One tree hill 3x16 ending relationship


one tree hill 3x16 ending relationship

One Tree Hill - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 19 - Words: 40, Realizing she isn't what Lucas needs now, Brooke decides its best to end their relationship right before BL oneshot, set years after the events in 3x One Tree Hill featured epic love stories, as well as romances best left forgotten. Once Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton left at the end of Sawyer began One Tree Hill in a terrible relationship with Nathan, she and. Brooke Davis, One Tree Hill, No One Loves Me, Tv Shows, In . One tree hill One Tree Hill, Nathan Haley, Film Quotes, Relationship Goals, · One Tree HillNathan . Kinda scary and sad because she did end up wearing red.:/ - "Would the 3x16 Lucas & Peyton Lucas And Peyton, Peyton Sawyer, One Tree Hill Quotes.

The flash forward at the end was also great, as we got to see Jamie follow in his dad's footsteps, and that everyone would still be just as close for years to come. All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone Episode 4x21 I remember watching this episode not too long after my own high school graduation and thinking about just how perfectly it captured that feeling you get when you realize you are about to enter the real world.

I related so much to the final scene at the River Court with everyone talking about how they were going to stay just as close, and that nothing would change so much, and remembered making similar vows to my own friends. And of course as life, goes, the following episode would show that this was not the case, but it was still a perfect ending to the high school years of the show. To Wish Impossible Things Episode 1x18 This episode was when the show started to really capture my attention.

Not only was it fun seeing all the guys on the team get auctioned off to some pretty unlikely partners, but it had some really great moments.

Lucas and Haley finally get to reconnect after their distance because of Haley dating Nathan. Nathan and Peyton finally got some closure to their relationships as we saw Nathan finally starting to change his ways for Haley.

We also got to see the beginnings of Jake's struggle with Nikki, and one of my favorite friendships between Mouth and Brooke. Danny Boy Episode 9x11 No matter your feelings for Dan, this episode is extremely emotional, and the perfect send off to the show's most notorious villain.

Dan has come so far by this point in the show and watching him sacrifice himself for Nathan just shows how far he has come as a character. Not to mention that watching Keith welcoming him at the gates will always make me tear up.

This episode also saw Haley and Nathan reunite at last, which was so nice after watching them be torn apart all season. Holding Out for Hero Season 9 While I liked the idea of Brooke creating superhero costumes for the leading ladies, it could have been done for perhaps a Halloween episode?

Centering a whole episode around the girls actually going around town in superhero costumes and trying to help random people was very odd and felt like an after-school special. In any case, this episode was not for me. I can't talk about the writers without acknowledging the recent allegations against showrunner Mark Schwahn.

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If you have not heard about it, the female cast members of the show recently came out with a letter in Variety accusing Schwahn of many sexual harassment encounters throughout the filming of the show as part of the Hollywood Time's Up movement. It was extremely heartbreaking to read, and I fully support them and acknowledge their pain. In doing so will not be including Mark Schwahn in this list despite, him being the show's creator, and will instead celebrate some of the show's other brilliant writers.

To learn more about the incredible stand these women took, you can watch the video above. And to learn more about the movement in general, and how you can help other women in these situations, make sure to visit the Time's Up website.

With that, let's not give him a minute more of our time and just dive in. As displayed in a favorite episode of mine In Da Club, which is a character-driven bottle episode, they seemed to truly get the characters and were great at writing for them. Not only did they write some heartbreaking moments like in Danny Boy, but they also wrote some hilarious and shocking ones as well, such as the James girls family dinner episode Family Affair.

one tree hill 3x16 ending relationship

They also wrote some thrillers such as Prom Night at Hater High, where Psycho Derek made his final appearance to kidnap Peyton before her prom. Due to this incredible range of episodes, they clearly earned the top spot. Norris So I knew John A.

one tree hill 3x16 ending relationship

Norris had to make this list when I saw that he was responsible for bringing Brooke's wedding episode to the screen. He also wrote some heartbreaking moments such as when Haley and Quinn discover and try to grapple with the fact that their mom is dying from cancer in At the Bottom of Everything. He was also involved in some of my favorite storylines such as Nathan's point-shaving scandal, and Haley and Nathan's reconciliation in season three.

Basically he seemed to be apart of a lot of Naley moments, so of course, he had to make the list. But more than that, he brought to life so many other beloved episodes, and was a producer and story editor on many others.

He was clearly very involved in the world and knew the characters well, and for this, he earned spot number two. Terrence Coli Another producer, Terrence wrote quote a handful of great seasons three episodes, which of course is my favorite season. Between flashbacks, 80s themes, and fun camping and girl's night storylines, Terrence was great at bringing some of the show's heartwarming moments to life.

Time Jump Image rights: Not only did this give them the ability have the actors actually play someone closer to their actual age, but it gave viewers who had grown up with the series a way to connect with adult versions of their favorite characters. Also deciding to open the season by presenting us with a ton of mysteries we would have to figure out about what had happened over the years that we missed gave the show a breath of fresh air, and a way to help them reset the characters.

It was a story that would ultimately continue throughout the entire season, and I just love how well thought out and smart it was. Nathan's journey to the NBA Seasons It's not very often that the dreams we have in high school continue to be our dreams throughout the rest of our lives. Sometimes we think we will not be able to achieve that dream, we change our minds, or an obstacle gets in the way.

Throughout the show's run, Nathan has so many obstacles thrown at him, from his point shaving dilemma, to injuring his back, to not wanting to abandon his family. But through it all, he doesn't give up, and watching him struggle for so long to achieve his dream, and then see him finally do it is such a rewarding storyline to follow. After finally getting over Haley leaving to go on tour in season three, season four found Nathan and Hale dealing with a few new hurdles.

They have to decide where they can both go to college, and then, of course, Haley finds out she is pregnant, causing financial problems.

By the time Dante appears trying to persuade Nathan to shave some points in order to get some money, we have watched them struggle so much to stay afloat, it's heartbreaking to see Nathan feel like this is his only way out.

one tree hill 3x16 ending relationship

But what is rewarding is getting to see that Nathan is nothing like Dan in that he is willing to sacrifice his future in basketball in order to provide for his family, and his speech to Haley about how everything will be okay at his press conference is beautiful. Clay remembering he has a son At first, I was very intrigued by Clay's mystery of what was going on in his mind that was making him sleepwalk.

However, when we found out that it was the fact that his brain had blocked out that he had a son with his dead wife, I was very confused. Even for One Tree Hill, this storyline was a little too far-fetched for me. And while I loved the addition of Clay's son as a character, I feel like he could have been written in better than how he was.

Brooke Davis Image Rights: She starts out the show as completely insecure, constantly causing trouble, and doing anything to get attention. But over the course of the show, she becomes one of the most confident, independent, and strong female characters I have seen on TV yet. She tries, fails, and succeeds in all aspects of her life, relationships, her career, and friendships. But while she is far from perfect, she realizes her mistakes, and always tries to do the right thing.

For example, when she finds out Victoria had been lying to their investors about their success resulting in them losing money, she decides to sell her company, and give the money back to them. Or when she finds out she will probably never be able to have children, she tries her best to help other children in need.

And even though she comes from a family who does not seem to want her, she is still fiercely loyal and kind. She is also one of the few TV women who owns her own company and is not perceived as a bitch or a sellout, a rarity for women in film.

In the end, she owns her own clothing line and finds an amazing man who respects and adores her, showing a woman who is able to have the total package. Overall, she is a pretty great role model if you ask me. In my opinion, it is because she is the most realistic character, so people categorize her as a boring.

one tree hill 3x16 ending relationship

However, I connected with her the most instantly. Much like Haley, I was quite nerdy in high school, and everyone thought of as a goody two shoes, until I started dating my boyfriend who helped make me a little more outgoing.

By the end of the show, Haley has not only managed to graduate four years of college while raising a baby but has had multiple career opportunities.

She was a teacher, and a musician, and even went on tour twice. She is an amazing mother and wife and is kind to everyone. But she also has a little bit of spunk and sass to her that I love, and she does not let anyone push her around. So while to most, she is a very unappreciated character, she will always be one of my personal favorites. However, I liked Nathan better from the very beginning. Even though he did not start out as the most lovable character, once you saw the household he was brought up in, you instantly understood why Nathan was the way he was.

Nathan was never a bad person, he just needed someone to show him they loved and supported him, which was what he found in Haley.


And once he found that, he turned into the amazing man Haley always saw in him. He worked tirelessly to achieve his dreams of making it to the NBA, and it was so inspiring to see a character struggle for so long, and finally get their dream. He was also an excellent husband and father and tried to be everything to his family that his parents were not to him. I'd pick Nathan over Lucas and his moody quotes any day. Renee Richardson This woman was the worst.

She accused Nathan of having an affair with her, and that she was pregnant with his child. Not only did this result in Nathan almost losing his spot on the team, but also his marriage.

And when she finally got caught for lying, she suffered pretty much no consequences and was then never brought up again. Nathan and Haley Image Rights: The CW and Warner Brothers Nathan and Haley Well considering the fact that two of my favorite characters were Nathan and Haley it should come as no surprise that of course, Naley is my favorite couple.

Not only did we get to watch them prove their love time and time again despite all the obstacles life threw at them, but they were both such great characters individually as well. They show what it is like to have to work at a relationship in order to make it, and that love can overcome anything if you do.

Brooke and Julian For those of you who would have liked to see Brooke end up with Lucas, let me just say that I was never "Team Brooke" simply because I did not think Lucas deserved her. He cheated on her with her best friend, and then made her feel crazy when she questioned his love for her when they got back together.

One Tree Hill - 3.16 Ending

When Brooke met Julian however, I instantly loved them. He understood Brooke in a way that no one else did and was never intimidated by her success. When she found out she could not have children, Julian did everything he could to make her realize how much he loved her no matter what. For two people who grew up feeling like they had no family, they certainly became the perfect family for each other in the end.

The Definitive Ranking of All 'One Tree Hill' Couples

Peyton's art, at times. Unlike many TV shows and movies, naming conventions in One Tree Hill are almost always age-appropriate — you've got young characters named Nathan, Lucas, Peyton a femaleand Haley, and older characters named Deb, Karen, and Whitey.

Partly averted with Mouth, whose real first name is Marvin — highly unusual for a young white male in the early 21st century. Also with Dan, as Daniel is a common male name in America spanning multiple generations. After Keith is involved in a car accident in season 1, he's described as being lucky to have only had a. As ofthe law was changed so that. Pete Wentz in season 3.

Peyton lists off his musical accomplishments circaand he's still in the "guy liner" phase of his life. The wardrobes of the characters, especially in the first 4 seasons, are clearly of their era. Slamball is heavily featured in season 6, clearly placing the season in due to the sport fading away obscurity after a brief revival that year.

Several characters are depicted as owning guns, with it being considered the logical response to Brooke being assaulted. A sub-plot in a late season 5 episode features Skills buying Jamie a Wii for his birthday, and struggling to find one. Nathan dresses as Batman for a costume party in season 3, specifically in the Batman Begins costume. Similarily, Logan has a Green Lantern ring that was a piece of merchandise for the film. At the start of the fourth season, Peyton makes reference to her MySpace page.

Whilst the viewer will likely feel sympathy for her being married to Dan due to how cruel he is to both her and Nathan, that doesn't excuse her from throwing herself into her work in order to avoid Dan's cruelty towards Nathan in addition to just sitting to the side ignoring the situation when she was at home.

Even her descent into alcoholism and prescription pill addiction didn't really win her any compassion from the fans or her family since she was a Jerkass before and during it. Then to top it all off, Deb is indirectly responsible for the death of Keith, thanks to Dan believing it was Keith who set the fire at the car dealership that nearly killed him instead of the true culprit—herself.

Whilst Deb does get her life in order towards the end of season 4, her only purpose after the Time Skip is to be Jamie's nanny and hook-up with Skills. Peyton, according to some fans. Brooke, especially in high school. Whilst there's no denying that Brooke's life isn't as easy as viewers were initially left to believe, she still has a much easier time of things than the rest of the main cast in the first four seasons.

Anna throughout season 2. Mouth regarding his whininess over a lacking lovelife, although he maybe just was looking at the wrong kind of girls. Even more infuriating, is that Mouth has more love interests in the show than any other character period.

None of this is helped by his whining in early Season 4 that Lucas basically jumps from relationship to relationship and has half of Tree Hill High chasing after him - which was only close to being accurate during the days of mid-season 1, when he cheated on Brooke with Peyton; after losing both girls, he doesn't have a serious relationship until he gets back together with Brooke, nearly two full seasons later.

After finding out that she won't graduate unless she passes Calculus, Brooke goes along with Rachel's plan to steal exams - which could potentially see her expelled - rather than just ask Haley Who works for the school as a tutor for help. As beautiful as the women of One Tree Hill are, it's rather obvious if not jarring especially in comparison to the later seasons to see the copious amount of makeup they were all wearing during the first season.

Granted, in some cases it was a necessity like in James Lafferty's case to cover up his then-acnebut with the others, it was too much. There's also the matter of Lucas' hair from that same season. Leyton shippers have another issue with Lucas' haircut in the fourth season - it's very similar to Psycho!

Derek's, which raises the Fridge Logic of Lucas not doing something with his hair to remove the resemblence, especially after the Bait-and-Switch at the end of 4x15, where Peyton opens her front door expecting to find Lucas waiting to take her to prom, only to find Psycho! Derek when he turns around. Haley's "Mom" hairdo from season 5. It was a short, dark brown bob and mostly unflattering on her.

Double goes for Mouth's "newscaster" hairdo that same season. Abby Brown - Was one of the students held in the Tutor Centre during the school shooting, before being released by Jimmy due to her diabetes. Subsequently, Abby is the sole witness to Dan killing Keith, and spends the remainder of the school year hiding at home, pretending to be catatonic out of the fear that no-one will believe her.

Also, there was a consistency issue with their wedding. Haley and Nathan were supposed to have gotten married at night after the Ravens playoffs, but in flashbacks we see the couple getting married during the daytime. Quentin comes back to encourage Nathan to pursue his basketball dreams.

In season 4, when Lucas goes to visit both of their graves, we see different dates on their gravestones. The fandom of television, movie, and book series love to point out plot inconsistencies and mistakes made by writers, directors, and producers, and in this case it was no exception.

Fans immediately noticed the issue and blogs and forums were flooded with articles regarding the mistake. When she came in, he spouted off a long speech on how much he wanted to sleep with her and how hard it was for him.