Best wishes until we meet again dubbedscene

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best wishes until we meet again dubbedscene

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The Dub even adds someone yelling "Money! Yeah well, that's what he gets for eating all that Ethernano. Lucy gets really embarrassed upon discovering that the guild gift shop now carries action figures of her Strawberry cakes and acting are Serious Business. Also add her terrible singing, and her stage fright! Hell, all of Episode 30, when Team Natsu is putting on a play is a giant funny moment.

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And at her reaction whenever lingerie is involved. Erza tries to pull people into Marshmallow Hell Any time when she shows that she's just as wacky as the rest of the guild. When the Stoic badass randomly breaks into Lucy's home or goes along with one of the bizarre notions Natsu comes up with, it's downright hilarious.

And every time she does something odd, Happy just says "That's Erza for you. She will destroy you.

best wishes until we meet again dubbedscene

The audio commentary for the dub reveals that Ian Sinclair voices Bora. Director Tyler Walker instructed him to make it sound like "a bad 'Evil J. Michael Tatum ' impression" and wonders if that will bite in him the butt sometime later.

He winds up sounding like a mix of dub! James of Team Rocket and said actor! One episode has the entire guild arguing through Warren's telepathy due to Laxus forcing them to fight each other. Gray, who is with Warren, looks ready to break them up. We expect him to deliver a powerful, motivational speech about how they are friends and they need to work together to take out the lacrima threatening the town.

Episode 31 gives us the pillow fight and Lucy's Slow-Motion Fallas well as the aftermath with Natsu and Gray wrapped in bandages. Every time he's not serious is just so goddamn hilarious.

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Natsu finds her and tickles her while she's helpless to stop him. Time for some serious payback! This is what you get for always ticking me! So quit goofing off! Wendy playing a demon.

best wishes until we meet again dubbedscene

What really sells it is the total lack of reaction until Gajeel appears behind her and glares at the guy, causing the guy to run away screaming. Wendy quietly apologizing afterwards.

Heck, even Great Demon Lord Dragneel is freaking hilarious, if only because of his hammy introduction. In Episode 10, Erza gets arrested by the Magic Council and is tried in court.

Natsu being Natsu, decides to crash the trial while dressed up as her. After Natsu and Lucy meet Edolas! Lucy, Natsu suggests they do a mirror-mimicry skit, to Lucy's protests. The funny part comes a few chapters later when they meet Edolas!

Natsu, and Lucy indulges in a rare moment of snark to suggest that he does the same thing. Really, the Edolas Fairy Tail in of itself is hilarious given the role reversals of many of the members. Standing out is; Cana being a respectful young woman in conservative clothes Gray being obsessed with Juvia while she's annoyed with him.

Lucy is the top girl of the guild with a rivalry with Levy Jet and Droy insult Elfman, who's a lot less rough and tumble looking. In Episode 48, after Natsu's fight with Laxus, he runs up to Laxus in the guild hall, and starts yelling at him.

Since Natsu's covered in bandages after said fight, his speech is muffled. Lucy Tempting Fate in the Edolas arc. The King couldn't possibly have an amusement park in his castle, could he?

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Manchild Natsu was quite pleased. Lucy failing to seduce anyone. During the fight between Hughes and Natsu in the anime. Hughes is evil-laughing uncontrollably the whole time while Lucy struggles to free a nauseous Natsu from the roller coaster, and in the end when it crash lands into the lake, it turns out that Hughes was laughing the whole time over the hilarious "Best Shot" of a terrified Lucy and motion-sick Natsu.

Juvia taking a comment from Gray the wrong way and assuming Lucy is her rival in love. One particular moment occurs after Juvia had to hide Gray inside her body literally. Juvia gloats to Lucy: Lucy thinks that Natsu looks cute when he's sleepingand as she's looking at him and smiling, but he suddenly hits her right in the face with Fire Dragon's Iron Fist.

She goes through the roof of the guild and lands in the river outside. Again, while he's sleeping. It becomes more hilarious if you go back to the earlier stories and see Lucy walking on the edge of the canal, with a passing pair of sailors warning her that she's going to fall in eventually, which is exactly what happened during the above mentioned sequence the sailors don't appear when she falls in, though, which is too bad since that would've made it even funnier.

No, what would've been funnier is if she landed in the boat itself right in front of the sailors and sunk their ship, they always swim in the same spot each time and Lucy landed right along their route!

Episode 69 has Team Natsu reuniting with their guildmates. This includes Juvia crying Ocular Gushers of relief upon Gray's return I'm so happy you made it home! My tears are flowing like waterfalls! Stop your girlfriend, man! Lucy and Cana defeat Fried and Bixlow The fact that Fried faked it doesn't make it any less funnier.

It's even funnier in the anime. During that fight Lucy summoned Aquarius, who promptly got into an argument with Cana. Every woman alive is my enemy, idiot!

You think you're hot stuff just because you let your jublies out to jiggle? Wow, I didn't know girls were so desperate these days. You'll never land a man that way. I bet you settled on the first ugly merman who showed you his trident. During the second phase of the S-Class Trial, Natsu questions a random monster after beating it.

The captain issues the orders to start the propellers at full power. The propellers spin, causing Team Rocket and the submarine to be spin away and to surface on the ocean.

Best Wishes Until We Meet Again!

The heroes see it, thinking it is a giant Basculin, which got stuck in the engine. Since their original plan backfired, Team Rocket comes to the cruiser in the balloon. The heroes see them, but Team Rocket attaches four cuffs to the cruiser, which, at the other end, balloons appear and inflate, rising the entire ship into the air.

The ship's crew and passengers are shocked at this event, so the captain issues the engines to start at full power, while Porter tells the passengers to return to the cabins and remain calm. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, which only hits Axew, since the net is electric-proof. The real Porter arrives, while the fake one is actually James, who takes off his disguise. Jessie removes her James' mask uniform.

Porter is knocked away, while the heroes fall onto something. Meowth tells they should be going, but he, Jessie and James have bigger goals: The heroes stand up and see they are out of the reach from the deck of the ship.

BW143: Best Wishes Until We Meet Again!

Cilan sees some boxes and proposes they can just stack them up and climb their way out of here. Team Rocket chases the passengers away, but encounter Porter, whose job is to protect the people. The heroes, however, pile boxes, as they need to reach the crane to get out. After piling the boxes, the heroes are ready to go. However, the boxes collapse, so Ash grabs the crane and his friends, who are hanging.

Iris starts swinging, so they can be launched away. Team Rocket climbs the ladder to board onto the balloon, but the heroes are launched from the crane, pull Team Rocket and fall down. The heroes collect their Balls back and try to untie the net containing Pikachu and Axew. Jessie sends Frillish, who uses Bubblebeam, but misses. Ash sends Charizard, who defeats Frillish with Wing Attack. James sends Amoonguss to use Hidden Power, but is also defeated by Flamethrower.

Meowth has a last plan, pulling out a box, but claiming he needs time to work on. Ash sends Snivy, who uses Leaf Storm to pierce the balloons. This causes the entire ship to descend down, waking up Helioptile and alerting Alexa, who was writing an article.

best wishes until we meet again dubbedscene

The passengers raise Porter back, praising him for bravery.