Milton keynes slot car swap meet 2014

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milton keynes slot car swap meet 2014

Pioneer Ford Mustang Notchback NSCC Milton Keynes swap meet X-Ray orange. Limited Edition number / The National Scalextric Collectors. Items 10 - 18 of 44 NSCC is the UK based slot car collectors club. Scalextric McLaren MP4, NSCC Milton Keynes Swap Meet £ Add to Cart. Casino milton keynes fireworks times casino in baltimore maryland casino gry online za darmo slot car games online play casino near hamburg casino Online Games of Skill Bill, which prohibits any form of gambling in the state. .. napoleon london casino long beach swap meet casino warrington ohio.

Min diameter 15 mm. Max overall width 8mm not contact patch Minimum ground clearance of the chassis and body between the wheels is 1. Min overall width 6mm Rear wheels and tyres: Max overall width 10mm not contact patch Minimum ground clearance of the chassis and body between the wheels is 1. Lexan or flexible vacuum formed bodies are not permitted. In all cases where wide arches are used proof of them on the real car maybe be required and arches may not extend more than 2mm either side of the main bodywork and may not exceed the maximum width allowed for the class.

'King, Scar' Milton Keynes Car Meet Edit

All cars must have clear window glass etc fitted where it appears on the prototype. Vacuum formed windows and headlight covers are permitted. All cars must have an interior consisting of either rigid plastic or vacuum formed plastic and have a 3 dimensional representation of a driver consisting of at least a head, shoulders, arms, hands and the upper part of a steering wheel.

The interior must fill the cockpit area of the car so that the chassis is not visible when looking through the windows of the car.

milton keynes slot car swap meet 2014

Bodies must be attached to the chassis securely. CHASSIS The chassis, wheels and tyres, motor, running gear and guide assembly when centralised must not be visible from directly above or through the interior.

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Wheelbase is to be as accurate as possible to the car it is based upon and the wheels must sit in the centre of the arches when looking from the side of the car. Wheels must be representative of the real wheels and have appropriate inserts fitted Chassis can be made from any material but must be of an inline configuration only.

Weight may be added inside the car only and must be securely fixed. This is a non magnet event. Traction magnets are NOT allowed.

milton keynes slot car swap meet 2014

I did try mainly because Daniel Riccardo was on it. A future world champion I have no doubt and a very nice chap. But it was no good I had to turn it off. I know it is a cliche but I will never get those minutes back. An absolute insult to intelligence. I just do not understand why people actually enjoy this complete and utter rubbish. It is on the same level as Big Brother and The Voice.

The Duffer's Guide to Scalextric Restoration: February

Three total wankers sliding cars round an airfield and shouting a bit. Then a bit about ambulances About as comical as a wart.

milton keynes slot car swap meet 2014

I do realise it is only me because every body in the world loves Top Gear. I just dont get it, all three presenters are unbelievably irritating.

NSCC milton Keynes Swapmeet 2016

A couple of years ago May did a scalex thing at a Brooklands swapmeet, making a track a round the Brooklands track. Did he mix or talk to people? But he did stand on the balcony of one of the buildings quaffing wine and waving at us plebs below. I dont think he really had a lot of interest in slot cars. Now back to slot cars the Nuremberg toy fair has been on and MRE have sent some interesting reports nothing particularly interesting for me apart from a new firm, Vulcan. They are doing as Escort MkI, one of my favourite cars.

milton keynes slot car swap meet 2014

I just hope it is better when in production than it looks in the photos which looks like a MkI and MkII love child. Nothing much Historicthe policar GP cars pretty damn good though especially the Lotus Got to be better than the Scalex one.

milton keynes slot car swap meet 2014

Not that I am biased of course. And anything SlotIt always looks pretty good to me. The Chap 2G looks very nice and the Nissan group C car will be on my want list. Right back to work. As an after thought I dont think anyone at Top Gear will be worried or interested in my rant.