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Due to technical issues, the registration period for DV is being restarted, and all entries made prior to October 18, , will need to be. Let share our experiences and advice each other in the dv process!. Re: DV Winners Meet Here by jawad pm On Feb 11, jawad AFRICA 25, Except: Egypt 15, Ethiopia 24,

That reduces the visas available to the DV program to to 50, visas. However, the Nacara program is not using all the visas allocated annually, and since some years since have exceeded the 50, number, it seems likely that DV has been allowed to use some of the 5, in some years. Countries are not given an allocation of visas. The visas are allocated by region, and selectees are given a chance for interview in case number order, with some per country exceptions.

So — to interpret the rules you have to determine the per country populations. You can research the populations in the CIA world factbook. You also have to know which countries or regions are high and low admission.

You can research that in the immigration yearbooks. Now — if you have the stamina and interest, feel free to go and interpret the rule, check the populations and immigration statistics and come up with the quota for any year you like. Thankfully, a forum user DV4Roger did the legwork and has produced percentage quotas for a number of recent years, as well as DV and DV The quotas change from year to year due to population changes, but also based on countries eligible to participate in the lottery.

DV4Roger has factored that into the calculations. I consider the calculated numbers to be accurate as far as we can know. So — here they are: As you can see, these are expressed as percentages. So — at 50, EU for instance would have a total quota of 18, in DV For each more than 50, or less that number will increase or decrease by visas.

The strict allocation of Green Cards for each separate continent keeps the results of the Green Card Lottery for each continent fair. In Europe, for example, the chance to win a Green Card is around 1: The more America-fans who participate per country, the higher the chances to win a Green Card. Winner distribution with Africa as an example Why then do the Green Card statistics show that winner distribution is not equal among countries? Some countries, especially in Africa, have a much higher number of winners than the maximum number of 3, This simply has to do with the fact that Green Card Lottery winners are chosen at random.

That is why it is possible for there to suddenly be five times as many Green Card winners in Ethiopia as in, for example, Germany. The likelihood that every winner in Ethiopia will continue with the Green Card application or fulfill the requirements is extremely low.

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The reason behind this is as follows: Not every winner continues with the Green Card application process. This may be the case for winners who do not wish to carry on with the Green Card application process or may not meet the requirements necessary to get a Green Card. This is the case in many African countries. Often winners do not have the necessary education or work experience to fulfill the requirements. Moreover, it is difficult for many African winners to provide evidence of having enough financial means for a fresh start in the USA.

Green Card distribution based on experience It is more likely that winners from European countries will meet the requirements necessary to continue with the Green Card application process.

Those who attended their wedding from family, friends and colleagues. Go with all you can to prove the union from pictures, chat histories, date of events like date you first met, proposed, got married and had kids if any to how you first met, where you met and identifying who and who are in your group photographs. Among other things, concentrate on convincing the CO that it is a bonafide union because the burden of proof is on you guys. Wish you the best in every step taken. To support what Kevwe flex said, my brother won in Mayand got married in Septembersent in his docs initially in June and added his wife's docs and all evidence of marriage immediately after their wedding as he was not ready to live anywhere without his wife.

They did their interview sometime in March and were given the visa and now live in Newjersey with two kids to the glory of God. Please note if you stand on truth you are like an arrow that always hits its target and you cannot fail. Go and collect ur visas without delay bro.

A very big thank you to all my nairaland efamily, u've all been of great help.

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I'll just focus on being a good lawyer now when d strike is called off Giving my experience is d least way I can say thank you 4 all u've help me achieve. D interview is no big deal, just go there and collect ur visas.

I fail because I focused on my errors and it overwhelmed me. Wish everyone who are yet to be interview success Bless you bro. My guy, I do empathize with you on this. I have suffered so many disappointments that I was inured to them. But I always remain so positive and so sure that they are all working for my good.

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Pls ensure that your way with God is right and everything will turn in your favour. Those are not words of consolation; they are words of faith. I wish I could share my life experience with you. But my testimony remains 'God is faithful'. Cheer up Bros, like somebody up there sang, 'Count ur blessings', pls don't discount them.

That you woke up this morning is a reason that God is not yet through with you. You will testify of His Goodness.