10 relationship harsh truths about life

9 HARSH TRUTHS we all need to know about relationships

10 relationship harsh truths about life

Knowing these 10 relationship truths will help you reach that goal. but later, you realize that the character and ways of life do not make the. Few folks in my life do that—and that's probably similar in your life. He compared a committed relationship to a snake in a bamboo tube–you. Discover more about the twenty brutal truths about relationships that no one Instead of talking about the weather or celebrity gossip, start living a more fulfilling life. Your fears of being flawed and unlovable are the reasons you' re No matter how hard you try, you can never truly convey the depth of.

In any case, we fail at a few points and we succeed at a few.

10 relationship harsh truths about life

Either way, we come out of the experience with a new lesson, every time. Lessons I have abided by and have successfully reached a point where I am content with myself and my amazing partner.

16 Hard Truths About Our Relationships No One Wants to Admit

Do not expect a prince charming or a queen of hearts Your expectations actually discourage your partner to a great level. When someone constantly falls short of doing something for you, try and think differently. Maybe it is really you who is being unconditionally over demanding. Hard to hear, I know, but that is the truth sometimes.

10 Harsh Truths About Life That Will Help You Become Stronger And Wiser

Do NOT over-burden your partner with so many expectations that they start failing at everything, even the things they knew they could do or perform for you. Not everybody tells the truth The harsh truth is many of us will compromise on our morals to get what we want. They will respect your life goals, your words, your choices, your body and especially your emotions. People will take you for granted if you keep on compromising Now, there is a fine line that you walk on when it comes to compromises.

Sometimes, you have got to guide your partner into not letting you compromise on a few things and let yourself be guided by your partner. Sometimes, things are easier if we stop considering each other as machines and accept that there are things one can do and not do.

Such people often turn out to be your closest friends.

10 relationship harsh truths about life

The people you love will be gone. Not all people will be good to and happy for you. Not everyone will be willing to offer you the love, respect, and support you give them.

10 relationship harsh truths about life

Not everyone will be proud of and praise you for your achievements. Not everyone will be there when you need their encouragement and help. Some people will always envy you, downplay the importance of your successes, and want to make you feel unworthy.

10 relationship harsh truths about life

Ugh, this one is brutal, but not everyone gets to experience true love. This kind of love which is raw and pure is rare and only a few are lucky to find it. Instead of focusing all your time and energy on it, try to enjoy the opportunities and pleasures life offers you.


And who knows, maybe true love will hit you when you expect it the least. You can never be percent sure you can have a full confidence in someone, including those you hold dear and who are supposed to be honest with you. Everyone has their own interests. Find out what your greatest priorities and interests are and work towards them. No one is ever too busy to respond.

If someone hurt you real bad, chances are that was their intention. If you find yourself thinking: