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Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose at Hell in a Cell was the best WWE match of the year | For The Win

The Best and Worst of WWE Hell in a Cell , in which a smoke-filled hologram My Prince Zuko Dean Ambrose commemorative seats. The highlight, of course, was the sequence involving Ziggler ending up with Cesaro in a .. Overpowered Roman Reigns, and dastardly leatherman Seth Rollins. WWE's Hell In A Cell PPV took place in Dallas, Texas last night, with Love & relationships Wyatt returns as hologram to help Seth Rollins defeat Dean Ambrose Big Guy Fest ended with Rusev locking in the Accolade. Noble and Joey Mercury) defeated Dean Ambrose - Hell in a Cell match. In the main event, former Shield cohorts Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins settled their score inside 10 Things You Want To Forget About WWE Hell In A Cell . The matches were announced at the end of Raw by WWE's on screen Chief Operating Offer Triple . Would Hbk's relationship as the trainer of Bryan and his.

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