Fun games to play online in a long distance relationship

The 4 Best Long Distance Relationship Games Online for Couples

fun games to play online in a long distance relationship

Long Distance Relationship Activities and Ideas The longest list of things for long distance It was so memorable, and we had more fun than what we had in a long time. . Frank and I just love playing multiplayer games together online. There are a lot of games that can be fun for you to play with your significant other. I am originally not a gamer, but we tried to. The following list of long distance relationship activities from my eBook Long Distance We followed the same set of directions online and took our time to try to but it's tons of fun to weave stories together under the guise of playing a game.

Take a look at this piece on character strengths for more on that. Look at this post on the enneagram personality types and this one on love languages for more interesting online assessments and discussion questions. Play a game together online There are thousands of games you could play together online.

You can play chess at Chess. You can find all sorts of virtual reality games at Play Free Online Games. You can find card and other games at Games. Try searching for online crossword or Sudoku puzzles. Send each other a long distance care package Everybody loves receiving presents.

Top 20 Online Activities for LDR Couples

Giving and receiving presents can help create a shared bond and tangible reminders of love and happiness. Set a dollar limit e. You might also be interested in Catfisha documentary about online dating.

Have them do the same where they live, and then share your photos and discuss your outings. Write some open-when letters Missing them? Channel that angst into writing something many things that will remind your loved one exactly how much you really do love and miss them.

Play the popular puzzle platformer Portal together 9. Create Pinterest boards together Pinterest is a great tool for creating shared collaborations with your partner. Ever wondered what your dream house would look like? Put it together on Pinterest.

fun games to play online in a long distance relationship

Stuck for holiday inspiration? Create a board for that. Having shared boards can be a really fun way to work with your partner.

Top 20 Online Activities for LDR Couples

You can make a date of it, discussing your ideas, or add pins separately and see what comes of it. Either way it is a great activity that can have some exciting outcomes.

Go online shopping together You might not be able to go shopping together in person, but this should not stop you from getting creative and shopping together online.

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Head over to any fashionable high street outlet, and browse their collections together. Some stores will even let you model your choices on an online avatar of yourself, the long distance version of the changing room.

fun games to play online in a long distance relationship

Just make sure you have the shop in both countries, or you look at separate ones for each other before starting this. Create a photo collage or video This one can be a little tricky if you have not met in person yet.

Gather all the photos of you, and decide which ones you like the best. Once you have done this, try to put them together in a cute collage that you can use as decoration for your room. If you are able to, use a program such as Photoshop or Gimp to put this together. But if you do not have access to these tools, there is plenty of free online collage software you can use too.

A video collage Chelsea and Chris put together Show your partner around your house if they have not been there before. They may be used to seeing you at your bed or desk when you talk, but it is unlikely they will be able to get a proper feel for your house without a guided tour.

So show them around, give them the tour they would not otherwise be able to see. This is useful idea for students who often move accommodation on a regular basis, and whose partners may not experience it in person. Learn a language together Learning another language can be a challenging and daunting feat. But with your partner by your side it becomes considerably less so.

And there is a wealth of information available online to support you every step of the way. We would recommend starting out with a program such as Duolingoa free piece of software that acts as a guide to Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Dutch.

Write a story together If you have a great story to tell, then why not tell it to the person who is going to support you the most — your partner.

You do not necessarily have to write a story together, as you may find yourself clashing in writing styles. But if you are creatively inclined, then it can be fun to write short stories for each other. Reading something that your partner wrote can be an exciting experience, and creating something for them to read back can be exhilarating.

Making Long Distance Relationships Easier | Loving From A Distance

Try writing short stories for each other Watch each other fall asleep This appears on many lists of ideas for Skype dates, even our own which you can read here.

However for many couples it can be difficult. It helps to be within a few time zones of each other for this idea to work as it should.

The BEST Apps for Couples

It is something Chelsea and I have never been able to do, as the 8 hour time difference will always leave one of us wide awake. But for those couples that are fortunate enough to be able to do this, it is a great idea, and the next best thing to being able to sleep with your partner in person.

Create music playlists Share your music tastes with your partner. If you have similar tastes you can fuse these into one and create a megamix of both of your music, or if your tastes are wildly different it is probably best to keep them separate. Either way, it is a great modern spin on the classic mixtape.

Go camping or stargazing For something a little different, take your laptop or phone outdoors and have a camping date. Obviously you might not be able to go far because of WiFi connectivity but if you can find a campsite with WiFi then this is a bonus.

If not, then even your garden would suffice. Pitch a tent, get a campfire going, and spend the evening swapping stories and roasting marshmallows over the fire with your partner. A camping date is adventurous and daring Karaoke evening Karaoke is a pub classic, but you can even do it from the comfort of your own home with the Sing Snap website. Have an evening where you and your partner sign up to this free online service. It is sure to be an entertaining evening if nothing else!

Watch a live concert Music brings people together, whether it is karaoke, or watching your favourite bands perform. Unfortunately, with the distance, it is unlikely that you will get many opportunities to see live concerts with your partner. But, you are able to do the next best thing — watch them live online.