How did cain meet his wife in the bible

Where did the woman that Cain married come from?

how did cain meet his wife in the bible

The Bible does not say that Cain went to Nod and later found a wife there. Rather , the implication in Scripture is that he already had a wife. “If Adam and Eve had two sons, Cain and Abel, where did Cain's wife come from ?” Although this is often asked as a trick question by Bible skeptics, the Bible. ESV - 1 Now Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived and bore Cain, saying, "I have gotten a man with the help of The Bible does not tell us how many.

So, the Bible reveals that this husband and wife they were married, Genesis 2: Next, in Genesis 4: Some commentators even suggest that they were twins.

how did cain meet his wife in the bible

A cursory reading might make it seem like all of these events occurred relatively quickly; and there is no mention of daughters. This chapter deals mostly with a tragic homicide—the first in history—when Cain murdered his brother Abel.

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The brief biblical account leaves us with a mystery: Where did Cain get his wife? Clearly, this is only a summary, and many details have been left out.

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Otherwise, Genesis would be an incredibly huge book! God created Adam and Eve as fully mature adults, immediately able to marry and to reproduce.

how did cain meet his wife in the bible

In other words, God told them to have a family, a large family! God intended Adam and Eve to have a large family God gave more than just instruction; He gave Adam and Eve a blessing of fruitfulness: We mentioned the third son, Seth, and that a quick reading of the chapter might make it seem as though the three sons were born one after the other in a relatively short time frame.

The next chapter tells us that Seth was born when Adam was years old Genesis 5: Unfortunately, Adam and Woman sinned before they could execute God's plan for reproduction.

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Nevertheless, the couple now Adam and Eve follow through on God's plan and build a family, starting with Cain and Abel. Obviously, God's plan from the beginning was that these two people would conceive children and these children would, in turn, have their own children until the earth was filled with nations of people. God's instruction to Adam and Woman begs an obvious question: To this question, the Bible offers an equally obvious if troubling answer: God intended Adam's children to marry one another and bear children.

As we consider this answer, let's review some points of scripture.

Who Was Cain's Wife & What Does the Bible Say about Her?

First, Adam's family included more people than simply Eve, Cain and Abel. The first son born was Cain, and soon thereafter came Abel, but that doesn't mean other siblings weren't already living at the time Cain killed Abel. On the contrary, Gen 4: Cain expressed concern when he learned from God that he must wander the world as his punishment for killing Abel, because he said he feared that others i.

Secondly, though the Bible only mentions four people by name at the point of Genesis 4, the full genealogy of Adam is provided in Chapter 5.

how did cain meet his wife in the bible

The genealogy chapters of Genesis, including Chapter 5, span long periods of time, including events described in other chapters of Genesis before or after their order in Scripture. Therefore, we know from scripture that in the early years after the fall, Adam and Eve raised a family of many children who grew to adulthood and joined together in marriage relationships to establish the next generation.

how did cain meet his wife in the bible

By the time Cain killed Abel, there were numerous siblings living with extended families. Later, Cain married one of his sisters 4: No answer to this question would be complete, however, unless we address the natural concern we have in hearing that God expected brothers to marry sisters.

First, we must understand that it's clear from the circumstances described in Genesis that God intended for Adam's siblings to marry and reproduce.

how did cain meet his wife in the bible

In fact, Adam and Woman were themselves blood relatives Gen 2: Even as late as Abraham and Isaac, the custom of marrying within one's family was still an acceptable practice Gen Later in the Law, God specifically outlawed sexual union between blood relatives Leviticus Likewise, today it is illegal in most if not all cultures for siblings to marry and produce children.

Such unions are considered dangerous, since the children are at much higher risk of suffering from genetic diseases, and most incest laws are justified on the basis of this health concern.