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scotty and lily relationship

Scotty Valens was a Philly homicide detective and Lilly Rush's partner. They remained in a relationship of sorts, living together at times, but her frequent. Lillian "Lilly" Rush is a fictional character in the CBS crime drama Cold Case, portrayed by She specialized in working cold cases alongside her partner, Scotty Valens. According Lilly has a contentious relationship with her sister. At the end. Hinted at Scotty x Lilly. Rated: T Lilly/Scotty with a hint of Kat/Vera. First part of the How will this affect the relationship between her and Lilly? How will it.

Sadly, it is at this point that Lilly had said a final good-bye to Ray. In a rare moment of total honesty, she blurts out to Joseph that she doesn't want to be alone.

Have lilly rush and scotty valens ever had a romantic relationship in the show cold case?

Nearly two years after the end of her short-lived relationship with Joseph, Lilly meets her match in Detective Eddie Saccardoa brash, egotistical fellow detective who works in the narcotics division. After working together on a few cases, Lilly comes to tolerate and even grow fond of Saccardo, especially after watching him use his personal history of drug abuse to get a witness to open up although this could just be made up lie in order to seek the truth, there is no indication that Saccardo has even admitted to being a former drug user himselfa tactic Lilly often uses with witnesses in respect to her rough childhood.

The two share a common trait of drinking, even in Jones Tavern. Sadly, their relationship came to a quick end after Saccardo was summoned to go undercover, he later reappeared in Season Seven's " Jurisprudence," after secretly texting Lilly.

It's there when he gives her the gun in "Chinatown," but Lilly never uses it. They ended up going out for a night of fun and dinner, that's when Saccardo gives her a bracelet. The two then head to the beach, watching the sunrise together and share a kiss. In the end, Lilly discovers the apartment that he's been using is empty, and finds a box with a diamond bracelet inside.

Saccardo is still undercover at this point. Career Edit One of Lilly's most challenging cases was that of a serial killer who stalked his victims like wild animals.

One of the victim's bodies fromJanet Lambertis found by hikers in a wildlife preserve. The investigation quickly leads Lilly and the cold case squad to the grisly discovery of 8 more decapitated bodies.

scotty and lily relationship

Soon, suspicion falls on George Markswho gets brought into the interview room. During interrogation, he manages to get most of the team members agitated until Lilly is finally brought in to get George to confess to these gruesome murders.

Instead, George hints about Lilly's dark secret to being the real reason why she became a cop. By this, he was referring to her attack as a child, which she rarely discussed. Months later, when Lilly finally confronted George with evidence that he murdered not only the victims from their previous encounter, but his own mother as well, George forced Lilly into reliving her attack before their shootout which ended his life.

Inshortly after the death of her mother Ellen RushLilly interviewed a victim, Kim Jacobionly to be ambushed by the person who had murdered Kim's family the year before. The entire homicide department was held hostage for a short time, with Detectives Scotty Valens and Kat Miller outside the building and under orders from the SWAT team not to break their perimeter.

Scotty broke this order and approached Lilly's location in an observation room, where she was attempting to negotiate with the killer. Using a code word they had established that morning, Scotty shot the killer from the blind side of a two-way mirror in the interview room, but not before he shot Lilly in the chest.

While undergoing surgery, Lilly apparently sees her late mother before her. She eventually recovers in time to convince John Stillman to reopen the Jack Raymes case, and credits Scotty for saving her life. In May ofwhile working on the Kate Butler Case, Lilly is involved in an accident which has her being pushed off a bridge while inside of her car, that plummetted forty feet into the river.

However later on, Lilly is stalking Moe Kitchner, who is responsible for the accident.

Lilly Rush

He is killed by the victim's father later on. Relationships Edit Scotty was once engaged to his childhood sweetheart, Elisabut the engagement was truncated by her frequent hospitalizations for schizophrenia. They remained in a relationship of sorts, living together at times, but her frequent relapses wore on Scotty. By lateElisa was once again hospitalized and her condition seemed to be getting better. Unexpectedly, in January ofher body was found floating in the Schuylkill River by officers from Scotty's old precinct, including Anna Mayes.

Upon being informed of this by Lieutenant John StillmanScotty was stunned, and insisted she must have been murdered, as her apparent 'suicide note' recited only the happy times in their relationship. Scotty has held onto this belief ever since, insisting on keeping a box on Elisa with the other cold cases, despite everyone else's belief that her apparent suicide was just that. Once, on a tip from Anna, Scotty questioned a possible suspect in Elisa's case, but to his disappointment, it turned into a dead end.

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Shortly after Elisa's death, a still-grieving Scotty found comfort with Lilly's sister, Christina Rush. What started as a one night stand grew into a relationship of sorts, with Christina helping draw Scotty out of his grief. Their relationship quickly turned into co-habitation after Christina was kicked out by Lilly, though their relationship came to a quick end after Christina was fingered for credit card fraud by NYPD Detective Mark Phillips.

Phillips picked up on Scotty's lingering grief over Elisa, suggesting that he must be going through some rough times to not see Christina for what she was despite being a cop. As it turned out, Phillips's instincts were correct; despite Scotty's insistence that Christina was innocent of any wrongdoing, he returned home to find a note from her indicating that she had gone on the run to avoid the warrant out for her arrest.

scotty and lily relationship

A brief flirtation with Detective Josie Sutton after she transferred to homicide in September of didn't lead to anything, as she took a leave of absence and apparently transferred out shortly thereafter.

Both were very upfront and confrontational, which led to them clashing heads over more than one case, including that of Clayton Hathawaywho had been molested and killed by a pedophile, and who's wrongly convicted father was taking revenge by throwing pedophiles off of roofs to their deaths. Scotty, having witnessed his older brother's molestation years earlier, felt little sympathy to convicted pedophiles, whereas ADA Thomas, whose office was in danger of backlash for the murders of these pedophiles who they had convicted, advocated doing everything possible to ensure their safety, including removal of access to the Megan's Law website where Hathaway was procuring their names and addresses.

After Scotty unknowingly tipped off the homicidal vigilante Mitch Hathaway the identity of his son's murderer in a moment of anger and carelessness, the suspect was also nearly thrown off a roof by Hathaway. After being angrily confronted by Scotty, the two began an affair in late The two pretended to barely tolerate each other in public but were very passionate behind closed doors. Just as it seemed their affair was turning into a relationship, Scotty's willingness to bend the rules in facor of victims clashed with Alex's dedication to her job when she revealed to her boss and later the FBI that a mad bomber had missed his intended target a detail that Lieutenant Stillman wanted kept quietleading the FBI to publically announce the information and form a task force with the Philly PD to stop the bomber.

As Scotty predicted, this led the bomber to make another attempt on this victim's life, nearly killing his family, which Scotty blamed Alex for. This apparently marked the end of their relationship.

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Months later, Scotty expressed interest in a young lab technician named Frankie Rafferty. Unfortunately that relationship soon hit a roadblock as well, when Scotty discovered Frankie was married, albeit separated, after a confrontation with her estranged husband Billy Rafferty.