How to save a dying relationship pua

How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work (EXPLOIT HER!)

how to save a dying relationship pua

These fifteen posts are safely saved on my hard drive. . After reading about “ game” it wasn't that I needed to be a PUA in the same way that I. I thought a big date night could save our long-distance relationship. . The fire between you was dying through lack of contact, so we need to. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Get a constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos just.

One Quick Tip That Will Save All Your Relationships

First, he must assess what led him to his predicament. Did he hug her too tightly in public? Did he make kissy face with her in front of other men? Did he nestle his head in her lap?

how to save a dying relationship pua

Did he cry after sex? Unfortunately, more often than not this male instinct to action will drive the nails into the coffin of his dying relationship.

Most men overreact, either in the beta direction or the alpha direction. An alpha will control and demean and lash out like an angry tyrant until his woman falls into the arms of a more charming man.

how to save a dying relationship pua

I have a better way. My advice is so simple that any man — from alpha to omega — can follow it with success. The easiest way to revive a flagging relationship is to cut off all contact. No routines to memorize, no alpha body language to learn, no reframing required; just one simple solution: You both promised to call every night, Skype or Facetime every week, and meet in person once per month.

And in the beginning, it worked. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Yes, it does… …to a point. After that point, she started to drift away. She seemed to be losing interest. You tried to fix things but the more you pushed the more she moved away. Then you became paranoid that she had met someone else. You need to do something drastic to save your long-distance relationship, and You need to try a different approach.

Like sending frequent text messages and loving gifts to her place, right? How has that worked so far?

5 Steps To Save Your Dying Relationship

Go pick up more girls. Use these pickup lines! Is that what you really want? You need something more. How To Maintain And Save! Will it work for you? Maybe, and maybe not. The stakes are high if your relationship is already in trouble. And you need to bring out the heavy artillery to save this relationship.

By the way, if you want an easy relationship on your terms, take a look at the entire Shogun Method program. And so here it is… Step 1: Fake A Break Up No joke, this is one fucking ballsy move. You see, your relationship was slipping away from you. It was almost at the point of no return so you need to jolt it back to life.

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A fake breakup will make things emotional. As seen on I recently got an email from a client who mentioned that his marriage is dying. He mentioned that his wife is losing interest in him by every passing day.

He has been very busy with work so he has been spending less time together and she is lately been talking about leaving him. This is not something new. I hear these stories all the time.

Men and women have very different expectations about love and relationships. This usually happens because often you start ignoring your love life and invest all your attention to work or some other important adventure.

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Often times you work harder because you want to provide more for her or simply because you are chasing your ambition. And there is nothing wrong in doing so. But while you are working to achieve whatever it is, she is feeling lonely and alone despite being in a relationship. So you need to bring some balance in your life if you know that you will be busy for a longer period of time. Here are few simple things you can do to keep her feeling alone: Leave work at work: Stop thinking about projects or plan your next day once you get home.

This will allow you to free up time and be present around your woman.