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cereal city meet 2014

Cereal maker Weetabix said conditions had been perfect for the harvest of a high quality crop. It buys all its wheat from farms within a mile. While there, we hosted our 6th Missouri Meet-Up reception for film and TV and Andrew Jones with cast and crew from his Jefferson City filmed Oats Morning Energy Cereal and McDonald's shot commercials in St. Louis . Battle Creek is known as Cereal City, due to being the world headquarters of Kellogg Company. It is also the home of Post Cereals. In theme with the city's most.

Movoto Real Estate Blog, Jan. Named All-America City in Source: National Civic League, June We ranked 11th as an exceptional, up-and-coming destination Source: Our city is ranked 33rd out of the largest metropolitan statistical areas in the U. Share on Facebook Tweet Email Cedar Rapids History Growing from a tiny village of a few hundred people in the 's to the second largest city in Iowa, Cedar Rapids has a unique history full of innovation and special character that continues to define it as a wonderful place to live, visit and experience.

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A focus and priority on quality of life and culture has been part of Cedar Rapids since its beginning. Early pioneer families designated large areas of land for the development of beautiful city parks and green spaces.

3D Cereal Box City Construction Kit

The rich cultural heritage of Cedar Rapids is also demonstrated in the Czech Village and New Bohemia historic districts which are officially recognized as Arts and Cultural Areas. InCedar Rapids began development of its unique Municipal Island in the historic center of the city.

The city is home to a lovely and varied collection of historic architecture including the Brucemore mansion, Iowa's only site administered by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. In addition, the People's Bank, designed in by famed American architect Louis Sullivan is a local architectural treasure. Cedar Rapids boasts more than 35 additional local landmarks which are on the National Register of Historic Places including a Methodist church also designed by Louis Sullivan, and the oldest mosque in North America.

The city's determination to obtain a railroad connection in the mid 's led to Cedar Rapids' role as a major Midwest industrial center. Sinclair Company, started inwas one of the five largest packing houses in the world within its first ten years of operation. Cedar Rapids is still home to the largest cereal mill in the world, Quaker Oats, begun in Cedar Rapids in Industrial and technological innovation in Cedar Rapids continued into the 20th century.

Essentially, we want to highlight the accessibility of the BioHacker movement by encouraging visitors of all ages to learn something new and be inspired to get involved. I also programmed software that makes use of this data in a game. In this embodiment, I have made a quiz, as it is an easy and effective way to display its capabilities.

3D Cereal Box City Construction Kit

People visiting my stand will be able to play the quiz, which will attempt to adapt its questions to be more stimulating and challenging to the user, as well as telling them what it thinks stimulates them the most. Fun with recycled materials newspaper This workshop teaches everybody to use traditional basket weaving methods using rolled newspapers instead of willow.

I will show them the important basic steps to make a woven basket. It will be great fun. I believe crafting is good for the soul and using discarded materials is great for the planet.

cereal city meet 2014

Creative Recycle AffordableFun Try it! Save the environment and your money and create unique and useful things from rubbish.

cereal city meet 2014

Recycling is our future. The exhibition will be highly interactive and fun. People in the groups are using their printers for applications from jewellery production, biomaterial manufacturing and engineering design.

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The idea is to exhibit some of the Interesting technical work being done in this group. Changing stations results is the corresponding LED for that station lighting up — providing a sense of interactivity that reminds us of moving the needle along the dial on older radios.

Radio can be controlled via 3rd party smartphone app and will have some surprise features like a sound scheme and possibly a feature to tweet whatever is currently playing. Currently assembling a wooden enclosure with a proper radio facade for the radio. Check out the Meet the Make r post for more details for 3Rocky Pi 1. I plan to apply such a belt around pillows so that it can be moved dynamically around any pillow preferred. It then allows the users to look at the time without any need to move their head from the pillow when in bed and wakes them up by making the pillow vibrating.

Awky RoBo As part of my Fine Art Media course, I have been interested in the cyclical relationship between people and their technological devices. The piece reacts to the amount of people around it and grows smaller and more shy.

However, when almost no one is around it is impressive and colourful. Makeshop We will be showing off the range of workshops and activities that Make Shop provide.

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Check out the Meet the Maker post for more details on Makeshop. I have a passion is for all things 3D and I am currently working on projects to create models, rigging, lighting, texturing and animation. Morf Audio I have been making lots of mostly analog audio related electronic devices including for example modulation effects, oscillators, delays, dub sirens and modules for analog synthesis.

I am currently in the process of setting up my website and working with a business mentor to develop my start up idea.