Kiss 2014 meet and greet

kiss 2014 meet and greet

KISS has announced its first set of End Of The Road Tour Dates, kicking KISS Meet and Greet Experiences will be available beginning. KISS Online: The Official KISS Website. End Of The Road World Tour. The Final Tour Ever - Kiss End Of The Road World Tour. Kiss Army · VIP Experience. One of everyone's "favorite" topics to fight about lately has been GNR's vip packages. I have always taken the stance that if you have the money.

I had purchased a Def Leppard meet and greet package and, long after the KISS meet and greet group entered the venue, we waited and waited for our host to show up. When he finally arrived, he explained that the gear in LA, which would normally have been loaded up at 7 am, was not loaded until 11 am.

Kiss - Meet and Greet 2013 - Monster tour in Prague

With Kobra and the Lotus, the opening act, scheduled to start at 7 pm, that left only two hours for everything to get set up. Our host explained to us that Kobra may not perform that night and the show might start with Def Leppard at 8 pm their regularly scheduled time to take the stage.

Joe Elliott of Def Leppard So everything was late and everybody was scrambling to make up time. These two powerhouse bands could have done anything they wanted and everybody would have rushed to accommodate them, but the opposite happened. Upon learning the Leppard meet and greet was ready to go, the guys in Def Leppard rushed to the meet and greet tent while KISS graciously waited until our meet and greet was over before starting their acoustic set. Not only that, Kobra took the stage right on time.

During the KISS set, Paul Stanley made the statement that they were not able to do a lot of things they normally did during a show. Kobra could have been easily bumped to complete more of the stage set up.

kiss 2014 meet and greet

I like to think that both of these bands remember what it was like when they were just starting and, being driven by integrity instead of egos, stayed true to their arrangement with Kobra. Vivian Campbell, Phil Collen, and Sav of Def Leppard in Phoenix As for the performances themselves, both bands were the peak of entertainment that fans have come to expect. Leppard has a what-you-see-is-what-you-get style.

VIDEO TRAILER: KISS Announces First Set of 'End Of The Road' Tour Dates - California Rocker

Relaxed in jeans and t-shirts even the usually bare-chested Phil Collen had a vest on but energetic. In the Leppard camp, having fun means being able to poke fun at yourselves as singer Joe Elliott did when introducing drummer Rick Allen. During the introduction, Elliott pointed out that Allen was wearing an original pair of Union Jack shorts.

While I had to leave before Def Leppard finished its set so I could go backstage for the Paul Stanley guitar meet and greet, everything I saw them perform — especially the terrific acoustic set — was excellent.

They are a band every rock fan should see at least once. Going backstage to meet Paul Stanley was the highlight of the evening for me for several reasons. I was also fortunate enough to be the first person to ever receive a silver version of his Starfire Washburn guitar, which, as you can see from the photo above, is a beautiful instrument.


He spoke to Dina of how great the band was and how he wished she and her mother would one day get the chance to see and meet the band. Knowing this, I decided to bring Dina backstage with me instead of Chris. Paul Stanley and Dina posing with a photo of her recently deceased father. Then, a few minutes later Paul entered the room and he and Dina started talking about a variety of things.

kiss 2014 meet and greet

He took it from her, examined it carefully and paid attention to every word she said. Paul was also kind enough to pose for multiple photos with Dina and autograph her tour book.

VIDEO TRAILER: KISS Announces First Set of ‘End Of The Road’ Tour Dates

Me interviewing Paul Stanley. The rest of the meet and greet consisted of me having Paul autograph his autobiography for me, and I got to fulfill a dream by interviewing him one-on-one.

Of course, it was a brief interview but I was able to get in a few questions. Decaf coffee, half and half, a couple of Equals.

kiss 2014 meet and greet

If you were to write a second book, what would it be about? We have Face The Music. How about Deface The Music? Ya know, just to give kids some kind of support and let them know that being a little different is not always easy but it has its own rewards. You spoke about recording a new solo album. Would you be open to having artists whose work you admire, like Rod Stewart, make guest appearances on songs? I just saw Rod two days ago.

kiss 2014 meet and greet

Of course, of course. I just saw Rod, we live very close to each other.