Port city gymnastics meet 2012 presidential candidates

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port city gymnastics meet 2012 presidential candidates

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Why does the city which you represent wish to take part in the competition for the title of European Capital of Culture? What, for it, would be the main challenge of this nomination? Explain the concept of the programme which would be launched if the city was nominated European Capital of Culture? Could this programme be summed up by a slogan? How does the event fit into the long-term cultural development of the city and, where appropriate, of the region? To what extent do you plan to forge links with the other city to be nominated European Capital of Culture?

Explain how the event could fulfil the criteria listed below. Please substantiate your answer for each of the criteria this question must be answered in greater detail at the final selection stage.

To strengthen cooperation between the cultural operators, artists and cities of your country and other Member States, in all cultural sectors; to highlight the richness of cultural diversity in Europe; to bring the common aspects of European cultures to the fore? Explain how the event could meet the criteria listed below. Attracts the interest of the population at European level; encourages the participation of artists, stakeholders in the socio-cultural scene and the inhabitants of the city, its surroundings and the area involved in the programme; is sustainable and an integral part of the long-term cultural and social development of the city?

How does the city plan to get involved in or create synergies with the cultural activities supported by the European Institutions? Are some parts of the programme designed for particular target groups young people, minorities, etc. Specify the relevant parts of the programme planned for the event.

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What contacts has the city or the body responsible for preparing the event established, or what contacts does it intend to establish, with: In what way is the proposed project innovative? If the city in question is awarded the title of European Capital of Culture, what would be the medium- and long-term effects of the event from a social, cultural and urban point of view?

Do the municipal authorities intend to make a public declaration of intent concerning the period following the year of the event? How was this application designed and prepared? What is the plan for involving sponsors in the event? Which amount of the usual overall annual budget does the city intend to spend for culture after the ECoC year?

How long does the programme last? What main events will mark the year? For each one, please supply the following information: What projects are to be carried out between now and the year for which the city is applying for the title of European Capital of Culture in terms of urban and tourism infrastructure, including renovation? What is the planned timetable for this work?

What kind of structure is envisaged for the organisation responsible for implementing the project? What type of relationship will it have with the city authorities? If an area around the city is involved in the event, how will the coordination between the authorities of the relevant local and regional authorities be organised? According to which criteria and under which arrangements has or will the artistic director of the event been chosen?

What has been the usual annual budget for culture in the city over the last 5 years 3.

port city gymnastics meet 2012 presidential candidates

Please explain the overall budget for the European Capital of Culture project 3. Please explain the operating budget for the ECoC project overall operating expenditure and planned timetable for spending operating expenditure 3. Overall capital expenditure 3. Have the public finance authorities city, region, State already voted on or made financial commitments? If not, when will they do so? How does the city plan to ensure the visibility of the European Union, which is awarding the title?

Does the city intend to set up a special monitoring and evaluation system: For the impact of the programme and its knock-on effects? Does the city intend to develop particular cultural projects in the coming years, irrespective of the outcome of its application for the title of European Capital of Culture? We submit this application with backing from all political parties in all constituencies in this region of 1.

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This underlines a clear and unilateral statement of faith in the role of arts and culture as an absolute necessity in our society. The AARHUS programme will present a diverse range of projects, which will relate to citizens of all ages across the whole region. Engaging and involving the population not only as audience members but also as participants is absolutely crucial for our strategy. In order to generate relevant solutions, we must involve and empower the individuals, communities and stakeholders who are directly affected.

The need to rethink our basic social, urban, cultural and economic formats is ever present, now more than ever before. Since our preliminary application, this coalition has become even stronger as we have also engaged the private sector in this project across the region.

Businesses across the region are now actively engaged and committed in the business clusters which the sector itself has initiated. We commit our city and our region to this agenda as a manifestion of how the arts, culture and the creative sector can be part of the solution.

The ECoC must not just celebrate European ideals and present European cultural diversity, it must also provide a working platform where issues can be confronted together and where partnerships and cross sectoral alliances across many kinds of borders and divisions can indeed provide possible ways forward. We are also committed to major investments in cultural and urban infrastructure projects.

These will provide new public spaces and new cultural institutions which are in fact new models for libraries, museums, cultural production and community centres and learning environments. At the same time, we are engaged with issues such as rural isolation and models for future villages, which is the downPage of urban growth and must also be addressed. Infrastructure is not just about bricks and urban planning, but cultural, knowledge and social infrastructures are also absolutely relevant - indeed key - as part of our RETHINK theme.

Our proposal, therefore,also includes a four year program in of competence development for the cultural and creative sector. We see this as a vital aspect of ensuring the long term benefit of AARHUS and a high degree of sustainability after Our cultural operators and institutions have developed projects and programmes which underline their artistic potential and their cultural vision and which provide a strong foundation for the European Capital of Culture in Our programme is built on strong regional and European partnerships, which ensures that it is relevant both in a local and European context and has high artistic quality.

Our program is rooted in concrete dilemmas, optimistic in tone and resolute in commitment. This process has been rewarding and has resulted in new collaborations and approaches. This spirit of collaboration constitutes a strong foundation for the future process. We believe that Aarhus can indeed become a European city. Not by presenting itself as being unique, although naturally we are convinced we have much to offer, but by engaging in common issues and by collaborating with other cities and regions to find common answers.

Our vision is a Europe of partnerships which are intercultural, exploratory and focused on innovation and transformation.

port city gymnastics meet 2012 presidential candidates

To dare to position our city and region as a facilitator for rethinking on a European scale, we are absolutely dependent on the title of European Capital of Culture to provide us with the necessary platform to engage with Europe.

The question is not a new one and has often been asked: Can art change the world? Perhaps not, but art can certainly change the future. Aarhus Skyline, June I.

Europe faces many challenges which cannot be solved with simple remedies — from climate change and pollution, to issues of social exclusion, rising unemployment and a global competition. European cities are where these issues and these challenges are most urgent and where the work of finding solutions is most intense. Our continent is defined by the premise of a common and unique cultural heritage and cultural interaction, Europe also has a history of our culture fostering the creative mindset, and this will be necessary for addressing and solving the critical issues of our time.

As we stated in our preliminary application, we believe the European Capital of Culture project is an ideal vehicle for exactly this. A city of somepeople, Aarhus is certainly not a European metropolis, constantly the focus of attention.

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Rather, it is one among hundreds of medium-sized cities, where a European future must in fact also be explored and defined. Arts, culture and not least creativity are vital instruments in the efforts to address these global issues. Offering ourselves, our city, our region and our resources as a European laboratory is the pivotal motivation for our ECOC candidacy. Subsequently the Central Denmark Region formally joined, followed by all 18 city councils in the region — but still with Aarhus as the driver of the project.

This includes the arts,urban development and aesthetics, integration, business development and tourism as well as international relations and collaboration. Sincecultural policy and a cultural approach has become more potent, and more inclusive within the overall planning and understanding of the city.

port city gymnastics meet 2012 presidential candidates

Aarhus is committed to providing artists, creators and cultural professionals with the best opportunities for artistic and cultural production. A high level of cultural provisioning is necessary make the city a hub for artists, cultural operators and citizens who want to participate and engage in culture.

The city aims to be attractive to students, while also providing optimum conditions for the business sector. Aarhus and the region already has a strong cultural infrastructure and new, large projects have been decided upon and initiated.

The extension of the Music Hall comprises three new concert halls and new facilities for the Royal Academy of Music. A number of new cultural institutions will be ready before The latter two are large cultural heritage museums offering their perspective on future dissemination of cultural heritage. These large cultural centres will no doubt create opportunities for artists, producers and audiences. In it, she disclosed a former struggle with body-image issues, and offered tips for others to help overcome them.

Son of Joseph P. After he graduated from Stanford University inhe joined the Peace Corps and then went on to get a degree from Harvard Law School. Inhe was elected U. Representative for the 4th Congressional District in Massachusetts.

Elizabeth Warren before her speech at the Democratic National Convention. Recently, he has gained national attention for his passionate speeches defending the Affordable Care Act and denouncing Republican efforts to repeal it. Son of Robert F.

port city gymnastics meet 2012 presidential candidates

Kennedy and Ethel Kennedy Bobby, 32, chose to forgo a career in politics in favor of the working in the entertainment industry. In December, Bobby landed funding to film a movie about Hunter S.

Son of Robert Kennedy Jr. More recently, Conor, 22, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct following a December bar fight in Aspen, Colorado. The Harvard student pleaded guilty and was given a six-month deferred sentence. According to the Glenwood Springs Post Independent, Kennedy told officers he was fighting with a man who called his friend a homophobic slur.