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Best 50 Long Distance Relationship Songs

Autotelic's“Unstable,” depicts a relationship that keeps on dropping . This song can be about long-distance relationships or people from the. Below are five popular OPM Christmas songs that can help anybody Whether it's a long distance relationship or just simply being apart for a. The top love songs of all time include oldies such as "My Girl" and all types of relationships and emotions and cover a range of musical.

It is a song for a relationship that has suffered or probably broken with the emphasis still on long distance. Not just long distance. How long — Lionel Richie When it comes to relationship songs in general, there are hardly any people that do it better than Lionel Richie.

No air — Jordin Sparks ft Chris Brown Always and forever— Luther Vandross This may pass as one of the best songs to be released by Luther Vandross.

The song may be among the best long distance relationship songs for someone with a relationship that is beginning to suffer.

Proof— Paramore For people that cant stand soft music, this rock song is likewise great.

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All That We Needed. It immediately became a favorite for many people. And for DLR, it is way too cool. Immortality — Celine Dion This song was released in The song like many others from Celine Dion has shown clearly that the woman is one of the best when it comes to long-distance relationship songs that are really deep and can get you in the mood.

Keep Holding On — Avril Lavigne Avril is most definitely a darling among those in long distance relationships.

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She gives hope and keeps the fire burning. It tells of lovers who both have to part because they both need to fly, but then they still belong together even when away. My Heart Will Go on — Celine Dion Among other long distance relationship songs this definitely has a great spot with both rhythm and lyrics that hold. More Long Distance Relationship Songs: Forget me not — Patrice Rushen Right here waiting — Richard Marx The promise — Tracy Chapman The act of love depicted here is an expedition, a trek to the edges of the earth.

To love is to reach out for connection, to bridge the distance, even if it is filled with a melancholy that spans districts. The breeziness of the song belies the sacrifice it extols but only because it is fully aware of the road ahead: Love, unlike life, is really all about the destination, because otherwise there really is no point. Eraserheads - "Ligaya" The Eraserheads' "Ligaya" is a time machine in four and a half minutes — taking the listener back to their college days as instantly as when they hear those distinctive first few notes, when their biggest problem was submitting the first draft of the thesis and love seemed like an inevitability, instead of a question mark.

The verses are a countdown, not a plea — he doesn't doubt it's going to happen. Any teenager in has eventually grown up to realize that love isn't something you gain by eating isaw or collecting tansan. But in "Ligaya," on their first album — fresh from their college days in the University of the Philippines, still three years away from capturing the scope of love's ability to consume in their epic "Ang Huling El Bimbo" — the Eraserheads had already captured time in a bottle.

Young love is all about small gestures made epic — love measured in thesis paper revisions, love measured in allowance saved up to buy that new t-shirt you're betting will win her attention. When you're at this age, everything feels like the end of the world. As if to say, in love, there's no difference mined from the bigness or smallness of a gesture.

It all means the same thing: I really, really, really like you. The performance saw the two acts at their commercial peak, having established themselves with an impressive stockpile of hits.

Freestyle and Fernandez opted, then, to surprise with something outside their respective catalogues: While the lyrics read as singular in perspective, the song gains a new, poignant layer as a duet, with these feelings mirrored by the object of desire.

Like syrup, it drips with unapologetic sentimentality. It stretches out the feelings of longing and bliss spilling out of a guy who still can't fathom how he ended up being with the love of his life.

The images the song creates should be worn out and cheesy, but they are tempered by the earnestness of lead singer Joey Generoso's delivery. You can feel it right as his voice is ushered in by the first few strums of the guitar to that sweeping climax near the end.

At sa umaga, ang hangin ang hahaplos sayo? Looking back at your first love will, in time, inevitably sound like tired defeat. The night UDD F. Depending on how you look at it, the song either has no chorus, or three different choruses. Armi Millare pulls off a tricky vocal performance while layers upon layers of synths, percussion, piano; and subtle guitar licks reveal themselves over multiple listens.

Released 20 years ago to much popular and critical acclaim, the song still manages to encapsulate that awkward feeling that often comes with wearing your heart on your barong sleeve.

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It's the earnestness of Miranda's lyrics and the amusing images he creates which have made the track a staple for anyone who's toyed with the idea of wooing someone through song. And the sound of a million other hearts breaking upon hearing it. Yet this is precisely the reason why the song is true.

She lets her voice cradle the lyrics, nurturing her hurt and pain as her question goes unanswered. It was an awkward stage, perhaps, a time when it no longer seemed proper to be in the shadow of his younger self, that pursuing his passion for music happened to be the wisest move of his career.

Its release attracted the usual excitement, but no one expected how long it would stay on the radio — no one expected how, for almost a year, it would be such a hit it was sung everywhere like an anthem, celebrities and ordinary people alike, on television and on the streets.

It was most likely the most recent song in memory that had achieved such omnipresence for a long period of time. There are many reasons — the simplicity of words, how accessible they are emotionally and lyrically; the sincerity of emotion, how the yearning for love feels nothing but well-intentioned; and the lightness of its being, how it manages to be timely and timeless at the same time.

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