Starlord and gamora relationship trust

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starlord and gamora relationship trust

Peter and Gamora were in a loving relationship for 4 years. literally telling him she "loves him more than anything," trusts him to shoot her. Gamora is too awesome to fall for any of Star Lord's crap, which is with the bad guys go to classic villains where you cannot trust anyone. Of the narrative significance of Thanos and Gamora's relationship, Saldana says: instance of love in Infinity War comes from Gamora's relationship with Star-Lord /Peter Quill (Chris Pratt). Can we trust that she's dead?.

Her fingers dally lower. It's really, really hard. Chained and mostly naked, Peter doesn't think it matter if he answers yes or no, so he goes with the only answer that will salvage his pride. She's really, really good.

starlord and gamora relationship trust

She knows how to push him to the limits, how to challenge his self control but not quite break it. She tantalizes him until he's not sure if he can take anymore. This isn't what he'd bargained for, if he's honest.

This isn't what he'd bragged to Gamora about so rashly. Peter's good, but this… Peter may be in over his head. She squeezes her fingers into the muscles of his arm with bruising force. Is this what you wanted? She leans in as if to kiss him. But then, something changes. The porcelain skin transforms into blackish scales. The golden hair turns blood red, and her eyes gleam with green. The tongue that flicks from her mouth is forked, and there are literal fangs over her deep crimson lips.

She mounts him, lips turning up in a feral snarl now. Okay, Peter thinks as he struggles to breathe. This is the weirdest he's had. Though at this point, he's pretty sure it doesn't matter. She seems bemused by his struggles, using the hand not wrapped in his hair to stroke his neck cloyingly. Where is the difference? Until the desire seeks to consume them with raw passion that will not be denied.

The chains clank but do not give way. He feels like he should be stronger, he feels like he should fight harder, but he can't. She seethes, eyes lighting darkly. Trembling now, Peter fights but it's not going to be enough.

It's not even close. Her brow furrows and she hesitates. She sits back slightly, eyes narrowed.

starlord and gamora relationship trust

Her mouth opens as she lunges at him, her lips crushing his, the points of her fangs slicing the inside of his lip as she kisses him viciously, tongue pressed up against his teeth. Clearly, she doesn't appreciate the joke. Because she also doesn't get the joke. Peter never went into a bar to pick up a woman. No, Peter went in to find a serial killer, wanted for killing more than two dozen people in the area. The Nova Corps had been tracking her for months with no luck, and with the hit list growing, they'd been offering handsome compensation to the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Which means this is all just an act. And now it's time for his team to spring the trap. Gamora enters first, neatly knocking the woman off of Peter. She recovers quickly, however, and Gamora moves on the offensive even as the other woman lashes out. They trade blows until Drax comes in, growling as he storms over and joins the fray. Even two on one, it's not a terribly uneven match, and the woman grows even more feral as she fights. Until Rocket comes in with the gun. He holds it on her.

This is the most painful mission I've ever been on. Sitting around listening to Quill get it on. Someone's got to shoot something off here, and I'd love for it to be me. Right as Groot walks into the door and envelopes her in his arms. She fights violently, but Groot remains unchanged even as Drax uses cuffs to subdue her and Gamora hits her once more for good measure. On the bed, still mostly naked and completely chained, Peter grins.

Groot drags the woman, who is still in her more feral form, another few paces with a nod at Peter. The plan was for me to lure a vicious serial killer to her den by pretending to be an unsuspecting victim? Peter is not prone to shame, but seeing as he is mostly naked and sprawled on a bed, he's feeling a little self conscious. This chick has bagged several dozen people that we know about. Putting her away is a big deal. This time, Peter does redden but he's unable to do anything about it.

Peter rolls his eyes. How I was the only one who could probably attract her attention before she changed locations again? Does any of that ring a bell? It tends not to work in my favor. Sighing, Peter gives up his pretenses and hopes for mercy instead. He is half naked and shackled to a bed, after all. Gamora just crosses her arms over her chest.

Peter's starting to feel a little desperate. Because yes, this has all gone perfectly according to plan, but it was a little close. And he's not ashamed or embarrassed, but he feels vulnerable likes this, and having his throat almost ripped out has sort of been a recurring fear of his since the day Yondu stole him from Earth and threatened to do the same.

Really, it's just not been Peter's day because he's made out with a serial killer and he's mostly naked and crap, his heart won't stop racing. He blinks a few times; adrenaline is a bitch. He really needs to get out of here. And get some clothes on.

Peter grins in relief. Until she pulls her sword. Instead, she wields her sword above her head.

starlord and gamora relationship trust

When it's over, Peter opens his eyes, half expecting to be cut in half. Her eyes are narrowed and intense, her expression stony. For a split second, Peter realizes why she's one of the most feared women in the galaxy. Instead, Gamora is pulling her sword back. Peter shifts and realizes his hands are free with the chains sliced neatly from the ends.

He looks at the limp chains, then looks at her. Stopping a killer had really been a no-brainer, and Peter had been the most viable option. And he wasn't afraid of that kind of thing - he picked up women all the time. He was a natural of this sort of thing. A mission that involved drinking and flirting?

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In the aftermath, though, he's starting to have his doubts. It's not just his pride that feels a little wounded - though yeah, since he's the one lecturing the others about privacy on the Milano, being found in his underwear is a bit untoward - but it's everything else.

It's the drinks in his system; it's the adrenaline crash of almost dying. It's the thought of making out with a serial killer who turned out to be a vile creature from the depth of hell.

He's not actually sure what bothers him more - that she was a serial killer or that she was a vile creature from the depths of hell. Either way, he can't unkiss that and contrary to popular belief, Peter does have standards. Not a lot of them, by any means, but not making out with serial killers and vile beasts is a pretty good place to start.

All in all, this whole thing has left him a little more drained than he anticipated, and he's feeling sluggish while he gropes around her place to find his clothes.

At this point, he'll settle for anything. He finds his pants, which are a little hard to get on. When he bends over to pull his boots on, though, the world dips precariously and his vision dims around the edges. He huffs a curse, putting his hand out to steady himself.

They've got her secured back on the Milano.

You Feel Love Scene - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - - Star-Lord - Gamora

His stomach is getting in on the action now, and he feels nausea start to swell. Lifting his hand, he rubs absently at his burning lips, and he takes a few deep breaths before trying to stand again. Being vertical is a bad idea, it seems, and the room is spinning worse than before.

Black spots dance in his vision, and his heart is starting to hammer loudly in his ears. His fingers are tingling and his ears are ringing and what the hell- "Peter," Gamora says, stepping forward with a frown.

starlord and gamora relationship trust

Peter staggers a step and then stumbles. He catches himself on the wall, but has to grope blindly to keep from going to his knees. Peter wishes it were an act. It's the drinks or it's the adrenaline or it's just crappy luck or- He blinks again.

The Conundrum of Love in 'Avengers: Infinity War'

It's just part of the plan. He looks up, his head light. They all showed extreme signs of prolonged torture. Peter's breath is starting to catch now, his chest feeling tight as his heart flutters.

The tingling is spreading up his arms now, settling coolly in his chest and stomach as he starts to shiver involuntarily. She sounds distant, though, and Peter's vision is narrowing dangerously. However, Quill saved her life from the others, but was only interested in the Orb and not of Gamora's well-being. While she worries that Peter will not be able to get back, it was either out of worry or because they needed him because he had the orb with him. While Quill had a crush on Gamora, she would not be swayed with his "sorcery" unaware that it was a device that allowed you to listen to music.

However, after Quill saved Gamora's life, and they were both caught by the Ravengers, Gamora immediately tries to go against her captors to stop them from killing Peter, but is held back when Gamora attempts to rescue him. By the end of the film, Gamora immediately raced to his side, demanding he take her hand and ultimately saved his life. After Ravengers had escaped after Quill gave Yondu the wrong orb, Gamora tells Quill that Udonta would have killed him.

Though Peter is a funny, attractive man, he becomes a messy, flopping fish at the sight of one attractive man near Gamora. Even though Gamora just tried to impale him, Peter quickly tries to team up with her.

Guardians Of The Galaxy: 25 Things That Make No Sense About Star-Lord and Gamora's Relationship

His reasoning is that she knows where to sell the Power Stone he stole. However, that logic doesn't explain why he begins trusting her. After all, she admitted she was an ex-assassin, a daughter of Thanos, and has destroyed a lot of lives.

Star-Lord has every right to team up with her, but this doesn't explain the trust that he instantly puts in her. Peter's attraction to her clearly clouds his judgement and shows off some glaring character flaws. She can never recover from the life she lost, nor will she or Nebula ever truly be free of Thanos' hold on them. She pushes people away, risks her own life, and asks terrible things of people she loves because of her childhood with Thanos.

Her past might have destroyed her relationship with Peter before it even began. Though he used to be a promiscuous loner, he now knows that she's the one. The sentiment is sweet and romantic, but Gamora doesn't do much to earn this level of devotion and it all happens a little too fast. The only issue here is the fact that the pair needed more time for their relationship to develop. For one, that's mighty risky. She knows Star-Lord loves her unconditionally and she's asking something of him that he could fail.

Secondly, if Peter did succeed, it would fundamentally break him as a person. Star-Lord is a heart-driven hero who, despite his flaws, will do anything to protect the people he loves. She pitted his self-sacrificing character against his love for her, and the love won.

Peter Quill will never be the same again. On the other, he's a self-sacrificing, passionate hero willing to do whatever is takes to save people. While this creates a fascinating dichotomy as a character, as a person, it can get confusing. After all, it's strange that the same man who nearly destroyed his body stopping the Power Stone is also selfish enough to risk his friends' lives all over an ego match with a raccoon.

While troubled people deserve love, too, they don't deserve this kind of love. Both Gamora and Star-Lord needed a simple relationship, not one that become so polarized. It only seemed to muddy the world around them. By the end of Avengers: Infinity War, they finally seem to have clarity, and Gamora and Peter have the most cohesion as leaders and as a duo. It's tragic it only lasted for a short while.