Tmnt 2012 meet mona lisa

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tmnt 2012 meet mona lisa

When I met Raphael and his crew for the first time I thought they where enemies who had dishonored You're also my favorite tmnt character:). Mona Lisa: Turtles, go! Get to your ship! Sal Commander: We'll hold them off! Rokka Rokka! Donnie: Are you crazy?! What about your planet? Your people?. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

Why'd I get emergency texts? The pizza delivery guy disappear?

tmnt 2012 meet mona lisa

He fell down that huge chasm in the Undercity. I definitely lost my mental connection with Splinter. But that doesn't mean he's gone.

We can't give up hope. We're going back there! We'll find Sensei, no matter who gets in our way! The Power Inside Her[ edit ] Leonardo: Are you sure this is a good idea, Donnie? Last time you hooked me up to this thing, it made me blind and mentally connected to a giant fish-bird-worm thing. I've upgraded it since then. Your psychic powers have been advancing rapidly since you were given that Aeon crystal. It's imperative I test its limits. For your own sake. I have it under control.

Besides if it weren't for my powers, we never would have gotten away from Super Shredder. You saw what I did to that mutated freak. That's what worries us. I just need to examine your Crystal. I'm not taking it off!

Don't even ask again, Donnie!

tmnt 2012 meet mona lisa

It's safe as long as I have it! If I can replicate how this crystal increases your powers, that could provide a frame of reference— Leo: Only slightly by maybe. April, let me know if you feel anything.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) (season 4)

I guess I should have listened to you about the crystal. For what, reducing me to a quantum smear? Still feel kind of whacked out of my head, but I'll be fine. I am impressed, April. You literally destroyed your demons. She almost destroyed all of us. What about your powers? They were always part of me. I can't harness the great powers of the Aeons anymore, but I think I know how to control my powers better.

So, how's April doin'? I been worried about her. That crystal really messed her up. I'm worried there could be permanent damage. So, you think she lost most of her psychic powers or what? Her powers have been greatly reduced, but she's still far more powerful than she was before acquiring the Crystal. It's hard to say until I test her again. Way to stare down a giant space monster, dude.

tmnt 2012 meet mona lisa

Don't call Chompy's mom a space monster! Hey, I'm just glad she's back in space. One wrong sneeze, and she would've wiped out all humanity. Raphael, have you thought of what will happen when Chompy grows to full size?

The Earth may not be big enough to contain him. I think Chompy is destined to return to the stars one day.

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But it's gonna be a long time before that happens. What is going on? That's what we wanna know! I'm on a mission to destroy the one mutant who ruined my life: Tiger Claw, my brother! It is his fault we were mutated and then he turned us to a life of crime!

He made me do terrible things to people. Alopex, our sensei once told us: I want my brother to feel that plain! With these blades, I'll take more than his tail!

We're not your enemy, Alopex.

TMNT 2012 - Mona Lisa

Help me lift the curse. The only way is to use the blades against me or destroy the steel! But until I have my revenge on my brother, that will not happen!! Sister, before you attack, let us talk. The twin swords work. A worthy curse for a monster such as you! I know how you fight, Alopex! I taught you how, remember!? I know the truth about our parents!

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You were the one responsible! You took everyone away from me! Sister, all I ever tried to do was protect you from a world that would never accept us.

You leave me no choice except to destroy you! Requiem[ edit ] Leo: Master Splinter, you've been kind of distant the past few days. You've been meditating nonstop, and you're barely sleeping.

Let us not talk about me. Let us talk about you. Do you know why you are the leader of this team? Because I asked to be. You said it wasn't because of my skills. I said that only to temper your ego at the time. I knew even when you were a small boy, that you would one day grow up to the leader of this team. And when I pass on, to be like a father as well. What are you talking about, Sensei? Leonardo, if I can only impart one piece of wisdom that will remain with you forever: Remember, giving guidance to your brothers' and friends does not come here.

It comes from here. I don't get it. Is there something you're not telling me? Hey, Leo, wanna go visit Karai?

tmnt 2012 meet mona lisa

Party at the Mutanimals crib, yo. And you can come, too, Sensei. Perhaps I do need to get out of the sewers for a time. Leo screams in horror: Do not fear me, my son. Sensei, is it really you or am I You are not dreaming. I have attained a higher spiritual plane of existence. Passing into death, we merge with the whole of life.

The Newtralizer returns for the first time since Season 2's "Newtralized", which aired a whopping three years prior to this episode. Renet makes a quick appearance after last appearing in Season 3's "Tale of the Yokai".

The full extent of Newtralizer's powers are revealed, and he's become almost unstoppable. Mikey also undergoes this, attaining much of the same electrical power. Renet makes a quick, non-speaking cameo early in the episode. Mikey at the end of the episode. Getting Crap Past the Radar: Quite a lot in this episode, mainly involving Newtralizer and Mikey: Newtralizer had a couple of on-screen killing sprees.

He also crushed the Utrom Queens head, blew up Rook and tried to eat Pawn and even got him in his mouth and later on disintegrated Mikey. Again all of this was On-Screen. Mikey got disintegrated which is played as an On-Screen Deaththen when he reassembled himself it was in an Epileptic Trees fashion where we got to see not only his Skeleton, but also his Internal Organs. Then we're lead to believed he died a second time.

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Keep in mind he's the Kid Friendly Character. I Choose to Stay: Mona Lisa is granted permission by Sal Commander to remain on Earth.

The three Utrom soldiers are named after this. While captured by Dregg's Drones, Karai shouts that she is gonna open up a can of