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When we ran into each other at New York Comic Con, you were injured. I was still Don't tell me you used a body double with Ygritte! [Laughs]. "Rose Leslie: Ygritte (game of thrones) redhead, red hair, ginger" .. "Rose Leslie with tiny Ygritte and Jon Snow dolls" Jon Snow And Ygritte, of the Galaxy, We're the Millers and as Alexis Castle on TV show Castle.". In particular, Rowan knows that Jon Snow is Arya's half-brother. . They were only miller's sons, from the mill by the Acorn Water. . In view of Ygritte's tale (the gods hate kinslayers, even when they kill unknowing), it would.

Since the wedding happened about fifty days before, the hooded man has recently arrived in the castle and was not among the guest on the wedding day.

More problematic is Theon's reaction. Did he recognize the man he came across? He could see the eyes, since "they found themselves face-to-face their eyes met briefly".

But since the hood was up, could he see the face in its entirety? The encounter is preceded by the following passage, which itself preceded a scene of humiliation of Reek by the Bastard boys in the Great Hall. Outside the snow was coming down so heavily that Theon could not see more than three feet ahead of him. He found himself alone in a white wilderness, walls of snow looming up to either side of him chest high. When he raised his head, the snowflakes brushed his cheeks like cold soft kisses.

He could hear the sound of music from the hall behind him. A soft song now, and sad. For a moment he felt almost at peace. I think it should be said more clearly if it were the case. Face recognition is not Theon's strength. He identified neither Asha at Pyke, nor Whoresbane at the Dreadfort, despite being recognized by both. Here is an incident during the escape. Theon, Holly, Frenya and Jeyne have to pass a couple of guards at the Battlements gate. Theon did not recognize the voice.

Only his eyes could be seen. I have brought some women for you. In both cases, Theon was recognized without recognizing. Note the contrast with the hooded man: So the analogy with the guard at the Battlements Gate, and the absence of name in Theon's internal monologue make me ready to accept that Theon did not recognize the hooded man. It could be that Theon has recognized the man, but the author choses not to let us know. So, I remain on cautious on this conclusion, which is of no consequence for the rest of what I have to say.

It remains to explain the way Theon reacted to the encounter, that he justified himself, to be contrasted with how untouched Theon is by the contempt of the northmen. Other men turned away at the sight of him. Roose Bolton might make use of him, but true northmen must despise him. His pride had perished here in Winterfell; there was no place for such in the dungeons of the Dreadfort.

When you have known the kiss of a flaying knife, a laugh loses all its power to hurt you. One needs to explain why Theon feels he has to defend himself of the accusations.

Is it because he felt a particular outrage or because he has a particular relation to his accuser? It can only be the former if Theon has not identified his interlocutor. We will return to the accusations. But, it is worthwile to discuss how Theon defends himself. Generally, Theon is ashamed to have been crippled. See how Theon reacted in front of Roose etc in the solar of the Great Keep, just a few hours later.

Lady Dustin spoke up. It is not as if I stand before them naked. It is not so bad as that. His left hand had three fingers, his right four. Ramsay had taken only the pinky off the one, the ring finger and forefingers from the other. I asked it of him. Ramsay always makes me beg.

I did not need so many fingers. So there is something odd about Theon's reaction to the encounter. It is common knowledge that Theon has been flayed by Ramsay. Of course, the Bastard's boys know, the Walders as well. So do Whoresbane who had been riding with them for months, and Roose, and probably Lady Dustin, who has hosted Theon for some time.

Much earlier, Ramsay's cruel treatment of Theon has been publicized by Roose for all the north to see. Before the Red Wedding, the northern army join in the Riverlands. Robin Flint and Smalljon Umber exchanged a look, and the Greatjon snorted like a bull.

My son is cruel, I confess it. You were their mother, my lady. May I offer you this That would explain this remark. The Bastard has been flaying him.

Skinned your widdle toes? Knocked your teeth out? You prayed, and the gods sent us. You want to die as Theon? Recall that she asked Theon how to dance when she came to meet him for the first time. Come, rise, join the dance. She did not know then that Theon has been crippled. At this point, Rowan knows precisely what Ramsay did to Theon. Did she learn it from the hooded man? We will see there are more indications that the hooded man's words reached the washerwomen.

Now we return to the conversation with the hooded man. The Kinslayer The most interesting point of the exchange, in my opinion, is the kinslayer epithet. Calling Theon a turncloak is perfectly understandable, and Theon makes no effort to dispute it see above. Everybody in the north calls Theon a turncloak. It has started with Benfred Tallhart on the Stony Shore. There is not need to insist further on that. But nobody called Theon a kinslayer before the hooded man did. The accusation is grave, since it implies a damnation, a curse in the eyes of gods and men, to use the familiar expression.

That explains Theon's need to defend himself: So Theon proclaims not being of the same blood as Bran and Rickon, and he adds: The gods are not done with me. Hence the gods have been offended and should be in charge of punishing Theon.

I find interesting, but irrelevant to the present discussion, that Theon feels that Ramsay is the envoy of the gods to administer the appropriate punishment. Let's examine whether the accusation can be justified by the murder of Bran and Rickon. The notion of kinslaying is defined by blood relations. Indeed, here is Cregan Karstark warning Jon Snow. Stark and Karstark are one blood.

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It might be intended to illuminate the kinslayer accusation. But Karstarks and Starks are only very distantly related. The warning echoes an earlier scene between Robb Stark and Rickard Karstark. In mine own name I condemn you. With mine own hand I take your life. Would you speak a final word? You are no king of mine. We hear all kind of characters consider kinslaying. Here is Jaime Lannister. Jorah Mormont and Tyrion.

The kinslayer is accursed in the eyes of gods and men. And men see only what they wish. Thirty years later, when Bael was King-beyond-the-Wall and led the free folk south, it was young Lord Stark who met him at the Frozen Ford Her son did not long outlive her.

To show that she wouldn't hesitate to do so, here is an exchange she has with Tristifer Botley about kinslaying. Euron is afraid to be seen as a kinslayer. That doesn't constitute kinslaying by any mean. And Theon was aware that he could be killed by Eddard Stark in quality of hostage. The Prince of Winterfell, ADwD Lord Stark had not treated him cruelly, but the long steel shadow of his greatsword had always been between them.

He was kind to me, but never warm. He knew that one day he might need to put me to death. And Roose tells Theon as much. A ward of Eddard Stark. Of course, Roose knows that Bran and Rickon have escaped. It the executions of Bran and Rickon were kinslaying, so would have been Eddard Stark putting his ward Theon to death. So everything confirms that kinslaying is defined by blood relations.

Let's return to Theon in Winterfell. The kinslayer epithet would come back later in the mouth of Rowan. They were not my blood, but even so, I never harmed them. Theon did not want to think about their mother. Big heavy breasts with wide dark nipples, a sweet mouth, a merry laugh.

Joys that I will never taste again. Rowan is well aware that Bran and Rickon were not true siblings of Theon However it is possible to understand her persistence as mere sarcasm. This is how Theon appears to understand her. Theon's understanding might come from his earlier conversation with Rowan. Ramsay hated my smiles, so he took a hammer to my teeth.

I can hardly eat. Theon probably thought she repeated the mistake. Of course, she knows better. In particular, Rowan knows that Jon Snow is Arya's half-brother. After the escape, Theon tells Mors Umber, as soon as he meets him. Theon offers another confused denial to his sister at Stannis' camp, I suppose in reaction to Crowfood's accusation. Reek made him kill those boys, not him Reek but the other one. Rowan did not call Theon a kinslayer the night before the escape in the godswood.

She was content to call Theon turncloak. So it is reasonable that the hooded man brought the accusation in Winterfell and that Rowan heard from him. Note that Theon met the hooded man after dinner, a few hours before Mors Umber made all the noise in the night. If the hooded man just arrived from the outside when Theon met him, he might have been in contact with Crowfood. But we have not answered the basic questions: Why is the accusation justified?

Who is the hooded man? How is it that he entered the castle?

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Why is there a Rowan-hooded man-Crowfood axis to accuse Theon? In fact, we don't need to explain why the accusation is justified. We need to explain how certain people became convinced that Theon is a kinslayer. The washerwomen are certainly fervent believers in the old gods.

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There is a sign that the children of the forest are implacable towards the kinslayers. Here is a little tale Arya recalls about High Heart. Arya IV, ASoS The smallfolk hereabouts shunned the place, Tom told her; it was said to be haunted by the ghosts of the children of the forest who had died here when the Andal king named Erreg the Kinslayer had cut down their grove. It's easy to guess that Erreg the Kinslayer cut down the grove to escape the curse hanging over his head.

Let's consider why would Theon be called kinslayer. We have a foreshadowing of Theon not recognizing his kin in the incident with "Esgred". Sigrin told me this sweet ship is wasted on you. Tell me true, my lord, how well do you love her, this new maid of yours? Sigrin will want to know. And, if we want to continue on greek myths, the life of Theon at the Dreadfort seems like a deserved sojourn in Tartaros.

It seems possible to list all people put to death by Theon. Later, we have Todric, an ironman killed by accident, but without regrets. In Winterfell, Theon kills or orders the killing of Mikken, Septon Chayle, the miller's boys, the miller's wife and Farlen. It's not clear whether the death of Aggar, Rednose and Gelmar have been ordered by Theon. It doesn't seem so. Almost all the victims appear in a nightmare.

The hall rang with music and laughter, though the cold winds were rising outside. At first it was all wine and roast meat, and Theon was making japes and eyeing the serving girls and having himself a fine time.

The music did not seem so jolly then; he heard discords and strange silences, and notes that hung in the air bleeding. Suddenly the wine turned bitter in his mouth, and when he looked up from his cup he saw that he was dining with the dead.

King Robert sat with his guts spilling out on the table from the great gash in his belly, and Lord Eddard was headless beside him.

Corpses lined the benches below, grey-brown flesh sloughing off their bones as they raised their cups to toast, worms crawling in and out of the holes that were their eyes. Mikken and Chayle sat together, one dripping blood and the other water.

Benfred Tallhart and his Wild Hares filled most of a table. But there were others with faces he had never known in life, faces he had seen only in stone. The slim, sad girl who wore a crown of pale blue roses and a white gown spattered with gore could only be Lyanna. Her brother Brandon stood beside her, and their father Lord Rickard just behind.

Along the walls figures half-seen moved through the shadows, pale shades with long grim faces. The sight of them sent fear shivering through Theon sharp as a knife. And then the tall doors opened with a crash, and a freezing gale blew down the hall, and Robb came walking out of the night. Grey Wind stalked beside, eyes burning, and man and wolf alike bled from half a hundred savage wounds. The dream is clearly structured: Theon sees first Robert and Ned, then the dead from Winterfell's houseshold, then the people he has put to death, then the dead Starks from the crypts, and finally Robb and Greywind foreshadowing for the Red Wedding.

Among Theon's victims, Todric is missing. That can be explained by the fact that all the dead are related to Winterfell, and Todric doesn't fit here.

And the miller's boys are missing as well. This is all the more curious that their mother is among the ghosts. Why are the miller's boys missing at the feast of Theon's victims? Why do the dead Starks appear at the feast? It seems that we have the dead Starks from the crypts: Lyanna, Brandon, Rickard, and the pale shades with long grim faces.

The dream happens as Theon sleeps in Ned Stark's own bed. The Miller's Boys Among all the dead, only the miller's boys can reasonably thought as being Theon's kin.

It feels weird to consider such a possibility, but so much points into that direction that it needs to be examined thoroughly.

Theon recalls having been the lover of the mother of the two boys. Theon knew the mill. There was nothing special about it, or her.

Last night he had dreamed himself back in the mill again, on his knees dressing the dead. Their limbs were already stiffening, so they seemed to resist sullenly as he fumbled at them with half-frozen fingers, tugging up breeches and knotting laces, yanking fur-trimmed boots over hard unbending feet, buckling a studded leather belt around a waist no bigger than the span of his hands. And the mother gives Theon nightmares after the murders. Theon had forgotten her name, but he remembered her body, soft pillowy breasts and stretch marks on her belly, the way she clawed his back when he fucked her.

Last night in his dream he had been in bed with her once again, but this time she had teeth above and below, and she tore out his throat even as she was gnawing off his manhood. Gelmarr had cut her down with one blow of his axe as she cried to Theon for mercy.

It was him who killed you, not me. Ygritte later attacks Castle Black together with Styr's band, and is killed in the ensuing battle. But when it finally came to that moment, she couldn't actually kill him.

Even when she's expected to. Even when she wants to.

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She manages to escape, but is recaptured by Jon, separating him from his brothers in the process. Later she leads him into Rattleshirt's ambush. Season 3[ edit ] After this they lead Jon to Mance Rayder's wildling camp, where he pretends to defect to the Wildlings to discover their plans. She then travels with him to the Wall, and during this journey she seduces him.

However, when confronted with killing for the watch an innocent horse farmer who scaled the wall, Jon escapes the angry wildling's clutches and rides towards the Wall on horseback. But, Ygritte manages to catch up with Jon at his first rest stop. She confesses her love for him and then, although blinded by tears, shoots him three times in the back as he, bound by duty, resumes and gallops away back to the Wall. Season 4[ edit ] Ygritte starts raiding villages south of the wall with her group, clearly thirsting for vengeance against Jon, although Tormund suspects she let him go.