8 mile rap battles ending a relationship

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8 mile rap battles ending a relationship

Nov 9, Eminem's movie alter ego, Rabbit, turns and makes his way into the dark a series of dead-end jobs, contentious relationships with his mother and wife, The rap battles at the Shelter provide the film with scenes that are. Letra e música de “8 Mile Tree Last Battle“ de Eminem. [Rabbit] This guy raps like his parents jerked him. He sounds So I'll end this shit with a fuck you but have a nice day! [B-Rabbit] And Clarence's parents have a real good marriage. 8 Mile is a American drama film written by Scott Silver, directed by Curtis Hanson, and At work one day when on lunch break, Jimmy witnesses a rap battle in which an employee insults a gay co-worker, Paul. Jimmy joins the battle Enraged, Jimmy attacks Wink as Alex tries to break up their altercation. In retaliation.

Etheridge has not been charged with murder by the authorities but instead faces two counts of possessing and discharging a weapon without a license.

In a preliminary hearing, he pleaded not guilty to these charges. In Michigan if an individual fatally shoots someone while coming to the defence of another, it is not considered murder or manslaughter.

On 27 April, 16 days after the incident, the Detroit police announced that Proof did not enter the CCC club with a firearm. They also stated that Etheridge did not arrive with a pistol either, but rather grabbed a gun during the ensuing ruckus.

B-Rabbit vs Papa Doc - 8 Mile Final Rap Battle

That may well be true, but according to H. Mack - a very close childhood friend of Proof's who was near enough to the action that night to have been shot in the hand by a stray bullet and treated at the same hospital where Proof was pronounced dead - even the revamped police version of events isn't quite right.

Guns started goin' off. P hit the guy, and then his cousin Etheridge fired shots into the ceiling. I do not believe P shot the man - he'd never shoot nobody unless they fired first. That's who he was. Yeah, they were fighting over some bullshit but he would never, ever shoot someone over some bullshit. It was all just fucked up. It is on a barren corner of 8 Mile across from a giant yellow Mega Pawn store. The CCC is on the black city side, and has been a hotbed of illegality and violence since In February of this year, a bouncer at the club was shot twice in the torso.

The courts decide the rest.

8 mile rap battles ending a relationship

When you have a location that is a magnet for trouble, we do what we can to see the situation resolved. When you have owners operating illegally, they're setting the tone for whatever occurs from that point on. Buoyed by Eminem's success, he had enjoyed huge hits with the D12 albums Devil's Night and last year's D12 World, a number one in both Britain and America.

But he wasn't at the CCC to bolster his street credibility - he was there because as countless friends testify, he was Detroit to the core. Proof was a man who rarely slept: Long after he didn't need to care for others, he did, helping, guiding and influencing everyone around him and apprenticing local rappers: Official Mixtape Instruction Manual, the first mixtape release on his Iron Fist label, stars MCs who would never have been heard outside of Detroit if it weren't for Proof.

He also used his fame to work for local musicians' benefits, encouraging them to join the Musicians Union, which provides them with healthcare and pensions. He did not brag about these efforts, nor boast of his guidance of Eminem and Obie Trice's careers. Proof was key in selecting the instrumental tracks that best suited their skills, and inspired Eminem at all times of day and night by text messaging him couplets and rhymed phrases. Proof was a nimble, witty freestyle MC, with a ferociously curious mind.

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He loved everything from Miles Davis to Jimi Hendrix. He was a gifted and giving anomaly, a rapper who cared for art over materialism, but did all he could to bring wealth to others.

The easiest way to understand Proof is to ask this simple question: He played the MC that causes 'Rabbit' Eminem to choke in the first battle-rap scene of the film.

8 mile rap battles ending a relationship

But his true spirit inspired the dreadlocked character 'Future' played by Mekhi Phiferthe MC who organized and refereed the rap battles. He encourages Rabbit to find his voice as a rapper, just as Proof did for Marshall Mathers.

Swift of D12 said it best shortly after hearing that his friend had died, when gathered with Proof's closest friends - a hundred or so strong - at St. Andrew's Hall, the club where he had hosted so many rap battles. In an interview, however, Proof once referred to his father as a 'crackhead' and it has been alleged that his mother was also involved in drugs. He attended Gesu private school in his youth before enrolling at Osborn High on Detroit's east side.

Proof was the consummate diplomat, charming everyone.

8 mile rap battles ending a relationship

He was also the only kid in the neighbourhood to see the potential in a smart-ass white boy named Marshall Mathers. Proof taught Mathers how to hone his wit, and sneaked him into the Osborn High cafeteria to battle rap at lunch hour. As Mudd of 5 Ela recalled warmly, Proof was always a loyal friend.

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The very next day, without a word, he dropped off a huge bag full of all his family's old baby clothes. Following a six-week spell in rehab for addiction to the sleeping pill Ambien, in the first five months of he has re-married his ex-wife Kim and then divorced her for a second time after only 82 days together, while his mother's health has also drastically degenerated.

Before Proof's killing, Eminem's friend Obie Trice also came close to death; on New Year's Eve, the Shady Records artist most-likely-to-break-out-big-this-year, was shot in the head, while driving himself and his girlfriend home from a party.

Trice steered his car safely off the highway, let his girlfriend take the wheel and two days later was found doing push-ups in his hospital room. At Proof's funeral, Trice echoed a theme that ran throughout the proceedings - that violence in Detroit, and every black community in America is needlessly ending lives. Yeah, I know - you 'hood, you gangsta.

We all from the 'hood. Detroit is the 'hood. We are killin' each other, dawg, and it's about nothin'. We are leaving our kids, our mamas, our grandmamas over nothin'. His final resting place is beautiful - more a park than a collection of gravestones, complete with lush, manicured foliage, a pond, ducks and geese. The coffin was opened for his nearest and dearest to see him once more. They kissed his cheek or forehead and said their last goodbyes, as a flock of white doves was released in his honour.

Afterwards, they gathered at the Good Life Lounge, to do what more than a few felt would be his wish for them that day - to have a party. After losing his job at a pizza parlour and splitting up with Jeneane, he's forced to move back in with his mother who lives in a trailer park with his young sister Lily.

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There is immediate heated conflict with his mother's boyfriend Greg who was at one time only a couple of years above Rabbit at school. Jimmy at some point started working at a pressing plant in Detroit in order to earn some money, but it was not enough for him to sustain himself properly; he was also scolded constantly at work by his boss for being late and not taking responsibility for this. When he isn't working, he's seen hanging out with his friends Future the rap battle hostSol, DJ Iz and Cheddar Bob who are in their own way social outcasts and dream about finding their way out of the ghetto and living a life of luxury.

His other friend Wink sees that B-Rabbit is a talented lyricist and rapper and has connections with WJLB a radio station that has access to studios and promotes the work of other artists. Wink is also an associate of The Leaders Of Tha Free Worlda gang that serves as the central rivals towards Jimmy and the rest of the crew.

Whilst working one day, he sees a blonde girl by the name of Alex Laterno - who's looking for her brother. Immediately, there is a spark between them. They meet again later on at a parking lot gathering and both end up at the proceeding abandoned house party.

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She reveals that she is an aspiring model with the intention of getting hooked up and going to New York. She shows up at his work one day during lunch break and witnesses him freestyling with some other employees.

She is impressed and suggests he 'takes her somewhere'; they end up having sex in a hidden part of the plant. They start a brief relationship which essentially ends when he catches Wink and Alex having sex in one of the studios where Wink works, after Wink organises a photoshoot for Alex. A fight breaks out and Jimmy leaves. That night as Jimmy goes to collect his sister Lily who was at a neighbors because their mother was intoxicated after Greg had left her following her impending eviction he's confronted by Wink who has completely aligned himself with Papa Doc's gang and they proceed to attack him.