Ferisae well meet again

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ferisae well meet again

(We'll meet again by Ferisae) - 9GAG has the best funny pics, gifs, videos, gaming, anime, manga, movie, tv, cosplay, sport, food, memes, cute. It was based off the song, a thousand years by christina perri and a comic on deviant art by: ferisae. link: art/We-ll-meet-again When I reach this part I was like to my brother-"excuse me I will be in my bedroom if your thinking that I'm gonna cry well I'm not!^_^"*goes to bedroom* *crys.

The lone sounds of his quickened breath and rapid beating heart, reverberated through his ears. Cerulean eyes were locked on the approaching figures of beasts in the distance. It has been nearly a year since Link had fulfilled his duty of defeating Demise and now he and Zelda were both returning to the surface in hopes to spread life among the surface.

The feral screeches of the creatures filled the air, carrying over to the hero, his skin growing pale in terror. His hand was now the color of snow, white. The fear didn't only cross the hylian, the frightened feminine gasp that reached his ears was proof enough.

Knowing exactly who the owner of the sound was, not needing to space the lightest of glances, Link began to speak, "Don't worry, Zelda. Did you forget that I promised that I would protect you? Despite his words, Link was nearly immobile with fear.

He always had a looming sense of dread in the pit of his stomach.

Lie down, try not to cry, cry a lot. (We’ll meet again by Ferisae)

From the start of his journey to save Zelda, to at this moment when they had returned to the surface. It had been far too long since his last fight, but no matter how fearful he was, he could not show any ounce of cowardice.

He had to protect her, the one person who he loved, has loved for the longest of times. Catching a glimpse of Zelda from the corner of his eye, the smallest of smiles bore its way onto his face. No matter what, Zelda can't get hurt, I've killed hundreds of these things It'll be just like all the other times, I win and she'll be safe.

I have to, no matter what. One by one, he slashed at the creatures skillfully maneuvering past every attack thrown his way. Sword banging against clubs, slicing through to the creatures. One swing with enough force to decapitate one, while a stab skewered another. The fight raged on, Link having persevered and brought down a total of ten bokoblin, some of the deaths visibly more clean than the next.

A triumph grin crossed over his face, noting that there was not a single other beast in sight. Turning his head over his shoulder in the direction that he came from, he looked straight at Zelda, "What did I tell you?

A Thousand Words, a legend of zelda fanfic | FanFiction

The spirit maiden locked eyes with her hero, an unbeatable smile filling her face with radiance,"I never doubted you a bit! With caution, Link slowed his movements, turning entirely around so that he could thoroughly scan the area. A terrified scream was lifted up, filling the surrounding area. The voice audibly belonged to Zelda. It was, that a single bokoblin with an ounce of life left with in it, pierced the fabric and chain mail of Link's tunic, drilling its sword into his abdomen, with enough force to puncture the other side.

Time appeared to move slower than ever before, Zelda rushing towards the collapsing hero with great speed. Her glossy eyes stared at the sword perturbing from his abdomen with upmost reluctance. Zelda removed her hand from the bag, the arm moving behind his shoulders her gaze locking with Link's, "D-Don't worry about a thing Remember Groose was going to bring Professor Owlan over here to help make plans with us, they should be here any time now, you'll be okay! Purchase Awake on Itunes here - https: Want More Videos like this?

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ferisae well meet again

Make sure to Like the video for more in the future. Like us on Facebook - https: Again, let me take you on a roller coaster of emotions! I love Ferisae's artwork and I wanted to dub this for a long time! I saw Philsterman10's dubs of her work and I was inspired to do the same! Check out her DeviantArt and Tumblr! I hope you guys like it! Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use They only fade The Sky Family is also open for asks on Tumblr!

If you have any questions or want to know more about them check out Feri's Tumblr for them! Zelda and Baby Daphnes is played by Aderumoro! Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use Poor Twi Am happy to be seeing so much for Hyrule Warriors, it has such a beautiful look to it too! Oh, and excuse my horrible voice acting The rest with Flash Pro 8. First lengthy project with the new software.

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ferisae well meet again

Moho Debut 12 - https: Macbook Pro - https: Super Smash Bros Ultimate https: This is the first to come. This comic takes place before Fi becomes Link's Sword. I assume it's during the first war, when Fi and Ghirahim turn on each other. Fi loses her arms during this battle, which is why she's so different when she meets Link later on- having to use magic to give her a more robotic voice and appearance to make up for what she's lost.

If you don't understand her flashbacks: The first one is Hylia, the goddess who created her- giving her a name. The second flashback is with Ghirahim. Ghirahim and Fi are human personas of swords, they're living weapons. Ghirahim was created by Hylia first, but he was destined to turn bad, and so then Fi was created to destroy him and bring the hero of time to his destiny; but for a short time, I believed the two loved each other- which is why her flashbacks are heartbreaking.

I actually ship Fi and Ghirahim, so these next comics will be focused on their relationship after Ghirahim's betrayal, and then during the after period when peace is brought to hyrule. Most of them are super cute and funny, but this one tugs at the feels. Ruka Samuels Hylia Voice: Tower Of Ai Piano by Raymond https: Legend of Zelda, Shipping and Fetch Quests! All Links voice by me! I think it makes sense to have them be similar since, ya know, they are essentially one in the same, just different personalities!

XD Art by feri-san on dA http: Visit LinkInSpirit's youtube channel at: All the ocarinas in this video are from: Having just completed the Triforce, which destroys Demise in the current time, Link must return to the Sealed Temple for Zelda's awakening. Everything in this segment is ad-libbed. Here's the link to the thread on the Voice Acting Alliance: Make sure to check out the amazing artist!!: FMAB - home Check out my tumblr for bloopers and memes: It's been awhile since I've done voice acting or posted a video so here you go!

I honestly really enjoy doing Ghirahim's voice no matter the situation, like Gladion! Just to clarify, this is not the TP model that's been floating around on the internet. I made this from scratch in Maya. I do plan on animating more interview questions but don't expect them any time soon. Link and the Twilight Princess logo are trademarks of Nintendo all rights reserved. Music is by Koji Kondo borrowed from the Legend of Zelda: Follow MP on Twitter!

"We'll Meet Again" by Ferisae Zelda: Skyward Sword Comic

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