Macleans island swap meet christchurch 2014 corvette

macleans island swap meet christchurch 2014 corvette

The Top Best Local Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Near You. See User Reviews, Phone Numbers, Addresses & Directions Nearby! Platinum Dental Care - Salt. WEB Facebook Phtos on Flikr nz Newsletter Contributions Contributions are what 2 nd in the Superbike GP and left the South Island leading the points chase. Street Races Feb 25/26th NZ Superbike Champs Taupo Plus Trials meets too! .. around the famous Cemetery Circuit was in when Moir won race two, but. Dec 1, ( is the quickest and easiest method of . (67 Cougar), and I assist my brother Neil (34 Ford Coupe, 73 Corvette, 58 Chev.) salt spray, so after cleaning it off the windscreen we headed for Christchurch for the McLeans Island swap meet ( plus sites) and car show.

Natasha did the flames on the guards herself; thanks to the use of rubber paint, they glow in the dark. Better still, she can peel them off if she gets sick of them.

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The ci small block Chev engine was rebuilt by race engine builder, Jason Fleck, and, with an old transmission behind it, pushed the car to a Even though Colin is a true-blue Ford man, he lovingly rebuilt the ci small block Chev engine when required, and back on the road she went. Suzie was proud when, at the Canterbury All Ford day a few years back — with more than cars entered — she got in the Top The awards are just a bonus.

The Model A was starting to show its age and a makeover was due, so Mal got stuck in and gave it a thorough once over. It now boasts a very sweet Chev with twin four-barrel manifold and carbs and plenty of chrome.

macleans island swap meet christchurch 2014 corvette

During the rebuild, the chassis rails were boxed and a new independent front end fitted. Mal, being handy with metal, moved the cowl forward and installed flush-fit doors.

macleans island swap meet christchurch 2014 corvette

He also filled the roof and created a one-piece front end. The Christchurch local had rebuilt it after having the bucket off the road for many years.

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It was originally built by John Petrovsky way back in Apart from a personalized plate, the only other changes she has made are to get a new carburettor — which was fitted and tuned at Springs Road Auto Services — and add a few minor cosmetic touches. Now all she does is drive the T-bucket as much as she can, clocking up plenty of miles.

The bucket scored third place in the Best T-Bucket Class. It's like Easter for petrolheads, and God knows there are a few horsepower zealots kicking about in this town.

My 1976 Suzuki a100

As a kid I'd buy Jedi cards and toys. As a teenager I'd buy lighters and spend the day smoking ciggies and making glad-eyes at girls.

macleans island swap meet christchurch 2014 corvette

Now, as a grown-up I've developed into a full-blown swap meet creature where I run a garden-centre wagon for loading car parts onto and operate a detailed list that I refer to throughout the day.

Plus I've learned that you've got to have structure if you're going to make sure you visit every stall. This weekend it looks like the former — best have your gummies, jacket and umbrella loaded up.

macleans island swap meet christchurch 2014 corvette

Oh well, bad weather equals less people, equals better bargains. Gone are the days of convincing some poor seller that their side-valve Ford V8 engine is only worth its weight in scrap metal.

macleans island swap meet christchurch 2014 corvette

Pay at the gate to support the car club. I'd suggest taking Friday off work — tell your boss I said it's fine — and call it a cultural experience.

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The good stuff needs to be got on Friday morning. Then head back on Sunday afternoon. Anything remaining by that point is asking for a rock-bottom offer.

I'll see y'all over the weekend.