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Rossi can't accept "his moment is over", says Honda boss. 12h ago. Ricciardo expected worse Verstappen relationship at Red Bull Article. Formula 1. In , he released an album called 4th Density Light Show (4DLS) Paleo ( CH), Extrema (NL), Riddim Collision (FR) and Rio Loco (FR). Public Image Limited - Lollipop Opera 12'' ep: One Drop (, PiL Official) 6. . STILL - Bubbling Ambessa (Afrikan Messiah Riddim) lp: I (PAN) 7. .. Mark - "We Connect The Right People To Build Relationships That Truly Matter" 12'': L. Pierre/Jim Dodge Dines At The Penguin Cafe lp: Touchpool (from , Melodisc ).

Word spread of its impending release just a couple of days prior, as well as admiration for the stunning artwork created by illustrator Quentin Blake. The two Blakes, we should add, are not related. The album was written and produced over a two year period and the track list is pretty much in chronological order.

The themes centre around the breakdown of a relationship, its aftermath and the beginnings of a new one. The world is his oyster, or so it seems. This is made clear from the outset.

Tributes pour in for SA hip hop pioneer Ben Sharpa, but who was he?

Synths drive the song to distraction, which then descends into a Blakean club banger. Points, also, repeats this dark bub type pattern, extorting some of the filthiest bass lines that we have heard in a long time. There are other tracks on the album that are arresting in their complexities and not for the faint hearted. His style has always focused on dub step or 2 step electronica, gospel and hip hop.

Apart from his more stripped back songs, his style has yet to be fully embraced by the mainstream and it is nice to see that he is not up for sanitising his music, as is often the case when artists experience his level of success. This is music you pore over.

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Song so meticulously layered that the casual listen does not do it justice. It is consumed best at an exceptional volume or through headphones.

Every track feels like a mini album within itself and at 17 tracks long running over an hourit takes a while to digest. We could go on and on and on about this album. It may seem sickly to those non fans, but every now and then an artist arises that has a deep and lasting influence on the industry.

This is against a backdrop of glitchy electronica that at is at times jittery and edgy and elsewhere carries the abandon of house music. Elsewhere vocal arrangements are utilised to discombobulating effect. Despite an at times an unclear direction and a lack of sonic cohesion, the album is a guarded success. We know their routine by now. The endless outrageous moves, fake breakups, leaking their own album to get out of a contract with Epic Records they managed to get on a major!

What does that mean? Confrontational, genre defying, innovative, and visceral, they tap into the cro-magnon part of your brain the same way a brutal hardcore punk band does. Bottomless Pit is the best combination of all of their sounds Death Grips have ever put to record, perhaps not their best album but their most comprehensive.

The sonic palette here contains synth sounds not heard since The Money Store, yet also includes the furious walls of guitar from Jenny Death. A fierce, blistering sextet who draw on the traditional music of their native North African Tuareg culture — rich percussion and drones of swirling string instruments — with an injection of emphatic desert rock, when in full flow their self-titled debut album is an unstoppable storm of a listen.

This is not only a return but a reinvention that has the music world frantically re-charting their album of the year contenders at speed. That half-finished solo album alongside the formidable artistic expertise and sheer guitar gold of Bernard Butler, is now a finished spectacle of beauty.

RelationShip Riddim Mix 2009 [Fresh Ear Productions] mix by djeasy

British Road Movies feels like it has no boundaries, no one to please by design. Nothing rushed, nothing forced. Emotive and statement worthy; summery and infectious. When I get off at Commercial, I hold my handbag under my armpit while fiddling with the zip and hurry to cross Tom Mboya street and join Moi Avenue.

Commercial is crowded, and I fiddle with my zip so that nobody else does. Sometimes, when I come from New Haven, I look on the wrong side of the road for oncoming cars. No motorists or pedestrians use them. In short, Mboya gave us Obama. At the foot of the statue is Mr Price, a South African boutique. They sell clothes at prices that I cannot afford yet. But in the evenings, hawkers spread their clothes on the floor before them and sell second-hand clothes for prices that are sometimes a tenth of what the South African store sells the same things at.

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The clothes the hawkers sell are from Europe and the U. When the government allowed their importation, the local textile industry died. Now there are huge cotton factories in Athi River, a little outside of Nairobi, that remind me of empty shells.

A lot of people plan to meet outside these restaurants before heading to their actual food places.