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tmnt 2014 meet splinter ninja

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a American action adventure film based on the Mirage Studios characters of the Meet the new face of justice. taglines 2 Master Splinter; 3 Shredder; 4 Others; 5 Dialogue; 6 Taglines; 7 External links. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an action comedy film released in the Splinter knew martial arts before meeting the turtles, Shredder and. Minor Plot hole: The ninja turtles are huge 8 feet tall green monsters – and yet they fit Major Plot hole: How can Splinter know about Shredder? So when did he develop this antagonism towards this cyborg-samurai he never met?.

April continues digging into the Turtles' past, and she tells Thompson about what she saw the previous night. Unfortunately, this gets her fired.

O'Neil were working on. She shows Sacks the photo of the Turtles, and he takes her into his room to tell her about his past in Japan, being abandoned by his father and learning of a legend about a ruthless warlord in the area. He gives April his card. April logs onto her computer to find some news on the Turtles in the subway, only to find that Donnie hacked her computer and sent her an address for her to meet them at.

She goes alone and the Turtles take her into their lair.

tmnt 2014 meet splinter ninja

There, she meets Splinter, who remembered April before he mutated. He tells her that her father was working with Sacks and Shredder, but he learned that Shredder was planning something evil, and so Dr.

O'Neil burned the lab down, at the cost of his own life. April saved Splinter and the Turtles, and she took them to the sewers to be safe. The mutagen later took effect and turned Splinter into a walking and talking rat that raised the Turtles as his sons. The boys were always curious about life above the surface, but Splinter tried to keep them away, and instead taught himself the art of ninjitsu before passing it down to the Turtles.

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When they were ready, he armed them with their trademark weapons Leo with his katanas, Donnie with his bo staff, Raph with his sai, and Mikey with his nunchucks. Splinter expresses his thanks to April for protecting them. Sacks is really working for Shredder, and they come by his armor, which has been given some upgrades. The Foot Clan also manages to track the location of the lair. They infiltrate the place, triggering an alarm that alerts the Turtles.

The Foot Soldiers break in with a bomb and blow the place open. The Turtles fight the Soldiers, and Splinter gets in on the action himself. Mikey brings April to a safe spot before returning to fight. Shredder enters the lair, decked out in his armor with multiple knives on each arm.

tmnt 2014 meet splinter ninja

He faces off with Splinter, who dodges Shredder's knives and gets a few good hits in. Splinter shuts the doors to protect his sons, but they lift them up in time to see Shredder grab Splinter and hold him before the Turtles, threatening to kill him if they don't lay down their weapons.

tmnt 2014 meet splinter ninja

They do so, but Shredder still hits Splinter hard enough to take him out, while the Soldiers cattle-prod the Leo, Donnie, and Mikey, capturing them and then blowing the lair up. Raph emerges from the rubble and goes with April to take Splinter to rest. He pleads with Raph to save his brothers and stop Shredder.

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Raph gets ready to spring into action. April calls Vern to take her and Raph to the Sacks Estate again. Vern sees Raph and, although he's shocked, he complies and drives them. In the laboratory beneath his home, Sacks holds Leo, Donnie, and Mikey in cages, trying to extract their blood that contains mutagen.

His and Shredder's plan is to infect the city with a toxin that would quarantine the city, and then seize control over everyone with the mutagen to use as a cure.

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Outside, Vern rams through the gate, running over Foot Soldiers. His plan is for Sacks to create both a toxin and an antidote. Shredder will get the people to fear the clan like he wanted and Sacks will make an incredible amount of money at the same time. A few years pass and progress is slow. The toxin mutagen was easy to create, but the antidote requires more time.

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Splinter discovers Shredders plan and informs Sato of his treachery. Believing entirely in his cause, Shredder injects Sato and Splinter with the Mutagen. As Sato battles Shredder, Splinter makes his way into the lab and destroys it. As he leaves the lab, he sees Sato killed by Shredder.

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The mutagen goes to work on his body, turning him into a rat like creature, while the turtles become more humanoid. Splinter knew martial arts before meeting the turtles, Shredder and Splinter have bad blood between them, the mutagen is key to creating the turtles.

However, what is to follow can be taken as a political agenda, which it certainly is not. It is a movie trope that has been used often and it has been done to bits: Someone trying to be a serious Insert Job Here. But why do you need characters making ridiculous decisions to move the plot forward? And the jokes you wish to create, are they relevant to the plot or some sort of toilet humor to lighten the mood? Characters in movies should be believable and if they were to make illogical decisions, it breaks the immersion for the audience.

Highly intelligent characters, mind you. When the FBI and a terrorist organisation team-up to take down a super-computer capable of rendering every electronic device on the planet inert, one would expect more than a handful of guys will show up and with military grade weapons more powerful than a few mortars.

For a professional to be motivated to venture outside the allowed jurisdiction, that person will have to either be a low ranking individual with nothing to lose, or a world-renowned powerhouse famous for the big scoops. Was he planning to burn them afterwards?

What was the plan of escape of the villains after they release the deadly gas on New York City? Did they all inject themselves with the cure already?

Remember that they were in a super-important hurry to get to that building as fast as possible — so it is rather unlikely that they synthesized enough cure for every men, let alone inject it. With all the CCTV cameras in New York City — it seems impossible to fathom the possibility that none of these huge giant monster turtles with colorful headbands would never be caught on camera.

Especially considering the fact that they take the time to leave their unique graffiti everywhere they go.