Mature quotes about relationship problems

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mature quotes about relationship problems

Mature and the wise folks acknowledge the presence of these pressures and seek appropriate advice and resort to relationship problems quotes to overcome . Browse our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous Relationship Problems quotes and Relationship Problems sayings. Explore Nwai Ndyoko's board "Relationship Problems Quotes" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Thinking about you, Thoughts and Words.

So reflect on what love really is, and if you feel needy towards the people in your life, more than you feel a genuine bond of love, then try flipping the script. Oscar Wilde was talking about love. All the people who have experienced a lack of love, know that this is true. This is why you always need to allow room for love in your heart. Make love the focal point of your life, and life will feel like a beautiful garden full of vibrant flowers instead of the dreaded alternative.

For now on, when you get upset with someone, or when you just want a clearer picture of what someone means to you, look at the big picture. Remember the moments where you loved them or felt joy that they were in your life.

Reflect on the relationship as a whole, and you will see things in a much different light. Always Look For And Let Love In A friend of mine runs a relationship blog, and many single people tell him that they have closed themselves off to love forever.

It hurts them too much they say and they are not willing to risk feeling any more pain by letting love into their life. What a mistake they are making! Barbara de Angelis is a relationship consultant, and I imagine that she hears that faulty declaration quite a bit too. The scary truth is that if you close yourself off to love, you are always going to lose out. You will lose out on some insight into yourself and your life.

Relationship Problems Sayings and Quotes

Closing yourself off to love will keep you in a state of anger, resentment, and unhappiness, which is worse than experiencing love and some pain once in a while.

This is really the basis of assumptions in a relationship. You are rarely right because you are just projecting your beliefs on someone else and not actually seeing things from their point of view.

mature quotes about relationship problems

All of these things will eat away at your relationship and cause you to be angry or frustrated, and it all stems from your inability to communicate and find out the truth. If you assume long enough, like Henry Winkler said, those assumptions will eventually eat away the structure of your relationship and it will fall apart.

The ability share our excitements, letdowns, surprises, worries, and joy. We all want people to understand that something has happened to us. We instinctively try to make sure of it!

And, when we have someone to do that with, that need is filled over and over again. Cherish your relationships for this reason. Recognize how powerful it is to talk to someone and share the things that matter most to you with them. They have nothing in common. They have different qualities that they identify with. And, then would rather spend time apart than together. When you dislike each other, bad things happen.

Keep Your Bonds Flexible This is one of the most unique relationship quotes I found, and one of the truest! If you want a relationship to last the test of time, then you need to let go of being rigid in the relationship and, instead, create a flexible bond that goes with the flow, but never breaks.

We grew up with different beliefs, we went on wildly different paths in life, but we always let our bond be like elastic — accepting each other, not getting too rigid with each other, and not letting go of the relationship we have, and that has kept us friends, while everyone else has gone away. Considering that Woody Allen has been divorced twice and married three times, I think he has some insight into what can go wrong in a relationship.

mature quotes about relationship problems

And this quote just shows why his third marriage has likely lasted so long. Relationships grow or fall apart, but they never stay the same. It requires going with the flow, adapting to new things, and working together to move forward happy and fulfilled. When you can both do that, you can keep any relationship moving forward and avoid watching it sink.

Recognizing that love is about two separate people with two separate paths in life is important to have a healthy relationship. Because it is important to have two healthy individuals contributing to the relationship! All you can do is stop growing outside of the relationship and get stuck in a state of being obsessed with each other or dependent on each other, which drains your confidence and affects you negatively. Intimate Relationships Are Hard Intimate relationships are tough.

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Joan Baez is a songwriter who often sings about social justice, and that obviously bonds her with the people who believe in what she is singing about. But, when everyone else leaves, and you are face-to-face with someone who you are invested in, things get a little tough. They also get more rewarding! Look at all the people who are still in your life, and then realize how special they must be to you when you think of this quote.

The people in your life must be something special if you have been willing to keep them around despite how much easier it would have been to leave them. Apply his advice to your life too! If you want someone in your life, and you are doing everything in your power to steal them away from someone else, then you are doing it for the wrong reason.

A relationship is not about trying to get what someone else has or make somebody inaccessible to everyone else. It is about having a bond, supporting each other, and being of value to each other.

Make sure all your relationships are for the right reasons.

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Relationships are supposed to help us feel less alone in the world. And they do have the ability to do that! If you like you and the people in your life, then you will never be lonely. Liking others has everything to do with avoiding judgment, finding commonalities, interacting properly, and sharing experiences.

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Liking yourself has everything to do with being your best and most authentic self at all times and following a moral code that makes you feel good at the end of the day. Ask any relationship expert what you absolutely need in a healthy relationship, and they will tell you trust. How much trust do you have in your relationships? Are you suspicious of everyone? Do you feel like they are never being upfront with you? Trust is a fundamental element of relationships because the opposite of trust — doubt, will cause you to do ridiculous things, such as blame, argue, and hide things from the people in your life.

Doing those things eats away at the bond you have with them. Eventually, that doubt will break the bond completely. For the sake of propriety, we are not naming the individuals by their names. In the first decade of this century, the entire world was witness to an embarrassing relationship crisis that engulfed the US first family.

The immense hurt and turmoil that the then president caused to his wife of more than three decades by accepting in front of global media that he was unfaithful to her made for a gripping and fascinating study of human beings weakness. The first lady was utterly devastated. She was humiliated in public by this admission by her husband. All through the years, she had stoically backed her husband in his political life and had been his staunchest supporter.

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As the quote above illustrates, the husband had caused immense hurt to an individuals who loved him the most — Namely his wife and daughter. This same example is also illuminative of how one can go about finding solutions and mend relationships which have been severely damaged. Keeping in mind the well being of their only daughter and the prestige and image of the highest public position her husband held in US, the first lady graciously forgave the Presidents past misdeeds.

Looking back, it seems that their relationship came out stronger after facing the ultimate test in front of the entire world. This real life story gives us hope to believe that as long as we are genuinely repentant about our mistakes in the management of a relationship and work towards reforming ourselves, the mutual love and respect will mend the relationship over time and lead to better times together.

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