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abbott and costello meet frankenstein avi TvTeam Gigabyte 0 1 Download Abbot and Costello Meet . Stream Abbott and Costello - - Little schizofrenia.info4 via Openload showing of ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN at the Alamo Drafthouse. horror comedy with Abbott and Costello and a cast of horror characters.

Waiting for Guffman A Wedding Wet Hot American Summer The White Sheik Withnail and I You the Living Young Frankenstein Zero for Conduct Thanks to The Dissolve for first bringing this to our attention. Check out Mike Sacks' book right here.

Bill Hader isn't just a great comedic actor, because when you're a cast member on "Saturday Night Live," you're also a writer if you want to survive anyway. Hader also worked as a writer on "South Park," dishing out episodes in just six days, as has become customary for Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein Movie Review

Otherwise, Hader has just become a great comedy star, with roles ranging from Tropic Thunder to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and lead roles in this fall's must see indie The Skeleton Twins he's fantastic in itnot to mention The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigbyand next summer's Trainwreckthe latest film from Judd Apatow.

What's awesome is his range of films here from silent films like The General to much more recent films like Toy Story 3. This is truly an eclectic collection of films with a wide range of different kind of humor, which is what makes it a great study for comedy writers and cinephiles alike. Go watch them now!

ComedyCool Stuff Discover more around the web: True genius Wafffles on Aug 29, 7 Though he gets props for "Coming to America," a movie that somehow was great but turned Eddie Murphy into this disturbing single cast movie machine, I'm skeptical of any comedian who doesn't list "My Cousin Vinny. An amazing straight man in Fred Gwynne, an Oscar winning performance from Tomei, but most importantly Sometimes what comedy writers need to know is that you dance with the girl that brought ya.

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (3/11) Movie CLIP - Dracula Rises (1948) HD

Look at Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan. Do you know how many people think Morgan is a single bit hack?

ACF Classic Movie buffs

I can name 10 among friends alone, but Tina Fey, both at SNL and on 30rock, let him be what he was by giving him material that was both funny but not too far from his range. Too many times we scratch our heads in comedy bot because we didn't get it, but because the person delivering the joke was out of his element.

To see Peschi do what Peschi CAN do is an amazing moment even without the other high points of the movie. Robert on Aug 29, 8 you made me curious so I will watch my Cousin vinny! Thanks for the tip Avi on Aug 29, 9 Love when Vinny shoots widly into the night. Xerxexx on Aug 29, 10 what evil dead on this List???

And where are the two greatest of all time laurel and hardy with there Oscar winning movie the music Box? And where on this List is Charlie Chaplin with the great great movie the great dictator???

And my Personal favorite spaceballs? I think it's a stupid List from a young boy who onley looks on you tube, and the history forgets! Avi on Aug 29, 11 Are you a comedian that makes movies? Do people call you to hire you on projects that millions will see? Sky on Aug 29, 12 euh euh! And who are you hiding behind a monkey face?

Be a man for godsake! When you insult people you can at least show me you are! I thought all americans are pussy's.

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Academy Awards won't be handed out, though they should be. These are actors who know how to act, for they jump into their roles with relish and become the part, rather than force-feeding the audience a George Clooney, a Jim Morrison wannabe and the always dreadful Michael Keaton, all three in their attempts to play Batman as awkward as Lugosi in the role of Frankenstein's monster.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein avi

Spiderman may have been the biggest film of last year in terms of sales, but the costumes, the acting, the condensed plot, it was not satisfying to someone who grew up on the hero. Tobey Maguire is a great Peter Parker, but by not taking the hint from George Lucas and having someone else be Spiderman, the film lost much.

Christopher Reeves as Superman came close, it held the crown until this X-2 burst on the scene. Is Wolverine not Whorf? Jean Grey just Dianna Troy?

abbott and costello meet frankenstein avi

James Marsden a much better and cuter 1. Which brings us to the Queer As Folk aspect of the film. The blatant homosexual aspect of the movie does not take away from its power, it adds to it. Mutants in the closet, nature or nurture, all the sound bites hit so very close to home, and the chemstry between Marsden and Jackman as they both seek the affections of Famke Janssen - Jean Grey doesn't need to be a mind reader to see the jealousy between the two blokes is sexual tension between the two male stars The humor in this movie is right out of the pages of Marvel Comics.

The scriptwriters and director utilize that lack of freedom admirably.