Csu university meet 2014 lasam

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csu university meet 2014 lasam

(BAMS) of Cagayan State University – Lasam Campus, Philippines (CSU - Lasam) using. biometric fingerprint reader to facilitate the monitoring. CSU Calayan extension program enrolls studes CSU Lasam Sparrows rule in cheerdance competition University Meet CSU-Carig hosts University Meet campus host of the University CSU-Lasam seizes Cheerdance Championship Award.

CSU Uni-Meet Cheerdance 2014: Lasam Campus

In Junethe Office of the Dean of the College of Medicine was set up in preparation for its opening in school year As the university programs expand, a university-wide reorganization was undertaken in July On May 5,Dr. Cortes was reappointed as President of the University.

csu university meet 2014 lasam

The reorganization of the top administration took place on February 27, On this same year, the governing Board of the University resolved to suspend the operation of CSU at Bukig in Western Aparri because of the low enrolment that made non-feasible continued operation. This aspect of the history of the University is of particular importance relative to the evaluation of efficiency and effective performance. In response to the thrust and vision of Region 02 and to provide leadership in livestock development, the Board granted the University Administration the offering of Veterinary Medicine and Medical Technology courses effective School Year A reorganization of top administration took place that paved the way to the search for the different campus deans, now the Campus Executive Officers.

On March 8,through Resolution No. Perez, as the 3rd University President. On March 15,Dr. Perez assumed official duty at the Central Administration with all the powers, rights, privileges and responsibilities accorded him. Another organizational structure which would readily respond to the actual needs of the university and attuned to the relevance of its existence and thrust of the new administration was then conceptualized.

Rationalizing its intent for a lean but mean organization.

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The structure has maintained three vice president positions with the third important vice president position having an added program under its domain, the Business Affairs Program. The new structure also proposed the creation of the positions of internal auditors under the Office of the President.

The Office of the Deputy Dean of Instruction was likewise created to implement the virtualization of curricular offerings. To further rationalize the structure of the organization which is in consonance with a lean but mean operation, the administration has cut the number of Vice-Presidents from three to two, that of the Vice-President for instruction, research, and extension and Vice-President for Administration and Business.

At present there are eight campuses under the university system. All campuses continue to operate as complementary satellites of the University. Although difficult at times, the unique arrangement of a multi-campus institution, which has prevailed over an ideal compact-university being located in one site, is succeeding in terms of providing educational access and equity to its rural communities.

Today, CSU is present in six sites outside Tuguegarao which is located at Sanchez Mira, Lasam, Aparri, Lallo, Gonzaga, and Piat so that the original intent of providing democratized tertiary education in the countryside is felt in the whole region specifically in Cagayan.

csu university meet 2014 lasam

Infrastructure[ edit ] The current school year was a witness to constructive changes and infrastructure developments across the different campuses of Cagayan State University. A series of "circa 50" buildings, which serve not only as institutional facilities but as aesthetic icons, representing the university motto: Moreover, other physical facilities in the university are facing major rehabilitation specifically in CSU Andrews being the "show window" of CSU.

Physical improvement within the eight campuses of the university is evident and is geared at developing and encouraging higher aspirations among its poor students. Modern buildings and comfort rooms were put up to deliver the necessary service to students all over CSU.

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Electronic Library[ edit ] With the vision of President Perez, the University decided to subscribe to Academic OneFile for its E-Library making it the first university in the region to have such facility. Graduates of a 4 year degree in petroleum engineering will need a solid understanding of math and science and be prepared to work in far flung places.

Oil and gas workers can be offshore for months working on drilling rigs, refineries, and pipelines.

csu university meet 2014 lasam

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csu university meet 2014 lasam

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csu university meet 2014 lasam

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