Bicol meet in catanduanes 2014 camaro

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bicol meet in catanduanes 2014 camaro

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For the period January to Decemberthe Board had 17 meetings, including the organizational meeting. Director Attendance Hans T. Sy 16 Gilbert U. Dee 17 Ricardo R. Chua 15 a William C. Whang 2 b Peter S. Dee 17 Joaquin T. Dee 17 Herbert T. Sy 14 Harley T. Sy 15 Alberto S. Yao 17 Roberto F. Kuan 17 Jose T. Sio 16 Margarita L. San Juan 9 c a until his retirement effective October 31, b from his election effective November 1, c from her election on May 4, b Principal Officers Romeo D.

Before joining the Bank, he was an investment banker with over two decades of experience in trading, financing, and structuring in the Asia Pacific region with various foreign investment houses.

He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Management Engineering from the Ateneo de Manila University where he graduated cum laude. He has had various trainings in banking, the most recent of which are on corporate governance and anti-money laundering AML in December 14 Rosemarie C. With nearly 40 years of experience with the Bank, she has had extensive exposure and training in marketing, financial analysis, credit portfolio management, strategic planning and corporate governance.

Gan obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Major in Management from the University of Santo Tomas, where she graduated magna cum laude and received the distinguished Rector s Award. He is actively involved in numerous training programs on SME Banking, corporate governance, treasury products, asset-liability management, credit and financial analysis, and strategic marketing planning.

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Cheng graduated magna cum laude from the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Accountancy. He has had extensive training on corporate governance, anti-money laundering, asset liability management, operational risk, and information security. Escucha obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, cum laude, from the University of the Philippines.

With over 30 years of experience in the fields of investment banking, corporate banking, and credit risk management, he held various senior executive positions at Citibank N. He participated in various trainings on capital markets and investment banking, project finance, mergers and acquisitions, account management, financial markets, corporate risk assessment, anti-money laundering and corporate governance. Cornelio holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce, with academic distinction, from the San Beda College, and a Master s degree in Public Administration, academic scholar, from the National University of Singapore.

He has had extensive trainings on corporate governance, macro prudential supervision and regulatory change, risk management, Basel Standards, fixed income, credit derivatives and structured products, interest rate and currency derivatives, ISDA documentation, and economic forecasting, among others. He attended various trainings and seminars on corporate governance, anti-money laundering, risk management, and other relevant banking subjects.

He participated in banking-related trainings on core credit, remedial management and relationship marketing, among others. He is related within the first civil degree of consanguinity to Mr. Dee, Vice Chairman of the Board. A Certified Public Accountant, Ms. He has had extensive training on strategic account planning and management, cash management, credit analysis, treasury products and derivatives, and financial statements analysis, among others.

Her extensive experience in the financial industry spans the areas of credit, project and structured finance, and debt capital markets. Yu graduated magna cum laude from the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Accountancy. He has been with the Bank for more than 25 years. His various trainings include export financing, loan documentation, money market, corporate governance, and AML, among others.

She has been with the Bank for over 38 years, and had extensive exposure and training in consumer banking, real estate, corporate planning, treasury, credit, project finance, and branch based marketing, among others. Before working with the Bank, she held executive positions at Citibank N.

She attended trainings related to banking operations, including Bourse Game, account management, and customer service. She is related within the first civil degree of consanguinity to Director Joaquin T. She has been with the Bank for 30 years. She has had trainings on corporate governance, integrated risk management, credit risk management, foreign exchange, loan review and classification and AML, among others.

She has worked with the Bank for more than 39 years. She attended trainings and seminars on sales management and leadership skills, among others. She has been in the field of human resource management for more than 30 years. Prior to joining the Bank, she held various positions at Goodyear Phils. She has had various trainings which include corporate governance, AML, leadership, and trends and challenges in human resource management.

He attended various trainings on account management strategies and other trainings in banking and other related fields. She has more than 25 years of banking and asset management experience, previously holding officership positions at Philam Asset Management Inc.

She has had trainings on foreign exchange, money and capital markets, interest rate swaps and options, derivatives documentation and portfolio management, among others. She received awards for Best in Bond Trading from the Asset for six 6 years. He has over 18 years of experience in trust, research and investment strategy, wealth management, trading, and treasury gained from various financial institutions including Unionbank of the Philippines, Banco Santander Phils.

He has Trust Certification from the Trust Institute Foundation, and attended the Treasury Certification Program of the Bankers Association of the Philippines, as well as seminars on marketworks, investment, treasury, trust, and corporate governance.

Inshe was named as Asian Company Secretary of the Year by the Corporate Governance Asia in Hongkong, recognizing her vital role in promoting and upholding corporate governance in the Bank. She is actively involved in the continuous development of her competence, having attended various trainings, which include seminars on non-bank financial intermediaries, AML, and corporate governance, among others.

All the foregoing officers have been involved in the banking industry for more than five 5 years. None of the above-mentioned directors and officers works with the government. Sy Sysmart Corporation Alberto S. Yao Lucky Securities, Inc.

bicol meet in catanduanes 2014 camaro

Dee Linda Susan T. Kuan Regina Capital Development Corp. San Juan Zenaida C. Milan, no relation Peter S.

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Upon initial determination, based on the Nomination Forms and attachments submitted to the Nominations and Corporate Governance Committees, the nominees for directors and independent directors were found to possess all the qualifications and none of the disqualifications of a director or independent director, and their qualities are aligned with the Bank s strategic directions.

The Nominations Committee is currently composed of Mr. All legal proceedings involving the Bank are efficiently and competently attended to and managed by a group of sixteen 16 in-house lawyers who are graduates of reputable law schools in the country.

It expects each employee to do his share in achieving the Bank s set goals; in return, the Bank has in place policies and programs for the protection and growth of employees.

Full disclosures for these transactions were made through reports with the appropriate regulatory agency. China Bank Savings, Inc. Chua as Chairman, Ms. Yang as Vice Chairman, Mr. Ramos as Director and President, and the rest of the Board members are Messrs. Yao, and Patrick D. Cheng, and Mesdames Rosemarie C. Gan and Margarita L. CBCC was also granted license to deal in government securities. Members of its Board of Directors are: Chua ChairmanRomeo D.

Vice ChairmanRyan Martin L. Tapia PresidentWilliam C. Whang, Alberto Emilio V. Lilian Yu and Ms. CBCC s business is supplemented with its wholly-owned subsidiaries: It was incorporated on June 15,with the primary purpose of securitization of assets which include receivables, mortgage loans and other debt instruments.

The acquisition of ATC was eventually approved by the PSE on February 22, and the closing of the purchase of ATC was completed on March 6, CBSC operates as a stock brokerage engaged in dealing, for its own and its customers accounts, securities listed in the PSE as well as securities research and analysis services. The following members constitute the company's Board of Directors: Whang ChairmanRomeo D.

Kuan, and Alberto S. CBC PCCI incorporated on April 14, to render general services of computer and other computer-related products and services solely to the Bank and its business group. Dee ChairmanPeter S. Dee PresidentRicardo R.

Chua, and William C. Whang Treasurerand Ms. Chinabank Insurance Brokers, Inc. CIBI incorporated on November 3,with the primary purpose to act as a broker in soliciting, procuring, negotiating, receiving, managing and forwarding applications for fire, casualty, plate glass, automobiles, trucks and other motor vehicles accident, health, burglary, marine, credit, disability, life insurance, and all other kinds of insurance, or in any other manner aiding in taking out insurance, collecting payments of premiums due on such policies, and doing such other business as may be delegated to brokers or such companies in the conduct of a general insurance brokerage business.

Dee ChairmanWilliam C. Guanlao President and Nancy D. In September20 21 the BSP approved the Bank s request to invest in Manulife-owned insurance company that would offer innovative insurance and financial products for health, wealth and education through the branch network.

Further, the Bank has several business relationships with related parties.

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Transactions with such parties are thoroughly reviewed and verified as having been entered into in the best interest of the Bank, in the ordinary course of business and on substantially same terms as those prevailing at the time for comparable transactions with other parties. Honorary Chairman Hans T. Sy Director Herbert T.

Director and his close family member Herbert T. Affiliate Summerhills Home Development Corp.

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Affiliate Sunlife Grepa Financial, Inc. Other Related Party Sysmart, Inc. Stockholder Super Industrial Corp. Other related party Anchor Land Holdings Inc. Other Related Party Loan Loan 1.

Gan P2,, ,, ,, Other than those relating to the foregoing figures, there are no actions to be taken as regards any bonus, profit sharing, pension or retirement plan, granting of or extension of any option warrant or right to purchase any securities between the Bank and its directors and officers.

The officers receive compensation based on their performance, banking experience, employment status, position and rank in the Bank. The directors and officers have no other compensatory arrangement with the Bank.

None of the Bank's external auditors have resigned during the two 2 most recent fiscal years and or any interim period. Their representative will be given the opportunity to make a statement if they so desire. The and audit fees were taken up and approved by the Audit Committee at its regular meetings on February 21, and February 15,respectively. Tax fees related to the audit of tax accounting and compliance are already incorporated in the year-end audit fees under Audit and Audit-Related Fees category as this is part of the audit process conducted by the external auditors.

Payment for these services, and seminar fees are included under All Other Fees. The Bank's Audit Committee, which is composed of Messrs. Yao ChairmanJoaquin T. Dee, and Roberto F. Kuan, approves the audit fees and fees for non-audit services, if any, of external auditors, as emphasized in Article V. Further, there are no matters that in their professional judgment may reasonably be thought to bear on their independence or that they gave significant consideration to in reaching the conclusion that independence has not been impaired.

Compensation Plans Not applicable C. Authorization or Issuance of Securities Other than for Exchange Not applicable The Board of Directors approved on February 22, for the Bank to conduct a rights issue by way of offering common shares from the unissued portion of the authorized capital stock of the Bank to eligible shareholders, subject to approval of regulatory agencies. The additional capital will enable the Bank to pursue growth strategies, with the Bank s core strategy aimed at expanding its market position by growing risk-weighted assets with a focus 25 26 on the SME and consumer segments while also extending the depth and breadth of its retail distribution.

The Bank set April 19, as the record date for shareholders entitled to participate in the rights offer of up to , shares of common stock with a par value of P The Right Shares shall rank equally in all respects with the existing Common shares.

The vice mayor serves as the officer of the Sangguniang Panlungsod. Upon receiving their charters, cities also receive a full complement of executive departments to serve their constituents. Some departments are established on a basis, depending on the needs of the city.

  • Camarines Sur
  • Kalinga-Apayao
  • MS. MS. ERIKA GRACE C. ALULOD Head, Issuer Compliance and Disclosure Department

Source, Local Government Code ofCities, like municipalities, are composed of barangays, which can range from urban neighborhoods, to rural communities.

Barangays are sometimes grouped into officially defined administrative districts, examples of such are the cities of Manila, Davao, Iloilo, and Samal. Some cities such as Caloocan, Manila and Pasay even have a level between the district and barangay levels, called a zone. However, geographic districts and zones are not political units, there are no elected city government officials in these city-specific administrative levels, rather they only serve to make city planning, statistics-gathering other administrative tasks easier and more convenient.

Cities are classified according to annual income based on the previous four calendar years. There are currently 33 highly urbanized cities in the Philippines,16 of which are located in Metro Manila, Component Cities, Cities which do not meet the preceding requirements are deemed part of the province in which they are geographically located. If a component city is located along the boundaries of two or more provinces, it shall be considered part of the province of which it used to be a municipality, majority of the remaining cities are considered component cities.

bicol meet in catanduanes 2014 camaro

The five exceptions are listed below, independent Component Cities, Cities of this type have charters that explicitly prohibit their residents to vote for provincial officials.

These cities are considered independent from the province in which they are geographically located, there are five such cities, Cotabato, Dagupan, Naga, Ormoc and Santiago. There are 38 independent cities in the Philippines, all of which are classified as highly urbanized or independent component cities.

Some independent cities are still grouped with their provinces for the purposes of representation in the Congress of the Philippines 6. The province was governed under a government that has an executive, judicial. The governor served also as the commander of the Army Department of Mindanao-Jolo, most of the district governors and their deputies were members of the American military.

Inthe governor was replaced by a civil governor. The Moro Council served as the body of the province. The governor and its members were appointed by and with the consent of the Philippine Commission, Justice was administered for the province by two Courts of First Instance, Justice of the Peace Courts and by the Municipal Courts. The province was divided into five districts, with American officers serving as district governors and these districts included, Cotabato, Davao, Lanao, Jolo, and Zamboanga.

The district government is composed of the governor, the secretary, the district officials also form as the District Board which had the power to enact ordinances although subject to the approval of the Legislative Council. The districts were sub-divided into tribal wards, with major datus serving as ward chiefs and minor datus serving as deputies, judges, the head of the tribe has the power to sub-divide his wards and appoint deputies into these sub-wards with the approval of the district governor.

The tribal wards were applied only to Muslim communities, meanwhile, the minority Christian communities were merged into regular municipalities. The government of each municipality was composed of a president, vice-president, the President and half of the councilors were elected by qualified voters and the other half is appointed by the district governor.

The Province was created by the virtue of Act No. ByGovernor Pershing agreed that the Moro Province needed to transition to civil government and this was prompted by the Moros personalistic approach to government, which was based on personal ties rather than a respect for an abstract office. To the Moros, a change of administration meant not just a change in leadership but a change in regime, rotation within the military meant that each military governor could serve only for a limited time.

Untilevery governor and secretary had been a military officer. By Novemberonly one officer still held a civil office — Pershing himself, in DecemberPershing was replaced as governor of Moro Province by a civilian, Frank Carpenter. On July 23, the Moro Province was officially replaced by an agency named the Department of Mindanao, the agency was tasked to administer all Muslim-dominated areas in the territory.

Aurora province — Aurora is a province in the Philippines located in the eastern part of Central Luzon region, facing the Philippine Sea. Its capital is Baler and borders, clockwise from the south, the provinces of Quezon, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya, Quirino, beforeAurora was part of the province of Quezon.

Aurora was, in fact, named after Aurora Aragon, the wife of Pres, manuel L. Quezon, the president of the Philippine Commonwealth, after whom the mother province was named. Inthe Spanish explorer Juan de Salcedo became the first European to visit the region that would be known as Aurora while he was exploring the northern coast of Luzon, Salcedo reportedly visited the towns of Casiguran, Baler and Infanta. In the early days of the Spanish colonial period, Aurora was ecclesiastically linked to Infanta, the earliest missionaries in the province were the Franciscans, who had established missions in Baler and Casiguran in Due to lack of personnel, the region was given to the jurisdiction of the Augustinians and Recollects in Inthe district was separated from Nueva Ecija and transferred to the province of Tayabas, Aurora became a sub-province of Quezon in through Republic Act No.

Marcos, Aurora is a coastal province covering an area of 3, Auroras climate is classified as Tropical rainforest climate and it experiences significant rainfall throughout the year. Because the coastal province faces the Pacific Ocean, it is visited by typhoons. Aurora is politically subdivided into 8 municipalities, all encompassed by a legislative district. The 8 municipalities of the province comprise a total of barangays, with Suclayin in Baler as the most populous inand Dibalo in San Luis as the least.

The population of Aurora in the census waspeople, based on the census survey, Tagalogs comprised Other ethnic groups in the province were Kasiguranin at 5. Most Dumagats are living in the hillsides or mountains and they are believed to have result from a fusion of Austronesian and Melanesian ancestries, and survive from fishing and hunting 8. Bukidnon — Bukidnon is a landlocked province in the Philippines located in the Northern Mindanao region.

According to the census, the province is inhabited by 1, residents, the name Bukidnon means highlander or mountain dweller. The province is considered to be the food basket of Mindanao, being the producer of rice. Products from plantations in the also include pineapples, bananas.

Situated within Bukidnon is Mount Dulang-dulang, the 2nd highest mountain in the country, with an elevation of 2, metres located in Kitanglad Mountain Range. Mount Kitanglad, Mount Kalatungan, Mt. Tuminungan, there are no seaports in the province because the place is landlocked.

bicol meet in catanduanes 2014 camaro

To get to Bukidnon, one must travel by land from Cagayan de Oro City or from Davao City, a proposed domestic airport site in the municipality of Don Carlos has already been on the talks since and inthe proposal was finalized. Construction date is yet to be determined, Bukidnon became a part of Misamis in the latter part of The whole area was then called Malaybalay and the people were known as Bukidnons, the Philippine Commission, then headed by Commissioner Dean C.

Bukidnon became a province on March 10, by virtue of the creation of the Department of Mindanao. Ininvading Japanese troops entered Bukidnon, Mt. Capistrano was a civilian evacuation area in the World War II. Inthe province was liberated from Japanese occupation by Filipino, when the civil government divided central Mindanao into provinces at the turn of the 20th century, the groups included in the province of Bukidnon are the Talaandig and the Manobo.

The wide variety of Filipino groups now thrives in the province, Bukidnon is a landlocked plateau in North Central Mindanao. Camiguin — Camiguin, is an island province in the Philippines located in the Bohol Sea, about 10 kilometres off the northern coast of Mindanao. It is politically part of the Northern Mindanao Region of the country, Camiguin is the second-smallest province in the country in both population and land area after Batanes.

The provincial capital is Mambajao, which is also the provinces largest municipality in area and population. Kinamigin, the language of Camiguin, is closely related to the Manobo language. An earlier Spanish geography book writes the island as Camiguing, there is reason to suppose the Spaniards dropped the final g. The first Spanish settlement was established in in what is now Guinsiliban, the first major Spanish settlement established in was called Katagman or Katadman.

The settlement grew and prospered but was destroyed by the eruption of Mt. Vulcan inthe former location is what is now Barangay Bonbon of Catarman.

Pacific Ocean

Sagay, located south of Catarman, was established as a town in The word Sagay is derived from the name of poisonous fruit tree that grow in the area, Mambajao became a town in The name was coined from the Visayan terms mamahaw, meaning to usher breakfast, and bajao, in the early s, Mambajao prospered to become the busiest port in Northern Mindanao. Mahinog was established as a municipality inthe name Mahinog comes from a Visayan word meaning to ripen or to become ripe.

Although Guinsiliban was the oldest settlement in the island, it was only in when it became a municipality, Mahinog was formerly governed by Mambajao while Guinsiliban was formally governed from Sagay. Inin the middle of the Philippine-American War, American soldiers landed in Camiguin to assume control over the island. A group of Camiguinons, armed with bolos and spears, led by Valero Camaro, Valero Camaro was killed by a bullet on the forehead and became one of the Camiguin patriots of the early independence movement.

Inthe first public school in Camiguin was built in Mambajao, on June 18, the Japanese Imperial Army landed in Camiguin and set up a government in Mambajao.

bicol meet in catanduanes 2014 camaro

They gutted central Mambajao in reprisal to guerrilla activities in the area, the remains of some of these buildings still exist today. The province borders Cagayan to the north and east, Abra and Ilocos Norte to the west, prior toKalinga and Apayao comprised a single province named Kalinga-Apayao, which was partitioned to better service the needs of individual ethnic groups. With a population ofcovering an area of 4, Inthe friars again made attempts to convert the people, the Spanish authorities were then able to establish in Cagayan the comandancias of Apayao and Cabugaoan inwhich covered the western and eastern portions of what is now Apayao.

The comandancias, however, failed to bring control and the Spanish government only maintained a loose hold over the area. InJapanese Imperial forces entered Apayao, starting a three-year occupation of the province during the Second World War, on June 18, the huge Mountain Province was split into four provinces with the enactment of Republic Act No.

On July 15, the Cordillera Administrative Region was established, finally, on February 14, Kalinga-Apayao was split into two independent provinces with the passage of Republic Act No. Apayao is basically situated within the Cordillera Central mountains, traversed by many rivers, plains and valleys are used for farming.

Apayao is basically composed of farmlands, the prevailing climate in the province falls under Coronas Type III Classification. It is characterized by dry and wet seasons, from November to April. Heaviest rain occurs during December to February while the month of May is the warmest, Apayao comprises 7 municipalities, all encompassed by a lone legislative district.