One direction meet and greet nyc 2014

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one direction meet and greet nyc 2014

Nov 26, Click here for One Direction Concert Tickets, Concert Dates . One Direction's two other New York City performances also had average resale. Harry Styles Tickets tickets for the upcoming concert tour are on sale at StubHub. Awards (in and ), along with numerous other accolades, including. Nov 24, She did not get to meet One Direction. "After" Author Anna Todd Describes Sitting Nine Rows Behind One Direction at the AMAs Nov 24, . And they perform it on their tour, too, so their fans love it, so I think that's probably why they did it. Celebrity Sightings in New York City - August 6,

The group consists of members: While the band failed to win the British talent show, the boys won a lot of fans and did secure third place on the show. The band is one of the first to have achieved such extensive fame solely through the use of online social media platforms.

one direction meet and greet nyc 2014

Live reviews One Direction One Direction's performance was spectacular. Even though One Direction was the main event, their opening performances were a great hit.

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Jamie Scott and 5 Seconds of Summer really know how to please a crowd, especially when they are all so good looking. The stage was massive and had many great features including moving parts, lights, confetti, and two huge HD screens so that every part of the audience is able to see the boys clearly at all times.

one direction meet and greet nyc 2014

One Direction came out with so much energy and enthusiasm, and because it was Niall's birthday, he came out with balloons attached to him while playing the guitar and singing. The boys interacted with the fans and even asked if it was anyone's birthday.

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They sang like angels and even showed off some dance moves. The boys had a great set list for their concert, with most of their songs being the more recent ones. One Direction looked great, which isn't a surprise, because they always look fabulous.

I went, it was great fun to meet the fans and see the show but next time I must wear ear plugs; louder than you could ever imagine.

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Here are a few photos of what transpired this week. While in town 5 SOS ate a lot of cheese steaks. When he got to the other side, 5SOS made a u turn and went right back over, going through EZPass, the fans they had to pay cash and they lost them. They were discovered by Louis from One Direction, who tweeted that his followers should follow them.

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Then 1D took a financial interest in the under 20 boy band and now 5SOS is gaining popularity as well. Folks would dress up for their wedding day and then One Direction would call them out and ask them to marry them.

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Then you would have bragging rights, more than Taylor Swift too: Harry asked me to marry him. See below for my Fox 29 segment about it. Michelle G met Harry in DC at their hotel. The Cake Boss family with One Direction. The fans still holding out hope thought One Direction would be coming back from the concert too.

The barricades were put up and everyone got behind them. Other people who came through the door over the passed few days Luke Butler, and Linken Park.