Doctor who partners in crime and donna meet

Doctor Who Season 4 Transcripts: 4x01 - Partners in Crime

doctor who partners in crime and donna meet

The Doctor is reacquainted with Donna, who helps him stop the The premiere of season 4, Partners In Crime, opens near-identically to Martha's goes to meet slimmer Stacey Harris (Jessica Gunning), while The Doctor. (Both the Doctor and that annoying, loud woman, Donna Noble, walk along .. ( The Doctor and Donna meet on the stairs and embrace.). "Partners in Crime" is the first episode of the fourth series of the British science fiction television In the episode, Donna and the alien time traveller the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) meet while Donna Noble has become disenchanted with her normal life for two years since meeting the Doctor in "The Runaway Bride".

Miss Foster is now soaring in the air, the same height as they are. And if I never see you again, it will be too soon. I'm trying to help!

doctor who partners in crime and donna meet

Just get across to the roof. Can you shift the levitation beam? I saw the Adiposian instructions - they know it's a crime, breeding on Earth. So what's the one thing they want to get rid of? I'm nanny to all these children. In the meantime, the baby Adipose have all reached the ship, now it's only Miss Foster who is still in the air. Mum and Dad have got the kids now, they don't need the nanny anymore!

Suddenly, the blue light vanishes. Bewildered, Miss Foster looks down - and she falls with a scream. Donna hides her face to the Doctor's shoulder.

doctor who partners in crime and donna meet

Then they look up again and see the Adipose waving goodbye through the windows of the leaving ship. The Doctor, lost in thoughts, throws the sonic pen into a bin.

doctor who partners in crime and donna meet

They turn to look at Penny. She crept out of the building, still tied to the chair.

doctor who partners in crime and donna meet

Do you hear me? And I'm gonna report you You see, some people just can't take it. She grabs his hand and pulls him away. That is like destiny! And I've been ready for this. She opens the boot: Cos I thought, hot weather, cold weather, no weather With disaster averted or at least limited by The Doctor, Donna invites herself along for more adventures.

The Doctor only seems to half-remember asking Donna to be his companion, before she turned him down, but now she's convinced it's the right thing to do. In fact, she's already fully packed with suitcases filling the boot of her car! Donna leaves her car parked in an alley next to the TARDIS, drops the keys in a nearby bin, and phones her mum to say goodbye. Just before she leaves, Donna asks a blonde girl to keep an eye out for her mum, then rushes off to be with The Doctor. The blonde girl turns around and reveals herself as Rose!

Looking strangely sad, Rose walks away The episode closes with Gramps in his allotment looking through his telescope at the twinkling stars, as the TARDIS spins into view, with The Doctor and Donna clearly visible through its open front door. Davies manages to deliver an effective premiere, which entertainingly reintroduces Donna Noble and tweaks her character away from the shrill caricature that caused upset in The Runaway Bride special.

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There are moments when Donna's feisty nature comes through, but it's tempered by a more whimsical air and infectious enthusiasm. The episode's story is better suited to The Sarah Jane Adventuresbut the sense of fun and some genuinely funny moments help make it palatable for teens and adults.

But I'm sure kids will love the adorable Adipose babies, as you can already see them on toy shelves for Christmas. The sequences with the hundreds of Adipodes were apparently created using "Massive FX" computer software created for Lord Of The Ringsand it's certainly an improvement over the swarms of Daleks we've seen on the show before. Partners In Crime certainly kept me entertained, and I was struck by the chemistry between The Doctor and Donna, with Catherine Tate giving an even performance.

David Tennant now firmly embodies the wandering Time Lord with an authority not seen since Peter Davison's 80s tenure.

Doctor Who - Partners in Crime was a good start to season four | Media | The Guardian

He just lacks the iconic presence of Tom Baker, really; but he's still marvellous to watch bounce through scenes. And what about that surprise appearance from Rose? I didn't see that one coming, although I did realize it was Rose from her hairstyle, before her face was shown. I know, it's sad. It looks likely she's season 4's "arc" element to be sprinkled throughout the 13 episodesbut why is she back?

doctor who partners in crime and donna meet

Her ghost-like disappearance hints that she's found a way to cross dimensions from her own parallel universe into ours, but for what purpose? Overall, Partners In Crime was a competent, efficient and entertaining start to the new season. There were the usual gripes with Doctor Who in evidence the gross overuse of the sonic screwdriver, primarilyand I'm confused about Gramps musing on the mysteries of the universe — as he debuted in Voyage Of The Damned as someone expecting first contact because the previous two Christmases had aliens openly attacking London — but never mind.

Doctor Who and Torchwood have always operated around populations with dumb reactions to alien first contact, and very bad memories All said, I found this to be a good episode with more to recommend than to pick fault with.

  • Doctor Who - Partners in Crime was a good start to season four
  • Catherine Tate: Donna Noble

Catherine Tate might not be as physically attractive as Billie Piper and Freema Agyemanbut she brings a welcome change of dynamic, and her character has definitely improved from Runaway Bride on this episode's evidence.

I'm more excited about the possibilities of season 4 than I was yesterday