in order to use her as a decoy for the evil woman's gang of pickpockets.

But then Nellie is spotted by Lady Millway, who sees great potential in Nellie's voice. Netta had been the top pupil at her school and doesn't give anyone a good reason to like her at her new school.

No Collar For Scrap — A story told from the point of view of a dog Scrap, who doesn't want a domestic life. There are no speech or thought bubbles, instead a paragraph of text is underneath each picture. Manda Myson starts work at her mother's modelling agency during the school holidays. My Best Friend's Ex: Lynne wants to go out with Mike, who recently split up with her best friend Donna.

Donna assures Lynne that she does not mind her going out with her ex. Secretly, though, Donna does mind, and she is trying to destroy the relationship. Nadia Fabrie is the daughter of world-famous ballerina Anna Rulinska, who had abandoned her as a baby and then died in a crash. After the death of Nadia's father, a mysterious benefactor gives Nadia the money to buy Mirov Ballet School. But the school is rundown and needs repairs, and Nadia is trying to come up with a way to save it.

Carrie's parents are always arguing over nothing. To solve the problem they divide the family home, with Dad and oldest daughter Sheila living downstairs and Mum and younger sister Sarah upstairs. Carrie refuses to take sides, so she moves to the landing room, which is halfway between the two floors. They have been previously been friends with Melanie, who used to live in Abbie's house. But the girls keep comparing Abbie with Melanie, so Abbie is trying to be as much like Melanie as she can.

However, this is causing problems. Sara has an encounter with a rider on a white horse that she cannot explain.

No Horse For Netta — Netta's family can't afford to buy her a horse, so Netta works for a mean horse dealer, Mr Mundy, who allows her to ride any unsound horses. She knows nothing about her real parents, but now she is given a chance to have a home of her own when Mr and Mrs Farmer adopt her.

She finds that life with the Farmers' lovely home is very different to being par of the Keegans' noisy household. No Place to Dance! Mead's High School for Girls.

It is difficult for them to practice, however, as dancing is not allowed at the school. But when she arrives at the school, she discovers that she is going deaf. She decides to keep this secret as she is afraid that she will have to leave the school if anyone found out. No Tennis for Tessa — Tessa Lyons, once the wonder-girl of tennis, is now confined to a wheelchair, living with the family she once ignored.

Her father refuses to have any mention of tennis in his house, but Tessa sees that her younger sister Alice has the potential to become a tennis player. Toni Day thinks she does not get enough attention, especially from her sisters and brother.

She is determined to change this and get people to notice her more. But so far her attention-seeking tactics are not working out.

No Time for Terri! So it's a shock to find her parents have taken on Heartvale House and turned it into a children's home, where they're so busy looking after their charges they have no time for their own daughter. Nobody's Darling — Liz Reynolds is put into the care of Mrs Langridge, a kindly old woman, after the arrest of her father.

Young Liz is too independent to appreciate her new guardian's love and kindness. No-One Cares for Cara — During the eighteenth century, times are hard for Cora Thatcher's parents and they are forced to sell their fine horse, Starlight. Charles Beaufort, a wealthy landowner, buys the horse for his spoilt daughter, Clarissa. Because no-one can handle the horse except Cora, she is "bought" too. Although the valuable horse is well fed and tended, life is grim for Cora.

Nonie's Knight — Nonie Byrne has many problems when a medieval knight she disturbed from his slumbers sets himself up as her protector.

She is taken in and given a job by the Barkers, but doesn't realize that they are her relatives who have just inherited her father's estate. They intend to keep the truth from her so they can keep the inheritance themselves. Both girls are eager to impress him. Then their mothers fall out over a book Mrs Morgan had written and they order their daughters to keep away from each other.

But the girls are determined to continue their friendship. Pdge is convinced their mother who was lost at seas years ago is alive and on the island.

Orphan Of The Circus — An orphan girl is manipulated by an unscrupulous circus owner. Julie Walker's dream is that her divorced parents would get together again. But her dad becomes engaged to Grace Harvey, whose daughter Karen is at school with Julie. The two girls can't stand each other, which makes Julie determined to break up the engagement.

Outcast Of The Class — Jane Scott arrives to teach at Kamatahl, but is shocked to find out only rich children are allowed to attend school. When Jane meets a poor girl, Aimee, who longs to go to school, she tries to help her. Outcast of the Pony School — Laura Clark has been granted a free place at High Hurdles, an exclusive girls' boarding school that specialises in riding.

But the snobby girls are outraged and start playing tricks on Laura. Evicted from its premises, the school is now being run in a disused Army Camp. Parachute Nurse — The story follows a nursing assistant that is also an expert parachutist. Parker Versus Parker -Carol Parker's ambition is to be a gymnast, but her talent doesn't please her sister Elaine, who is also training to be a gymnast. Carol's mother, an ex-ballerina, is also upset as she wants Carol to follow in her footsteps. Her friend Jane Ellison comes up with the idea of working together, using the Grants grounds and outhouses to look after people's pets while they are away.

Caring for the variety of pets gives Penny an interest as well as an income and Jane is able to indulge in her love of animals.

pinky stone gymnastics meet 2012

Carrie is afraid that new girl Lisa is trying to take her best friend Sue away from her. Petra has been Rosa's pen pal until she comes back from abroad. She and Rosa form a threesome with Rosa's other friend, Dee. Then someone starts playing tricks on Rosa and it seems to point to Petra.

In their youth, Sally King's parents were part of a one-hit pop group, Chess and the Checkers. Now they are re-forming the group, but Sally is finding this way too embarrassing. Paula Shelton sends her German pen pal Joachim photographs of herself and her best friend Sara. But when Joachim replies, Paula realises he thinks Sara is her. She decides not to tell him the truth in case he does not write again.

But then Joachim says he is coming to meet Paula in person on a school trip. When Sara hears about the problem, she agrees to swap identities with Paula while Joachim visits. When the Germans overrun France the circus is destroyed, and Petra and her dogs become refugees. Phantom Friend — Jill Meadows has only made one friend at her new boarding school but she is a ghost named Amy. Laurel's sister Leona is accused of stealing a necklace and goes on the run.

One of the puppets, Fairy Goodwish, starts coming to life to give Laurel clues to track down the real thief. Amazing Grace, Gymnast of the Future — Circus girl Grace Connor has her heart set on being a gymnast, but her father keeps pushing her into being a trapeze artist, believing that a gymnastics career will not make her money.

Can she change his mind? But is it to do with acting or boys? Julie thinks her new neighbour Anna is a nice, quiet, shy girl until she and her best friend Megan catch a glimpse of her diary. They decide she needs to be kept an eye on.

But this is really a cover for Marie's double life as a costumed resister known as "the Cat. Mary is trying to help Clara to walk again by offering her secret riding lessons, but when the squire finds out, he overreacts and turns the whole village against Mary. Destiny Calls Rosita — gypsy girl Rosita is determined to become a ballerina, but the ballet mistress dislikes her and is trying to get rid of her.

Lona the Wonder Girl — Lona Neal has been trained by scientists as a super-girl. Now out in the real world, Lona finds that she has a lot to learn. Princess of the Pops — Princess Helen of Lichenberg loves pop music, but her father, King Gustave, has forbidden her to listen to it. Now Helen has gone even further — living a double life as a masked pop star, "M'Lady of Mystery"! But a double life is very tricky, especially when you have both royal and popstar duties.

This is, of course, a cruel Squeersian establishment, complete with a phoney headmaster and forged credentials. The Rockhaven Rescuers — A former pupil of Rockhaven Village School has left money to keep the school from being closed on the condition that the pupils form a local sea and mountain rescue team. Senior girls Kathy Davies and Gwen Jones are appointed as team leaders. The School For Sleepyheads — Orphan Sue Morton works for her aunt Daisy's boarding school, where all the staff and pupils are too lazy to work.

Sue finds out that Miss Barrie, a scientist and Miss Charton, the secretary, have plans to take over the school so they can experiment on the girls. Bringing up the Barkers — Walter the Dalmatian disapproves of his new owners' coarse ways and is trying to teach them more genteel habits.

Maisie Mercury — Maisie the little goddess is in charge of a new wishing well, but there is a rival determined to strip her of her post. Harriet's Chariot — Harriet Jones has an unusual holiday job. She is employed as a crime-buster by millionaire, Mandy Maxon.

pinky stone gymnastics meet 2012

Harriet is assisted by a robot car and its robot chauffeur, Robert. Hilary decides to use her wealth by providing a home for waifs and strays from the workhouse. But the Beadle Mr. Higgins is plotting against Hilary with a young accomplice — a boy named Jack. Her From Up There — Mirra is from the Planet Santos and comes to Earth to convince people to visit her planet on their summer holidays.

Patsy Hanley is crazy about table tennis and is determined to become a champion. Robyn Turner had been a popular and successful girl at Woodcraft School until she moves away and then moves back after her father gets a transfer that does not work out.

During her absence there have been too many changes. Robyn now feels left out of things and is becoming unpopular as the girls keep accusing her of trying to take over. Clare and Emma are best friends who both fancy Robbie Jenkins. They do not want to fall out over him, so they try to be friendly rivals. Rita Rawlings runs a one-girl Escort Agency and takes on any request, however unusual.

Victor’s ‘Fab Four’ excel at Pinky Stone meet

And unusual is the word. Princess of the Sun: The perfectly-preserved body of Nusta Calixapas, daughter of the last of the Inca kings, comes to life when it is discovered during an archaeological expedition. Nusta refuses to be separated from Melanie Mace, an archaeologist's daughter, whom she makes her personal maid.

So Nusta comes to England and Melanie's boarding school, but her haughtiness as a royal is not making her popular. She also starts developing strange fainting fits, but recovers in the sunlight. Lauren Dean has always wanted a pet, but it was not possible as her family live in an apartment block.

Then Dad changes jobs and the family move into a cottage, where Lauren can have a pet at last. A stray dog adopts Lauren, and Lauren names her Spot.

Spot dies, but not before she has given birth to three puppies, who become Lauren's new pets. Maisie Moss has a pet duck called Quackers, who is a real character. His personality soon has him in demand for advertisements.

The Redwell ring has the power to bring its respective owner the luck he or she deserves. It goes on a voyage through time, passing from owner to owner — or thief — and bringing the luck they deserve.

Sam Martyn and Rosie Grant are best friends until Rosie moves away. A few months later Sam's family move to the same town as Rosie, but Rosie is now snobbish and doesn't want to have anything to do with Sam. Sam takes revenge by causing constant trouble for Rosie. Her Guardian Angel — When a new charlady comes to work at the home of Charlotte Colwell, the girl becomes strangely drawn to the woman. Unable to accept the friendship between Charlotte and the servant, her parents send her away to a strict school, but the charlady gets a job at the school and helps Charlotte out whenever she can.

Her Hideaway Highness — Pat Fraser is acting as groom for her sister, Brenda, an international show-jumper, while she is on tour in Tarlania. During the tour, the dethroned King asks Pat to smuggle his daughter out of the country. Although disguised as another groom called Sara, snooty Princess Saria does no work to help Pat. Heroines Of History — The stories of famous females from history. Meanwhile, the manager Felix and his secretary Beryl have plans to take over the hotel.

Pauline's unhappy spirit wants Penny to succeed where she had failed. The situation gets worse when Susan moves back a year because of illness and joins Jo's class.

In Paula's Place — Carrie Weaver is excited when she is fostered by the Hunts, but then she realizes they are still grieving over the death of their daughter Paula.

Strange things happen after Carrie moves into Paula's old room and wears her old ring. In Search of Sabre — InAbigail Courage is left orphaned after terrible storms flooded the American Flatlands and her house is destroyed.

Her dog Sabre also survives the flooding but is stolen from her soon after. Abigail vows to find him and begins a perilous journey across dangerous mountains. Invisible Isla — Isla Nordon accidentally drinks one of her scientist father's experimental potions and turns invisible. Isla wears a skin-like latex suit while her father tries to find an antidote. It Takes Two to Tango!

pinky stone gymnastics meet 2012

It's All Go With Jo! Jackie Frost — When twelve year old Jacinda, a scullery maid from over a hundred years before, is found frozen solid in an old ice house at Sally Master's new home, Sally and her parents decide to pass her off as a cousin, renaming her Jackie Frost.

She also teaches children from the neighbouring Lukango, which can cause problems as there is a feud between the two villages. Jeannie and Her Genie — Jeannie McLaren owns a magical necklace — whenever she rubs it a genie named Perki appears to do whatever she commands. Unfortunately, Perki is still a "learner" genie and things often go wrong. Josie the Gymnast — Josie Jenkins mother works as a cleaner at the local gymnasium, where "Scotty" Alex, a gymnastics coach, catches Josie playing on the apparatus.

Recognizing her talent, he decides to give her private instruction. She is a good problem solver and often helps out her neighbours as well. Her ambition is to learn to skate, but it'k difficult as she tries to look after her Dad and brothers, Simon and Mike, at the same time. Miss Danby's Dolls — eccentric Miss Danby believes her dolls are alive, and her companion Lizzie Miller finds that strange things are happening about these dolls.

They get a new start though, when Mr Blake inherits a cottage from his aunt. While clearing out some things, Emma Blake has a rummage around the attic and comes across a portrait of a lady who bears an uncanny resemblance to herself. The Westfield Wager — Rose Westfield must win a wager for her horse's sake, but a saboteur is determined to see that she doesn't. Which Twin for Captain? But the cream works too well — when Mum tries it, she reverts to looking like a schoolgirl.

She is forced to pass herself off as Rachel's cousin Emily and attend Rachel's school — and struggles there because school has changed a lot since her day.

Things get even more difficult when social welfare start interfering as they think there is no adult in charge. Mum Knows Best — Jasmine Pearce's parents are ridiculously over-protective, in reaction to her twin sister dying of a rare disease as a baby. Starring Sally — Sally Smith wants to be a singer.

But does she have the talent or is she just a dreamer? Last Chance for Laura — Modelling success has gone to Laura's head.

When her face is injured because of her own arrogance, Laura's twin sister Amy agrees to secretly take her place as a model until her face heals. In the Picture — Jodie Brown buys a camera which can take photographs of the future. All of a sudden, things liven up — not least because Wanda seems to have strange powers. Forbidden Island — Jenny Weston goes to live with her uncle and aunt. On an island, she discovers two more relatives living in a run-down house. They have to live there for three months to fulfil the conditions of a will.

As a level 5 gymnast inKristin finished third in the all-around at the State Championships. She competed level 6 in before moving up to level 7 for the season. InKristin moved up to level 8. She had a great meet at the State Championships where she finished first on uneven bars, balance beam, floor exercise and in the all-around with a At the Region 6 Championships, Kristin finished third in the all-around, second on vault and first on balance beam.

Kristin moved up to level 9 for the season. At the State Championships, Kristin finished first on vault, balance beam and in the all-around. She placed first on vault and in the all-around at the Region 6 Championships.

This qualified Kristin to the Level 9 Eastern Nationals where she finished second in the all-around, third on uneven bars, fourth on balance beam and fifth on vault. As a first-year level 10 gymnast inKristin finished third in the all-around and first on floor exercise at the State Championships.

At the Region 6 Championships, she placed third in the all-around and first on uneven bars and balance beam. InKristin finished first in the all-around, first on uneven bars and second on balance beam at the State Championships.