I am serious about our relationship is boring

How to Renew Your Relationship Instead of Getting Bored

i am serious about our relationship is boring

Here are 3 simple ways to keep that flash of young love in your relationship. I'm not suggesting that you artificially re-enact this experience if you don't feel like. In my relationship, there are no surprises. I know at least a week in advance what days I'm seeing my partner, what we'll do when we see each other, and. Are you bored in your relationship? at this time; and it's not uncommon to hear that he was bored with her, or that she had lost interest in him.

I believe there are two important ideas to consider. The first has to do with each of you as an individual.

8 tips for when you’re bored in your relationship but don’t want to break up

Are you both engaging in things that are exciting for you on individual level? Whether it is related to career, hobbies, creative endeavors, etc. If you have lost some of those things in your life, which often happens in relationships, it is time to rekindle the passion for them. You will then be able to bring that excitement to the relationship because you will be fulfilled as an individual.

Fatigue often happens when we are doing things that are not that exciting to us. The second idea is to continue to be proactive in exploring new experiences together. You must be willing to do things that stretch you a bit.

i am serious about our relationship is boring

It may something as simple as being more open or vulnerable, or it may be going to places you have never been. It may be expressing more appreciation for each other than you normally would. Growth-oriented actions such as these will lead to more passion and excitement in your relationship. I believe that we are all innately curious and a have fundamental drive to grow and become more, and when this is thwarted we experience boredom.

'I'm getting bored of my relationship. How can we reconnect?' - Telegraph

Each bit of extra information unravels more of this new person that you are treating like a gift to yourself, giddy with the prospect of more to love and lust after.

Create time to listen to them properly so that you can be attentive and present.

i am serious about our relationship is boring

Listening is one of the ways that we show others that we value them and that they are attractive and interesting to us. A little surprise goes a long way.

'I'm getting bored of my relationship. How can we reconnect?'

One of the first things to go in long-term relationships is the element of surprise. You get into a routine, and you no longer arbitrarily decide to take her away for a weekend or buy him a gift just because you felt like it.

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The bouquets of flowers and turning up at lunch breaks with a picnic basket are gone, and you are less willing to make a fool of yourself to make the other person laugh or smile. Although it sounds like an oxymoron, planning more surprises can initiate those weak-at-the-knees passionate feelings that you felt in the earlier stage of your relationship.

Plan the surprises that were more spontaneous before and you may re-experience that love rush. You might even develop your ability to be spontaneously romantic again. At the beginning of a relationship it can seem easy enough to do the dishes straight away after a meal if it buys you brownie points and more affection.

I have found these points really helpful in my relationship, so I hope they are to you.