Ladies college sports meet 2014

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ladies college sports meet 2014

Sports Day. Sports Days at Handsworth Wood Girls' Academy. After a long awaited comeback, this year Handsworth Wood Girls' Academy organised Sports . Sports Meet ; Sports Meet ; Sports Meet ; Sports Meet ; Sports Meet Annual Ladies' College – Musaeus College Regatta. Ludhiana, February 25, Students of Guru Nanak Girls College, Ludhiana on Tuesday presented a colourful start on the occasion of.

Our girls have brought laurels to the school and we are sure that they will continue to due so in the year to come. CRICKET Under the able guidance of miss sultana khan a renowned coach who is also under the aegis of Rajasthan cricket acadamy, cricket has remained one of the most vital sport in mayo. The school has a by 90 yards soccer field, and the students are trained under the supervision of a professional coach.

Throughout the year the students mainly participate in IPSC competitions and further participate in the National level tournaments after selection. Mayo also organizes Soccer Interhouse to encourage more participation of the students.

The winning house is awarded with a trophy at the Prize Giving. The school is well equipped with all the gadgets needed for the sport.

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Mayo not only helps the students to build their strength and stamina but also helps in developing qualities like teamwork, unity and leadership. Mayo helps on the overall development of the students.

Adequately equipped with two swimming pools junior and senior both twenty-five meters each and a diving well along with a qualified coach, the school promises an enriching experience for the students interested. Understanding the practical importance of the activity in day to day life, swimming has been made a compulsory class to be attended by every girl from the 4th to the 12th grade. The students practice regularly and participate in various regional, state and national competitions and continue to raise the bar of perfection year after year.

The school has even hosted district level competitions. However, as well as being a dynamic and athletic Olympic and Paralympic Sport, it is also a popular recreational activity played indoors and outdoors. Tables are appearing everywhere from sports halls to parks, A game is up to 11 points and players win points by hitting a lightweight plastic ball over a net so that their opponents either cannot return it or are forced into an error. Under the guidance of our coach we practice meditation, power yoga, rope yoga and asans regularly.

Our school provides mats to the students for the practices. Apart from this, the junior classes assisted and mentored by the senior students put up a yoga display twice in an year, With each passing year, yoga as a sport has evolved in various aspects and the performances level has risen. Our Equestrians have been representing the school in prestigious IPSC, Regional and National level competitions and have been consistently raising the bars of excellence.

Being one of the only sports where men and women compete together and a sport having the best diversity between ages, our girls get valuable experiences that reflect their interests, goals and abilities along with enhancing their passion for Equestrian.

Despite strong competitors, we managed a Bronze in 4x50m this year. The team stumbled when the third player backed out due to medical reasons and a substitute had to be flown in on a very short notice. The players performed well individually and as a team. Intense training sessions of about 4 hours daily brought them closer to victory. When asked about the facilities, the players suggested that the membership card routine be scrapped for Inter IIT and potential Inter IIT players since it involves a lot of hustle.

Along with that, it was suggested that the players be provided by plane tickets for travel since the train journey is unreasonably long and tiring. There are more participants as compared to last year so all in all things are looking up for this team.

D.S. Senanayake College - Sport meet '

Athletics The Athletics contingent put up a strong display at Bombay picking up a bronze medal, a huge improvement over the 6th place they secured at the previous Inter-IIT. Captain Samar believes that this improvement is because of the full-time coach allocated to the team. The athletics practice started early in the spring semester itself and continued through the summer also.

Intense practice sessions took place thought the Durga Puja vacations and also during the month of November. With the majority of the team remaining the samethe Athletics team would be aiming for an even better performance next year.

ladies college sports meet 2014

The defeat led to the team being matched against Delhi in the quarters, where they lost without much of a fight The fact that two of the team members were in their final year hurt their respective practice sessions and cost the team during the tournament. More importantly, like in the case of many other games, the players suffered due to absence of coaching faculty during training and the tournament at Bombay.

The only coaching they received, from a visiting coach, lasted for just two days, and amounted to nothing significant, as reported by team member Saket Thavanani. The facilities available at KGP were also extremely adverse for training of the team, with only one among the three available courts suitable for practice.

Further, very often the players themselves had to mop the court and clear it of dust or bird droppings in order to make it game-ready.

Sports, Adhiyamaan College of Engineering, Hosur.

The team successfully defeated IIT Madras in the quarter finals but ran low on morale when it came to the match against IIT Guwahati, having lost to them last year. After a tough match, Guwahati was taken down in semis. Anushka Gupta, the captain, took responsibility for the missed Gold and admitted it was the outcome of a bad decision.

Nevertheless, it was a step ahead from last year. They practiced playing under the influence of anti-cheering without allowing it to affect their performance, like it did last time.

ladies college sports meet 2014

The team faced a lot of negative cheering from the home crowd, but won anyway. Although our players are at par with players of other IITs, infrastructure becomes the game changer.

Other teams have better facilities and management and are therefore performing better. Anushka pointed out that the training facilities in Kharagpur need a great deal of improvement. According to her, scrapping Shaurya was a bad move. Moreover, the least that could have been done was give players quality match practice against other colleges.

The entire team that reached the semifinals this year, which included a new player, an M. Tech 1st year, are going to graduate at the same time. The captain hopes that more people can be taken under their wing and trained to Inter IIT standards before she graduates.

Basketball The basketball team from KGP bagged bronze defeating Varanasi in the third place match after losing to Bombay in the semi final. Later, KGP had it easy against Varanasi in the third place match, though the victory was only by 1 point The team and the coach had their task cut out before the meet since a fair number of top players from last year graduated.

Now, since more players are graduating, Aditya expects the coach to once again build a good team with new players and hopes are that there will be fierce competition to fill the void.

Interhouse Swimming Meet

While the performance was better than last year, the team believes it could have done a lot more. Like other sports, it came to light that the girls face neglection in a lot of ways. A need was felt for an indoor court. The captain pointed out that just before Inter IIT, it rained quite often in Kharagpur making it impossible to play on a wet court.

Riding high on confidence after the silver that they won in the previous tournament in Guwahati, the team had high hopes from Bombay and it showed. Kharagpur managed to win all their matches, including the group stages where they defeated Gandhinagar, Mandi and Bhubhaneshwar. In the knockout rounds, Kharagpur defeated Guwahati in the quarters and Delhi in the semis, before going on to win against IIT-BHU in the finals and erasing all the bittersweet memories of the finals defeat to Kanpur the year before.

ladies college sports meet 2014

This led to an entirely new crop of players being thrust to the forefront. That same group of players today were able to defy all expectations and have given KGPians something to be proud about. The fast pitches in IIT Bombay and the prevalence of high quality cricketing conditions allowed the team to assert their dominance over the less technically adept teams. Football The football team from KGP put up a fantastic show at Bombay, managing to not concede a single field goal throughout the tournament and finishing third in the process.

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The team cruised comfortably through the group stages, and the quarter final to be matched with Roorkee in the semi-final. In the semi-final, both teams remained goalless at full time, after which Roorkee came out on top of KGP in the penalty shootouts. KGP defeated Hyderabad in a very single sided third place match to clinch the bronze medal. The team had it easy in the group stages claiming victories over GandhinagarMandi and Indore to face Bombay in the quarter finals.