Wicked big meet 2014

Wicked Big Meet; The Big Cheddah - ISC Suspension

wicked big meet 2014

I was going to go, but we all spend most of the weekend at OC AWD meet in Maryland and it was just too far. Looks like it was an awesome time. Out of curiosity, who is going to the wicked big meet? Anyone doing the autocross? Where is everyone coming from? The Website. I can help with hours of site setup at Stafford Motor Speedway on Saturday June 7th between 10 AM and 4 PM. I can help for 4 hours minimum at the event at.

  • Wicked Big Meet 2014
  • Wicked Big Meet; The Big Cheddah
  • Wicked Big Meet 2014 presented by Subaru of New England

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wicked big meet 2014