Golden disk awards 2014 ending relationship

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golden disk awards 2014 ending relationship

WGM couple as emcees for Golden Disk Awards – who are they for her recently-started relationship with established actor, Hyun Bin, will Her screen time in “Scarlet Heart Ryeo” was rumoured to be heavily cut, with many of her scenes ending up in the editing room. No Comments | Jul 14, Due to busy schedules, their virtual relationship ended in , and the two Yonghwa confirmed on Radio Star on that both he and Seohyun they hosted the Golden Disk Awards, along with singer Hwang Chiyeol. Established in , the Golden Disk Awards are the pinnacle of mainstream By the end of the night, Psy took home the digital daesang with.

Sadly over the years all the record company discs seem to have disappeared, including this one.

golden disk awards 2014 ending relationship

As Chamberlain told the NZ Listener, "At some stage during the year, nearly every artist will have talked over with his or her record company the chance of winning the contest. It has considerable prestige and means a lot to the public.

golden disk awards 2014 ending relationship

This was at the insistence of Charles Haines, who wanted to see a wider voting franchise. A lucky voter won a return trip to Wellington to see the show. The black and white image doesn't do justice to Mr.

His acceptance was "I owe this award to all who voted for me — it's thanks to you. By the winner of the competition to guess the Top Ten had a much more frugal prize also saw another Loxene Golden Disc TV show, this time broadcast two days before the ceremony.

golden disk awards 2014 ending relationship

It is the reason we have clips from the likes of The Underdogs and Sandy Edmonds. These clips were shown by the four local stations repeatedly over the next few years. Phil Warren, working with venue owner Kerridge Odeon, took Mr.

A large amount of money was made, but probably not by the acts.

WGM couple as emcees for Golden Disk Awards – who are they trying to save? - UpBeatz

The programme for the tour "I've been everywhere, man Allison Durbin's Golden Disc also saw the addition of Cover of The Year but there seems to be no record as to who won this, either this year or in any following. For the first time the judges — the selectors of the final 10 — were all radio people: The judging panel was very much a radio panel The top 10 was: The committee thanks Keith Richardson for his support - Keith Richardson collection Adding a bizarre twist, one of the singers in The Shevelles was pregnant and overdue.

Her waters broke on stage while they were performing the song at the Auckland ceremony. She then got on the plane to Wellington, and an ambulance met her at the airport. Whilst there was still one supreme award, there were now two second-tier awards, one for the group and one for a solo artist.

In addition, a producer award was added. The selection of the finalists now also moved to a wider panel of nationwide radio stations. The solo award went to Shane for his similarly grand No. The top 10 were: There was some discussion, too, about abolishing the main award and having just equal group and solo awards but this never eventuated and the supreme award remained.

It was too important a sales tool to the industry. The show, as it had been sincewas MC-ed by Peter Sinclair. HMV had nine of the top 12 and a 10th was recorded in their studios. Dress Suit, and Ladies: This first generation Tui trophy was originally sculpted by Alex Kennedy and cast from solid bronze, weighing in at a hefty 1.

However, the show made the headlines for all the wrong reasons when a fight broke out between members of Herbs and The Exponents. Trouble at the awards The state broadcaster eventually conceded to showing a highlights package on the Sunday morning with costs covered by RIANZ. However, with the relationship between the parties strained, the following year's show moved to TV3.

golden disk awards 2014 ending relationship

The resulting shows were heavy on the cultural cringe scale, with an insistence on guest international performers including Melissa Etheridge inChris Issak in Fortunately this trend was scuppered when the awards returned to a wholly RIANZ-run affair in after a general feeling of unease that the co-brand concept distilled the promotion of NZ music.

Other than the occasional international guest presenter, the NZ Music Awards remains resolutely focused on celebrating and promoting the local industry. Eligibility, administration and judging was also an issue; in one case Don McGlashan was both judge and nominee.

EXO and PSY Take Home Daesangs! Complete List of Winners of the 28th Golden Disk Awards

Aghast that the situation had been allowed to occur, McGlashan excluded himself, but the die was already cast that the awards were little more than an industry back-slapping exercise. Eventually the awards were moved to the Aotea Centre, a venue previously used in the mids.

Whilst the Aotea Centre made it easier to stage both show and function, accommodating TV rostrum cameras was a challenge and it was painfully obvious when the industry audience vacated their seats to head to the bar.

So after four consecutive shows at the Aotea, change was in the air once again. Holt and Caddick argued that a bigger budget show would result in an event that was more attractive to sponsors. Eligibility rules were resolved and finally committed to documentation. Inthe next phase of awards history was ushered in, driven by the executive team of Managing Director Campbell Smith — a seasoned promoter, artist manager and entertainment lawyer — and Adam Holt, who was now Chairman of RIANZ.

First the Tui got a makeover, being redesigned and manufactured from a considerably lighter, gold-plated aluminum. Responding to a call for more public engagement, the show was moved from the Aotea Centre to its current home at Vector Arena inwhich not only allowed for banquet seating but also meant that up to 6, members of the public could now experience the awards show. The Legacy Award brought the tally of awards presented during the main ceremony to In the judging committee for the Golden Disc was a mere five people three broadcasters, a journalist and a sponsor representative.

Fourteen people — mostly journalists — comprised the panel in By there were 30 judges made up of TV, radio, press, retail and industry.