Emma and hook relationship wikipedia

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emma and hook relationship wikipedia

Killian Jones, also known as Captain Hook or simply Hook, is a character on although their relationship is strained when Emma learns that Killian kept the. As of 3x22, they are in a relationship. "Trust has Emma/Hook immediately became a popular ship for the OUAT fandom following Hook's first. Emma Swan is a fictional character in ABC's television series Once Upon a Time. She is . portal, she accepts Storybrooke as her home, regaining her magic to re- open the portal to the present where she begins a relationship with Hook.

Season 2 They first meet when Hook is under cover working for Cora. Emma is Hook's enemy. Season 3 Hook guides Emma and her team through Neverland and he obviously has a crush on her even telling her so. However, he is constantly rejected but at one point they did kiss Good Form 3x05 but it was only gratitude although it was extremely passionate. They become friends after they return successfully from neverland. When Emma loses her memories hook tries to see if kissing her will trigger anything but it doesn't.

After she gets her memories back they become better friends. Zelena curses hook's lips and tells him to kiss Emma as it will strip her of her powers.

Killian Jones/Emma Swan

Zelena harms hook and tells Emma that the only way to get him back is to kiss him. She does so and it works but she is now powerless. When they are sent back in time they have several intimate scenes including when she has to make out with his old self in order to keep him occupied. After they get back and Emma learns that he sacrificed his ship for her she kisses him of her own will. Season 4 In the beginning of this season Emma pulls away from Hook. Hook confronts her outside of Granny's in episode three and they have a very sweet moment ending with a passionate kiss.

Hook and Emma are now in a relationship and in the season finale Emma reveals that she loves hook to Regina after hook is 'killed' in an alternate universe, which was never really real.

Emma later then is unable to tell hook she loves him but at the end when she sacrifices herself for Regina she finally tells him before becoming the dark one. Season 5 When Emma becomes the dark one, she is transported to Camelot, so everyone travels there to save her. They meet up with Arthur, Guinevere and Merlin. Merlin says he can take away Emma's darkness. He fails, and Hook gets hurt badly and Emma turns him into a dark one, also, to save him. She creates a curse to bring everyone back to Storybrooke and she takes away everyone's memories.

emma and hook relationship wikipedia

Soon, though, Zelena gives Hook back his memories and he is extremely angry at Emma. Emma does all she can to stop him from doing bad things but fails. Hook summons all the past dark ones from the Underworld.

But at one point, as Nimue, a past dark one, is harming Emma, Hook comes to his senses and sucks all the dark ones back into Excalibur, but he tells Emma she has to kill him with it so all the darkness will be destroyed forever.

All of Hook & Emma Kisses

It was the saddest Captain Swan scene ever. They share a kiss and then Hook dies. Emma goes to see Rumpelstiltskin later and finds out the darkness was not destroyed but transferred back into Rumple.

A pissed Emma decides to go to the Underworld to bring him back. Emma and Hook's love is confirmed to be true when the two try to use the True Love Scale. Returning to the cemetery, the heroes discover that Hades has chosen Emma, Regina, and Snow as the souls who will have to remain in the Underworld.

Later, a guilt-ridden Hook informs Emma that he cannot return with Emma, even if they do defeat Hades, as he no longer believes himself worthy of her. However, after confronting his brother about his betraying the heroes to Hades and another betrayal centuries earlier, Hook forgives Liam and helps him move on. Afterward, Hook agrees to help defeat Hades and return to Storybrooke with Emma.

However, it turns out that she cannot give him half of her heart, as his body has decomposed too much in the absence of his soul. They attempt to find ambrosia to restore his flesh to normal, but find Hades chopped down the tree. He agrees to resolve his unfinished business, promising to not let it be Emma. When King Arthur is murdered by Hades, Hook teams up with him to find his weakness. They find the pages Hades had tried to keep from them, which tells of his weakness.

Hook manages to send them to Emma through Henry's book, so that she may defeat Hades. Hook then proceeds to move on, as defeating Hades was his unfinished business and finds himself in Olympus. There, Zeus rewards him for his actions by reuniting him with Emma.

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However, it had not been Emma who defeated Hades, but the god's true love: Zelena, who realized Hades cared more about his own power than her. However, it was too late to prevent Hades's cold murder of Robin HoodRegina's true love. At Robin's funeral in the season finale, Emma tries to delicately break it to Regina that Hook has returned, but as Gold tethers part of the Olympian Crystal to the magic in Storybrooke, Hook hastily runs in to make sure everyone is alright.

Regina quickly puts aside her feelings and goes with the heroes to find out what Gold's plan is. After Henry and Violet run off to destroy magic, Emma and Regina join together to rescue him. However, due to Gold's machinations, magic in Storybrooke has become unstable. There, they run into Dr.

Henry Jekyll and his evil alter-ego Mr. Initially, Hyde believes the heroes to be in the employ of Gold, whom he despises, and holds them captive.

With the help of Jekyll, the heroes escape and assist Jekyll in creating a serum which separates Hyde from himself. Season 6 As the heroes return to Storybrooke, they learn that Hyde has arrived with several beings from the Land of Untold Stories.

Shortly upon his arrival, the heroes manage to imprison Hyde in the asylum. During this time, Hook begins to suspect that something is up with Emma, but the Savior is reluctant to tell him as she does not want to cause him concern.

Instead, she voices her fears to Archie Hopper. During this time, as Gold tries to force Belle to share their child with him, Hook offers her asylum aboard his ship, out of guilt for having tried to kill her several times in the past. Ultimately, it is learned that Jekyll is not so different from Hyde.

The Doctor manages to slip under the heroes' radar and get close to Belle, whom he hopes to kill, since he blames Rumplestiltskin for the death of Mary Lydgate. Hook manages to arrive in time and kill Jekyll.

emma and hook relationship wikipedia

As Jekyll dies, so too does Hyde. Later on, Hook learns that among the many people from the Land of Untold Stories who have returned are Nemo and his half-brother Liam. Believing Nemo dead, Liam seeks vengeance against Hook for both the deaths of Nemo and their father. On board the Nautilus, Hook is nearly killed by Liam, but is rescued by Henry, who begins to look at Hook as a surrogate father. Hook knocks Liam unconscious and manages to escape.

Back on land, Hook and Liam mend their differences, as the latter learns that his brother is not the same man he was when he killed Brennan Jones. They are further able to reconcile when they discover that the doctors at Storybrooke General Hospital managed to save Nemo's life.

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However, as time wore on, the citizens of Storybrooke become plagued by attacks from the Evil Queen, who cannot be killed so long as Regina lives. As he and Emma help combat against the Queen, they also try to prevent her visions of her own death from coming true by forming an alliance with a former Savior, Aladdin.

However, Aladdin too became a problem, as after becoming a genie, it was the Queen's wish that sent Emma to an alternate reality in which she had never been the Savior. Though Regina went on a quest to rescue her friend, Hook was now separated from the woman he loved.

At this same time, the man destined to kill Emma arrived in Storybrooke: Gideon, the son of Hook's nemesis Rumplestiltskin, as well as the younger brother of Emma's ex-boyfriend. After training under the Black Fairy, Gideon returned, neutralized the Evil Queen, and sought out his parents.

After Emma's return and subsequent defeating of Gideon, Hook consults with Archie about the prospect of seeking David's approval for Emma's hand in marriage. In order to do so, Hook agrees to help David learn who murdered his father. After stealing magic from Emma, they learn that David's father's last known location was in Pleasure Islanda place in the Enchanted Forest Hook recalled having dealings with Neverland. This leads them to August Booth, who spent time there as a puppet before being made real.

August reveals that, contrary to what David thought, Robert was sober when he died and had left to retrieve James.

From this, David deduces that King George had ordered his father's death. When Hook attempts to stop David from exacting vengeance, the Prince handcuffs him to a bike rack. However, Hook manages to work his way free in time to stop David from killing George in his cell. Afterward, Hook receives David's approval. However, before he could propose to Emma, Hook receives some missing pages from Henry's book from August. From these missing pages, Hook recognizes a picture of David's father as Robert, a man he killed years before.

Horrified at the realization that he killed Emma's grandfather, Hook changes his mind about proposing and pockets the ring. After conferring with Dr. Hopper, Hook ultimately decides to tell Emma what he just found out so as to build an honest relationship with her.

However, before he can muscle up the courage, Emma comes to him and reveals that she found the ring in Hook's things. Unwilling to tarnish the happy mood Emma's in with the dark truth, Hook kneels down and proposes, receiving an affirmative answer in return.

Still guilty, he meets Nemo at the docks and after conferring with him about forgiveness, decides to burn his memories with a dreamcatcher. Emma catches him and is angry over him keeping secrets, ending their engagement until he can learn to change.

He decides to go on an adventure with Nemo, in order to once again become the man that Emma needs, however after a talk with Snow on the docks who reminds him even the Evil Queen can get a happy ending, changes his mind and wants to go back to Emma.

However, Gideon forcefully banishes him and keeps Emma's tears as a barrier to stop him from returning to Storybrooke. Trapped on the Nautilus with Nemo's crew, he attempts to find kraken blood to get back to Storybrooke, but ends up saving Aladdin and Jasmine from it instead. They try to track down Jafar, and end up on Hangman's island, before which he exchanges goodbyes with Nemo and Liam.

On Hangman's Island he meets Ariel and inadvertently sets Jafar free, however Jasmine is able to defeat him and restore Agrabah. Ariel lends him a shell phone which he uses to contact Emma and let her know that he is fighting his way back to her. He later tracks down Blackbeard and challenges him to a game of cards for a magic bean, and if suffering loss, agrees to hand over the Jolly Roger. He loses intentionally, and uses the bean to go to Storybrooke with Blackbeard, but ends up in Neverland instead due to Gideon's barrier.

Blackbeard abandons him to the Lost Boys the ones who remained behind after season 3however Tiger Lily is able to save him before he is killed. She informs him of a great darkness on the horizon that can only be defeated by the Savior, which Hook realizes in shock is Emma. He agrees to bring back half of a magic wand that will aid Emma by using his shadow. The Lost Boys hold on to him before he can escape, but his shadow is able to escape with the wand and give it to Emma.

Hook is about to be executed when Emma uses pixie dust from her mother to save Hook and return him to Storybrooke. He and Emma make amends, after which he proposes once again, receiving a "yes" in return.

emma and hook relationship wikipedia

He is the first to drink from the goblet holding a sleeping curse that will break Snow and Charming's curse set by the Evil Queen, and also makes amends with Emma's father. Hook and Emma enjoy a morning together before being interrupted by Snow's wedding plans.

Afterward he gives the half wand to Regina so she could cast a locator spell to find the other half, and seeks out wedding venues with Emma, her parents, and Henry, per Snow's request.

However, afterwards he and Emma agree that they will marry when the time is right, not when the Black Fairy is still at large. Hook helps the Charmings find the other half wand at Granny's, and later that night asks Henry to be his best man for the wedding the next day, thinking the Black Fairy has been defeated by Gold.

As he prepares, he is devastated to find out the Black Fairy is still at large and Emma plans on facing her alone. He knocks out Gold with dreamshade to buy Emma some time, but the Black Fairy saves her son.

He later appears frozen as the Black Fairy nearly kills Emma, but Emma is able to stop her with a song in her heart and save her family. In the past, it is shown he met Snow and Charming when they inadvertently set off a spell which made everyone burst into song in Misthaven. He sang about revenge on the Dark One, and when realizing they have him in their dungeon, agrees to give them safe passage on his ship so they could confront the Evil Queen. He later marries Emma, realizing they both want to go through with the wedding regardless of villainous threats.

He rejoices with the rest of the town with song and dance, but as the clock strikes 6 the town is engulfed with the Black Fairy's curse. There they realize all the realms, including Oz and Agrabah, are crumbling and fading into nonexistence because the Black Fairy has wiped Emma's belief in them. Making Emma believe again becomes his first priority and he climbs the beanstalk with David in hopes of finding a magic bean, the same one he and Emma had climbed in season 2 on their first adventure.

Him and David manage to find a bean but are chased away by a dragon hiding in the giants' castle. They attempt to escape down the beanstalk, but the world is still crumbling and Hook loses his grip and falls. The beanstalk also falls, pulling David with it. However, Snow manages to find both of them from under the wreckage and pushes Hook to go back to Emma. He makes it back to Regina and Zelena, tells them of his plan, but the magic in the bean is already fading.

The Enchanted Forest continues to crumble until they are trapped in the center of the castle, when all of a sudden the destruction stops, as Henry has caused Emma to believe again. Rumplestiltskin kills the Black Fairy, and the group is sent back to Storybrooke. However, her last command for Gideon to kill the Savior remains and Hook is able to reunite with Emma just before she faces Gideon in the final battle.

Gideon stabs Emma who willingly sacrifices herself, as Hook watches with horror, but Henry wakes her with true love's kiss. Hook reunites with Emma once more as a happy ending montage is shown for all—David decides to move into a farmhouse with Snow and take care of Neal, leaving Hook to become the new deputy of Storybrooke and ride off into the sunset in Emma's car. At the end, everyone is shown gathered at Granny's for dinner, as the book finally ends with the words: Emma is worried about him going off on his own and missing more of his life but Hook reassures her and shows her a magical bottle that allows a message to be sent across realms.

The bottle is given to Henry to take with him as he leaves. Many more years later, an adult Henry has found himself in trouble with Lady Tremaine in a new realm. Right before he's about to get captured, he uses the magic bottle to call on Hook, Emma, and Regina for help. Hook and Regina drop in through a portal and are able to free him. A little while later, Hook offers to go to the port to see if people have heard anything about Cinderella.

There, he comes across the Hook from the Wish Realm, who had also been called over due to Henry's bottle message. The wish Hook explains that ever since meeting Emma in the Wish Realm years back, he had been traveling the realms in hopes of reuniting with her.

He knocks out the original Hook in hopes of taking his place and getting a ride back to Storybrooke to be with Emma. The wish Hook finds Lady Tremaine, who physically transforms him into his younger form in exchange for helping getting rid of Henry. Before he gets a real answer, Emma arrives through a portal and reveals to Henry that she's actually pregnant.

As she and Henry celebrate the news, Wish Hook realizes his mistake and leaves them to find Hook and switch back. When he gets back to the port, he finds that Hook has already woken up and the two engage in a fight that ends with Wish Hook getting fatally stabbed. He tells Hook that he had intended to switch back because he has had a daughter himself, who was trapped in a prison by a vengeful witch, and did not want Hook to be separated from his child as well.