2014 oxy high performance meet 2015

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Jan 9, Title: Occidental College Annual Report , Author: Occidental College, to be able to cite strong reviews of our institutional performance. .. the Stags in after going undefeated in SCIAC dual meets. . OXY ANN UAL FUND The Oxy Annual Fund is critical to providing a high-quality experience for. Occidental Men's Track and Field Schedule. Date. Name. Result Oxy-PP Dual Meet. W, Final Oxy Distance Carnival Spring Break Classic. Final. Occidental Distance Carnival (Day 2) (Club, Collegiate, UnA), Los Angeles, Occidental . CCCAA State Track and Field Championships , San Diego, CA, San Chula Vista High Performance Meet 3 (Club, Collegiate, UnA), Chula Vista.

2014 oxy high performance meet 2015

Those situations in which physicians are fooled because of their own carelessness are distinct and should be characterized in a way that reflects this distinction and level of culpability as well as the appropriate legal sanctions. The language used to model misprescribing must not perpetuate this lie detection fallacy: Brennan put it this way: Without an understanding of how right must we be, or how wrong are we allowed to be … we will be floundering about with the issue of physician prosecution or the perception of such, forever.

Regulation of Medical Practice and Prescribing Law regulates medical practice both directly and indirectly. The most common actions related to misprescribing are reviewed below.

Medical Malpractice The general public is most apt to think of medical malpractice as a regulator of physician conduct although it is, at best, an extreme indicator of quality of care.

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This creates perverse incentives to avoid malpractice actions, which may lead to overtreatment. As such, physicians are held to a higher standard of moral and personal conduct than the general population … actions that reflect poor judgment, flawed character, and sub-standard decision-making may trigger state medical board sanctions. Inthere wereactively licensed physicians in the United States, of whom—about one-half of one percent of all licensed physicians—were disciplined by SMBs.

One patient at a time, the physician hopes to meet a secondary goal of improving the public health and safety. In an atmosphere of relational trust, physicians trust that patients are truthful, while patients trust that physicians are discreet and interested in improving their well being, thus allowing disclosure of deeply personal information to facilitate personalized care.

It is no surprise that there are continuing tensions between these professionals, especially in the context of drugs.

2014 oxy high performance meet 2015

Law enforcement inhabits a professional space in which drugs including abused prescription drugs are the enemy: Physicians inhabit a professional space in which prescription drugs are useful tools, often helpful, and rarely deadly. It is in interpreting those circumstances where the clash is most profound. Professionals have been negotiating this clash for a century. The first legal foray into the domain of prescribing was the Harrison Narcotic Tax Act ofa response to societal concerns about substance abuse that required prescriptions for narcotics exceeding certain dosages.

While state licensure through SMBs authorizes the general practice of medicine and prescribing, authority to prescribe controlled substances is granted through state controlled substance authorities and by the DEA at the federal level.

Physicians, however, are free to use their medical judgment to prescribe approved drugs for conditions that are not part of the labeling off-label prescribing.

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As a corollary, the provision also bars doctors from peddling to patients who crave the drugs for those prohibited uses. Criminal Standard for Liability Misprescribers may face criminal charges at both the state and federal levels. Criminal law violations require both a criminal act actus rea and a criminal intent or mental state mens rea. On the other hand, gross deviations from the standard of care can rise to the level of criminal culpability under state laws that include reckless or negligent mens rea requirements.

Law enforcement faces complex determinations of 1 the point at which a medical purposes becomes illegitimate; 2 the boundaries of usual practice; and 3 the extent at which crossing those boundaries warrants criminal liability. Then, if the jurors were persuaded there was such a departure, they faced the perhaps even more difficult task of deciding whether such behavior constituted a kind of medical malpractice, which, although negligent, is not criminal, or whether the doctor had knowingly and intentionally left the field of medicine altogether to become a criminal drug dealer.

Good faith connotes an observance of conduct in accordance with what the physician should reasonably believe to be proper medical practice.

2014 oxy high performance meet 2015

Penalties Penalties for CSA violations range from civil to criminal penalties, including mandatory incarcerations and monetary penalties. Loss of Authorization to Prescribe Controlled Substances Absent or alongside criminal charges for violating the CSA, physicians may have their authority to prescribe controlled substances revoked or suspended; this is a regulatory process separate from criminal proceedings. According to a DEA administrative law judge: The practice has morphed into a more contested and complicated dynamic that now requires litigation and academic skills that far exceed those previously demanded.

Increased Opioid Prescribing Scrutiny There are continued concerns about the chilling effect of investigations on legitimate physician prescribing.

2014 oxy high performance meet 2015

The DEA has the authority to investigate for any reason, but also asserts that they do not target physicians or prescribers for investigation. A study revealed a number of prosecutors surveyed understood the complexity of misprescriber situations; however, the majority of prosecutors did not regard physicians as effective self-regulators.

Opioids, especially when combined with other drugs such as benzodiazepines and alcohol, are particularly dangerous. Law enforcement is obligated to conduct informed and contextual investigations; overreach can destroy the professional and personal lives of wrongfully prosecuted physicians and cause additional harms to patients in pain by worsening the chilling effect. Drummond describes the struggles of residents in a palliative care rotation treating terminal, self-identified addicts for pain at the end of life.

Webster explained the reluctance of pain physicians to use opioids: Crossing the line in this manner has disrupted the ability of real doctors to treat patients with real pain when opioids are involved.

Debra Roggow, a pain management physician who is board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation, seemed to focus only on the amount of opioids prescribed.

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In this case, however, the physician kept very good medical records and regularly performed physical examinations and monitored her patients for functional improvements and drug side effects. Had this not been the case, you might be better able to understand how the case could be brought.

An improved model of opioid prescribing behavior that warrants investigation could facilitate the collaboration of SMBs and law enforcement, and provide much needed guidance to physicians who wish to treat pain adequately while managing the risk of investigation. Refining the basic model of physician misprescribing based on updated evidence is a modest, macro level step. Careless, Corrupt, and Compromised.

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This Article argues that this approach better aligns with determinations of culpability. Careless Physicians For reasons other than impairment, physicians in this category are practicing below the appropriate standard of care and causing harm to others.

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In this category, the behavior is taking place within the practice of medicine—that is, there is no intent to engage in criminal activity—but the practice patterns are careless and even reckless. These misprescribers fail to attend to basic procedural requirements for competent and careful practice.

In general, sanctions by SMBs are most appropriate. The misprescribing in the careless category typically consists of procedural failures under conditions with no or limited physician oversight. All of these sources would have revealed that the patient was hospitalized for medication overdoses once or twice per year for four years. Dropped a full six seconds off his m personal best running 3: Also lowered his m best by twenty one seconds, running This performance secured the second Big West Championship in a row for the Men's team.

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