Mika and yuu meet me in st

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mika and yuu meet me in st

Mika and Yuu (Mikaela Hyakuya + Yuichiro) #mikayuu Chibi nekos #anime | Owari no Seraph. Chibi- Owari no Seraph. Zoe Pok · Owari No Seraph. See more .. hyakuya seraph of the end. Mirai Kuriyama-San 栗山 未来 · Mika H. See more This beautiful fanart gives me a special set of feeling that I can't explain. Read Meeting agian (but first a note) from the story Vampire Mika x Vampire Yuu by DemonPrincessBri Yuu-chan, please hear me out. The moron is st-. Hey. Meet Me in St. Gallen is a Philippine romantic comedy-drama film written and directed by Irene Emma Villamor, starring Carlo Aquino and Bela Padilla.

He smiled at the very thought. Freedom, instead of slavery. Warm and savoury foods, instead of garbage. Happiness, instead of misery. A familiar small townhouse popped into view as he walked, a light from a streetlamp flickering almost suspiciously as he drew nearer.

He went up the steps towards the front door and waited. No sound came from within, verifying that all the inhabitants must be asleep. Or maybe all except for one. The young boy pondered for a moment before speaking to himself. Maybe I should tell him about the plan tomorrow. There was a delicious smell of curry wafting around on the other side of the hallway as he entered. Akane's cooking smells like it's gotten better, too. As he almost reached the top of the second floor, he caught sight of a silhouette laying down and smiled again.

The blond-haired human rubbed the back of his neck, feeling rather amused. It was typical of Yuu to act this way; despite the things Yuu had said to him this morning, Mikaela knew wholeheartedly that his friend really cared about him. The fact that Yuu stayed up to wait for him was pure proof. Yuu made an odd noise, causing Mikaela to sigh in amusement. He noticed that Yuu looked rather stiff, as he was not sprawled out in a relaxed way, but in a firm, independent position, his face concealed by shadows.

A worried expression swam across Mikaela's face. The kids were so happy. His nerves started to go out of whack again as Yuu continued on. The blond-haired Hyakuya fiddled with his hands, debating whether he should tell. He did not like it; this was a sensitive topic, and Yuu knew it. Was Yuu angry with him at the moment? He couldn't tell, not from the way how Yuu was half-covered in the shadows… it strangely made Yuu feel so far away from him.

Next time, I'll sell my own blood!

mika and yuu meet me in st

You don't have to do that," Mikaela replied slowly. Until then, I will do my best—" "Don't make me laugh!

mika and yuu meet me in st

Mikaela stared, his nervous blue eyes resting on Yuu's fiery ones. He could definitely see the anger behind those eyes. He stared down at the floor. I know… that no matter how hard I try, I won't be able to defeat a vampire. I'm not stupid, I know that much. Mikaela rubbed his neck again. What was this feeling? He glanced up to take in his friend, his beloved family member. Yuu Hyakuya… Should not think that way… "Yuu. We can do it. You repeated those words over and over, you know?

And that gave me st—strength…" He blinked, and as if on cue, tears started to flow, rolling its way onto the cold floor. What he had to do for that curry… Mikaela slightly smiled. Yuu didn't need to know that. He leaned forward, rather like a child eagerly waiting to tell a secret. I was just kidding! It was now or never.

Mikaela thought about it; he could trust Yuu, he definitely could. And not just any map! He grinned as he saw Yuu glaring down at the map, his eyes extremely wide. His plan was officially underway… Now all he needed to do was get Yuu to agree… "I approached Ferid just to get my hands on this," he said.

Of course, anyone would find this ridiculous. The idea of escaping in the middle of the night without giving it a second thought… it was laughable, maybe. But it wasn't impossible. He had a plan, after all. He caught the serious gleam in Yuu's coloured eyes, however. Guren orders a retreat to the second defense line. Yu argues with him since the vampires have Mika, but Guren asks if he wants everyone there to be killed. As they retreat, Ferid runs around them and blocks Shinoa Squad's path.

When Ferid then moves to Yu's back, Yu swings his sword at him, but Ferid tapdances around the attacks easily. Shinoa Squad and Guren ask Yu what he is doing, and Guren draws his sword and steps in. Ferid mocks Yu, stating that he is still young. When Guren attacks him, Ferid dodges by jumping on Yu and using him as a stepping stool.

He lands behind Guren, stating that Guren's attacks are not as sharp now that he is injured.

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He kicks Guren into a telephone pole. Sayuri calls out Guren's name, but she is still fighting Lacus. Mito Jujo rushes in. Noticing this, Lacus kicks Sayuri away and intercepts her.

He swings his sword, causing a cloud of dust and cutting her cheek. Sayuri blocks part of the attack by throwing two spell tags in the way. Norito Goshi and Shigure join them. Since the vampires will not let them through, they decide they must kill the vampires to get to Guren. Goshi comments that that is easier said than done. Yoichi becomes distracted when he recognizes Lacus as the vampire who killed his sister. Kimizuki orders him to focus and defends him from an attack. Then, Crowley, Chess, and Horn greet them, saying they will not let them escape this time.

Ferid punches Guren and holds him against a wall. Yu rushes in to save him. When Yu swings his sword, Ferid jumps out of the way, and Yu's sword cuts into the wall and stops half a foot from Guren's face.

mika and yuu meet me in st

Guren yells out a warning as Ferid comes behind Yu, grabbing Yu's shoulder. When Ferid then proposes to have a taste of Yu, he finds the offending limb suddenly cut off. He looks back to see an incredibly angry Mika glaring at him. He approaches Mika and warns him not to be so upset, that this was only a little joke.

He catches his arm. Mika approaches Yu, and Yu's legs give out. Mika sheathes his sword. He asks Yu to leave everything behind and escape with him.

Yu asks Mika what he is talking about and why he is with Ferid.

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Mika brushes his questions aside and carries him in his arms. When Shinoa calls out Yu's name, Crowley, whom she is fighting, warns her to not take her eyes off of her opponent.

He flicks her in the forehead. As Mika runs off with Yu, Yu orders him to stop playing around and demands an explanation. He warns Yu that he should not be there and says those humans are using him. Yu tells him to stop and shut up. They face each other on top of a ruined gas station.

Yu asks Mika what he means by the humans using him. He asks if Mika is not human anymore. He wants to know if it is because he ran away. Mika tells him he did nothing wrong. He says it is not safe, and they should leave. When Mika holds his hand out to him, Yu takes a couple of steps back and says he cannot leave his friends.

Mika says they are not his friends and are only deceiving him. He says the humans are using him. Yu turns when he hears Yoichi call out Shinoa's name. He sees Crowley lift her up by her neck. When Yu steps toward her, Mika grabs his shoulder and tells him to not look back.

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He says there is nothing there for him. Crowley throws Shinoa to the ground. Kimizuki charges him, but Horn trips him up with her whip. Chess kicks Mitsuba down. A vampire jumps on Yoichi's back and pins him down while licking his lips. When Mika tries to stop Yu from rushing forward, Yu knocks his hand away. When Yu continues running, Mika hugs him from behind. He says the humans are just trying to use him. Chess bites into Mitsuba's neck as she screams. Yu screams at them to stop, and Mika begs him to go back with him.

Horn bites into Kimizuki's neck. The hooded vampire bites through Yoichi's clothes into his shoulder. Yu orders Mika to shut up and throws him over his shoulder. Shinoa order Yu to run away, but Crowley covers her mouth with his hand.

He says livestock do not talk. Yu looks on in despair. Mika grabs his wrists from below and tells him that it is too late, and he needs to give up. Crowley bites into Shinoa's neck as she cries. Seeing this, Yu covers his face and begins screaming.

Yu's eyes become unfocused, and the sclera of his left eye turns red and begins leaking blood. In his mind, Yu steps up behind Asuramaru, who is perched on his sword and peering into the golden sky. He asks if Asuramaru is trying to take over his body, but Asuramaru denies it. Asuramaru says he did not believe he would be afraid of the monster inside the human he possessed.

He says that Mika is right and suggests escaping with him before Yu is no longer human. Angels with trailing skirts fly above in the distant sky. Asuramaru says it is too late, and the nonhuman part of Yu is about to go wild. Back on the battlefield, Yu screams as a dark mass bulges from the upper left side of his back into a wicked black structure. The sclera of his right eye is now red while his left eye has become a dark pit.

Hearing his screams, Ferid glances back at him. He holds Guren up by his neck. Guren smiles and says it has begun. Shinoa watches in horror. Mika observes the transformation, which confirms his fears about the humans.

He tries to talk to Yu, but Yu only swings his sword at him and destroys the gas station with his force. Crowley lets go of Shinoa to see better. Yu's blood splatters out behind and around him as he drunkenly walks forward. Crowley approaches Yu, commenting that this is something dangerous. Yu swings at him, destroying several buildings in his wake and leaving a massive crater.