Guy freaked out about relationship

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guy freaked out about relationship

Growing up, I always felt I approached relationships differently from most. My philosophy was: "And if he does freak out, give him a bit of space. If it is a healthy. But just because we're freaking out doesn't mean we're having doubts about where the That leads to the second reason guys bug out. He's the one to blame for making you feel secure enough in the relationship to He freaked out. He's not a commitment-phobe, he's a commitment freak.

All they know is that they need to take cover and hide until these "strange" emotions are suppressed and go away—which usually involves you going away as well—since being with you caused these "weird" feelings in the first place. Once a guy has accomplished getting back some sense of "normalcy" there is typically regret behind his decision but his pride and ego will help him move on—convincing himself that he did the right thing. Most men don't even realize what they are doing until it's too late.

Unfortunately, vulnerability is a very strong feeling. As it creeps in, there are men who will take the cowardly approach and stop all contact, while others will take the immature approach and emotionally push you away—by starting a fight or doing something to upset you: Regardless, the end result is usually a break-up. How can he act like you never meant anything to him? Since most women are emotional and long to make a meaningful connection with a guy who "gets" them and isn't afraid to emotionally open up, it can feel devastating when you make a connection only to witness a rapid change in his behavior.

It doesn't matter if you were not the one who brought up the "future" talk, or opened up first about your feelings or your past.

It doesn't matter if you didn't share private things about yourself before he did or introduced your friends and family first. Men who freak themselves out do exactly that. They get swept up on the moment, which is swirled around in a crapload of intense feelings—until a few days, weeks or even months later—before he analyzes, and thinks too much, which causing him to panic.

The Real Reasons Men Pull Away When They Are Falling In Love

Yes, hearing a man open up and share his feeling that are real at the time! His actions aren't as complicated as you think. Most men are "programmed" not to cry, not to get emotional—to "be a man" and be strong.

The moment vulnerability creeps in, some get scared like little boys and run away. As women, we want to pull them out, coddle them and tell them it's ok—sometimes, that isn't the best answer.

guy freaked out about relationship

Unfortunately, when a guy freaks himself out all he can think about is taking cover fast and protecting his heart from getting wounded. He will overanalyze things, he will make up reasons why you and he would ultimately not work in the long run, he will look for flaws—again, giving him excuses to end things, and he will convince himself that he's not ready or wanting a relationship.

Did He Freak Himself Out?

Even if he was convincing you differently through this actions and words! I get it, it doesn't make a lot of sense. How can a guy completely disappear out of your life without any explanation? What do you tell everyone? How do you explain his sudden disappearance out of your life? Did he disappear off the face of the Earth? It isn't much you can do when a guy freaks himself out, but wait—giving a realistic time frame for yourself—and deciding if he's really worth waiting for since there's a big possibility that he could get freaked out again.

When a guy disappears out of your life and stops all communication, sometimes the best thing to do is give him space and hope that he will calm himself down and come back before it's too late and you've put your wall up or moved on.

guy freaked out about relationship

I do think that you should attempt to reach out once or twice—for your own peace of mind, in case something serious has actually happened. However, if he did freak himself out, consistent calling and texting may cause him to close his cave doors even tighter or only bring him out of his cave for a moment before he freaks himself out again.

This is a huge moment because it could mean that things are going to be totally different from what you thought they were going to be. Obviously, if you do stay together, both people could have to make sacrifices to give each other what they want, and that could lead to resentment later down the road. Sometimes, competing with each other can keep you both motivated and also lets the other person know that you care about them and what they do.

Did He Freak Himself Out? | PairedLife

One of the best things you get from a relationship is support, and that usually makes all the work and time and effort that goes into the relationship worth it. Constantly competing with someone else is no picnic, either. Life is stressful enough without the extra worry! And for many people, relationships are about giving things and taking things. Relationships always have been and always will be a two-way street.

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Those who are overly negative or pessimistic can be unpleasant to be around and tend to drag down the mood. If you are a negative person, hide it for the first few weeks or months and then slowly reveal it, you could leave your partner very confused and possibly second-guessing whether he actually wants to be with you or not.

We can all be negative sometimes, but consistent, endless negative behaviors are a lot for anybody to handle.

guy freaked out about relationship

This can come in the form of a constant bad attitude and always expecting the worst from everybody and everything, and it can also be always putting yourself and others down. Because of that, you might be a negative person without even realizing it. Trying hard to focus on the positive elements of your life and things to be grateful for is a huge and powerful step towards being a happier, more optimistic person.

Mixed messages can include pushing him away one minute and being desperate for him the next, and leaning on him sometimes and telling him to keep his distance other times. All these things confuse him because they muddle up your feelings. Do you want him or not?

Though a lot of people get a sense straight away whether they have a connection with somebody else or not, some people get tricked because they are so good together in theory.