World honda chopper meet 2013

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world honda chopper meet 2013

Everything you wanted to know about Honda motorcycles, from buyer's known for their "You meet the nicest people on a Honda" slogan has come a Honda shocked the motorcycle world when they built their first-ever . How Does the Honda CRFL Motorcycle Compare to its Predecessor?. As June wound down, I joined a bunch of bikers at Riders' Roost Motorcycle Resort in Ferguson, NC, for the World Honda Chopper Meet. The Honda Fury was the first production chopper from a major motorcycle manufacturer Honda. Honda Fury at the Seattle International Motorcycle Show Fury . Archived from the original on 20 May Retrieved 1.

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They didn't know us at all, despite several of us being online friends. We were greeted by their Yankee Ambassador, who exclaimed "Who da fxxxk ah yous? Once it was verified that we were Chopper Heads as well, we were shown to a beautiful campsite under the trees, invited to dinner and shown nothing but love and a welcoming attitude to their family.

We had one bike not running at all and it seemed like everyone at the campsite began to scramble around and help us to get it running.

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Lending tools, helpful tips and loads of encouragement. Even though it was against campsite rules, we got our bike to finally breathe fire well past curfew. The few days to follow where filled with laughs, tech talks, and choppers upon choppers.

We were escorted through the ranks of choppers and their knowledgeable owners who welcomed us with open arms as if we were part of the family, too.

world honda chopper meet 2013

It was an amazing experience, since I have always been treated as an outcast, as an outsider, for riding a Honda chopper. I have been to events up and down the East Coast where the metric bikes where the minority.

This event was the polar opposite. I have never met a more genuine group of guys not concerned with make nor model, but whether you built it or bought it. There were no leather-clad bikers with inch buck knives and a bad attitude. It was shorts and flip-flops, hugs and laughs, and a wonderful time. In my small town and my travels to different bike shows, I had heard the legend of a bunch of chopper minded dudes gathering by a beautiful river tucked away in the hills of North Carolina.

It seemed like a fairy tale or a bedtime story that a chopper head loves to hear. I was blessed to finally confirm the rumor that this was going on.

I for one will never miss another Honda Chopper Meet.

2013 Honda Fury

I have never felt more accepted as a weirdo and the chopper head as I felt at this event. Thank you to every guy that I met, that made me feel part of the family. Thank you to the wonderful people who prepared the amazing meals that we ate as a family whilst discussing springers and hardtails and old greasy motorcycles.

On behalf of the group that I traveled with, thank you to everyone who made us feel like we weren't outcasts, like we weren't weird, thank you for allowing us to join your family.

We will be back, with more Honda choppers and we won't question whether we will be accepted.

world honda chopper meet 2013

See y'all next year and every year after. We are counting down the days till next year! It's still sometimes hard to believe that the Fury is a full-release production model from a large manufacturer. Archived from the original on 3 March Retrieved 3 March The CX is the chopper-esque machine, known as the Fury in other markets, with a long, raked-out front end and wild styling.

Honda Australia motorcycles marketing manager Glyn Griffiths says they will have ABS available on 'as many models as the factory fit it to that we are importing into Australia'. Fairfax New Zealand Limited. Apart from its outrageous take on custom-bike style, its biggest claim to fame is it is the first chopper fitted with ABS anti-lock brakes. Sound and the Fury".

world honda chopper meet 2013

The New Zealand Herald. The Fury may not be the bugger-the-money, strip-a-Harley cruiser we're used to. But it costs less and it goes, stops and handles straight out of the box while sounding every bit as bad and rad as it looks.

This is the textbook definition of a 'massive onslaught'.

world honda chopper meet 2013

Honda claims that the VTCX is the only chopper in its class to feature the combined ABS system, providing safe and confident braking abilities. Honda South Africa Pty Ltd.

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